Jan. 18th, 2016

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Oh, wonderful, another impossible occurrence occurring. Whatever. Chris begrudgingly but rather quickly accepts that he just sort of looked one way and then the other, and boom, here he was. Besides, any initial confusion is swept away with exhaustion. He's much too tired to care at the moment. Questioning the reality of this will come later. Or not. He has a brochure, after all. For now, the boy covered in scrapes and dirt along with a garish bruise deepening in color on his forehead is just glad to have a moment where his life isn't in immediate danger (or, more importantly, that the lives of his friends aren't in immediate danger; they aren't here, probably, but he knows that most of them are safe and don't require his assitance).

And, oh thank god, there's a bench. He hobbles over to it, and, wow, sitting and relaxing is great. Note to self: don't take sitting and relaxing for granted ever again. Give him a moment. Okay, now he's ready to socialize. First things first:

"So, does anyone have, like, a bandaid? Or seven?"

Or can assist him on finding one, at least? Much appreciated.
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C'taqa has returned to the Nexus. As he does.

This time, however, he brings a friend! Or, well, from the looks they keep giving one another, more than a friend. Ah-heh. A tall man with tanned skin, one eye - nearly one half of his face, really - covered by a large leather band, hair so brightly blond it's nearly white and tied back into a small tail, and an outfit that really would not look out of place in any general fantasy world (but for all the knives in his belt.) Well, since that is where they come from...

He's also human. Well. Eorzea's equivalent thereof. No cat ears and tail to be found on this attractive dude.

"--so this is it," C'taqa can be heard explaining, a little sheepishly, his tail waving behind him in obvious contentment. "It can get very strange here, so..."

"No stranger than what you bring down on us just by existing," the man teases him, giving him a little nudge with an elbow.

"...That's beside the point." C'taqa tries to look properly indignant, but his grin spoils it. And then he's too busy asking his question to be indignant. "What's everyone's idea of a good day? A relaxing one. Where you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

Seems he's just had one of those days himself.

((Here there be dragons spoilers! Meet Thancred, who C'taqa has finally managed to drag into the Nexus with him. Things may contain plotbits of FFXIV's most recent (as of now) story quest.))


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