Jan. 16th, 2016

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It's not unusual to see people enter the Nexus through strange doors and today is no exception. Out of one of the many doors of one of the many buildings along the main street in the Forum steps a man in a tailored three piece suit and a matching fedora. He seems confused by the sight that greets him on the other side of the door at first, but it fades quickly to indifference.

"Denbe, I don't think this was the right door."

He turns and is this time surprised at the sight inside the building he came from. That is most certainly not where he came from and his ever faithful companion is no longer right behind him.

"Well now, this is new."

The man wastes no time in fully taking in his surroundings. The Sign ("What a garish thing, really.") is easily spotted and the accompanying brochure read thoroughly. Once that's done, he glances back at the door through which he came. It doesn't appear to be going anywhere, so he might as well take the time to ask a question. He can try to get back later, when the door feels more cooperative.

The Forum at large is greeted with a broad smile. "When life gives you metaphorical lemons, what approach do you take? Do you take in stride and make metaphorical lemonade? Or do you ascribe to the path of throwing the lemons back from whence they came?"


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