Feb. 3rd, 2016

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It's been a long time since the weird fish-lady has presented herself in the Nexus, most likely due to exploring the vast realm for quite some time. She's not dressed in a full set of armor this time around, having procured some normal human clothes in order to fit in a little better. Standing around in the question area idly for a few minutes, looking uncomfortable, she finally speaks up.

"So...I've had a lot of time to watch you humans and how you interact with each other. Some people seem good at heart, but others are purely full of mean intentions." She pauses, letting that sink in before asking her question. "What I'm getting at is: are people naturally born evil or is it something that develops over time? What causes humans to act the way they do?"

She seems impatient to hear other answers, as if this topic is very near and dear to her heart. "How do you deal with humans who clearly only want to hurt other people? Do you fight back or just run away?"


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