Jan. 15th, 2016

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After snooping around in wonder and great appreciation for the random reprieve from his own horrors, Fabian had decided to return to the forum with a question. A slender thing, messy haphazard hair and a young (yet oddly worn) face hidden deep into an old black coat and black wooden scarf. The man looked nothing short of human, and if your understanding of human was ‘does it bleed if you cut them?’ then he certainly was. Yet he, like many others within the nexus, was a special case.

Recent events had put him in some perpetual mood of woe and pouty behaviour (more than his usual), but being here outside the influence of a certain someone had lifted this from him and he was once again smiling as he weaved through the crowd with a fresh mind.

He found a couch and flopped on down with a lazy sprawl- old boots crossed at the heel and fingers attempted to find his cigarettes.

“I love to hear stories, but who doesn't?” he muttered before looking out to whoever was passing by, “and I’m hoping you’d like to sit with me and tell me a story. Your most exciting adventure, perhaps? The best lover you’ve ever had? Wildest party? I’ll leave the topic up to you.”

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A young woman, clad in a zip-up hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans, appears in the Nexus, apparently in the middle of a heated conversation.

"...Okay, Dad, I really don't think that--"

She stops and looks around.


After a moment of looking fairly confused, she plops down on a couch, sighing. Her frustration isn't just regular youthful angst--there's something deeper going on here, and perhaps a more observant member of the Nexus might be able to tell.

"So," she begins, looking at a brochure on the table in front of her before putting it down, "What do you do when your family is like, one step away from the loony bin? And I mean the real deal here, by the way."

Nexus, meet Natalie. Natalie, meet the Nexus.

This is going to be fun.


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