Jan. 8th, 2016

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(In the middle of your--yes, your--daily routine, you'll find a burrowing creature moving around the ground in your path, even places that don't logically seem to have dig-able ground.

Then, a gray human-sized rabbit...hare...thing--those of you familiar with Looney Tunes will recognize the creature as Bugs Bunny--pops out somewhere in front of you, takes a look around, and lets out a long-suffering sigh.)

(Sounding more bored than anything else:) Hey, wait a minute, dis ain't insert where I was supposed ta be headed here. I knew I shoulda toined left at Alba-koi-key. Aside glance.

(And then he looks in a different direction than before.)

(As if speaking to an unseen audience:) Gimme a break, there's only so many times a comedian can do a joke before even dey get sick 'a it, and I'm not feelin' da punchline taday. I got places ta be, and dis ain't one-a dem.

((OOC: Bugs has no fourth wall--and therefore has mod permission to know that he's in a Journal-Based Spooky Jamjar--and is fairly well versed with popular culture to boot. He won't give anyone existential angst or drop spoilers without player permission--it's not polite to do that, after all--but please let me know how comfortable you are with Bugs messing around with your character's perception of reality because other wise Bugs will start getting meta on you.))


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