Feb. 1st, 2016

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Here again, but this time he has a black cat following him and a suitcase. Fabian finds a table in the forum, sets down the suitcase and let's the cat hop up on the table with him. At first it looks like she is doing what any other cat would do when on a table and presented with random items: paw it off the table. Although it seems like she's actually just helping him arrange the items.

"Well, I didn't really have much to say the last time. I think it was a bit of a boring question, wasn't it?" He continues to unpack: small containers, sachets, an other such things all filled with various ingredients. A few teas, some potion vials?

"But now I have a little more drama in my life, so I have something more exciting to ask."

Jasmine - the cat - paws over the last item he unpacked and then went to sit at the edge of the table to look around at the people of the forum.

"So let's say that you are a magic user," Fabian begins. "And for the most part, your magic is used for the better. To help people, healing and things like this. However, you just might have knowledge of something a bit darker. Now, you don't particularly love advertising this fact nor do you enjoy using it."

He stops there, and looks up, an almost regretful look on his face. "Consequences, after all. But!"

Fabian returns to arranging some items, "someone has come back into your life, and they are not all that happy about it nor are they too favourable over the fact that you're still alive. It's only a matter of time, really, that they find you and knowing them they wont go after you per say, oh no. They'll go after the people you care about."

He sighed and stopped what he was doing. "And they're stronger than you, and smarter than you, unless you use black magic." A beat, "And before anyone says it, no there's no option of involving someone else. My world has plenty of magic, none of which is used in public eye. It's an elusive world the powers that be choose to ignore. So that option is out."

And besides, any authority wouldn't be able to handle Tobias anyway. This is one of the rare moments that Fabian has clarity of mind, being here helped, he needed to sort this out.


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