Feb. 14th, 2016

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You all didn't think you were getting out of this holiday entirely empty handed, now did you?

There's red, white, and pink heart confetti falling like rain as Nekomata pushes out a ridiculously large gameshow type wheel with a bottle shaped ticker attached at its center. She raises the aviator glasses she's wearing and pulls a few cue cards out of her...actually she doesn't have pockets and it's best not to ask where these came from.

"Lyadies and Gentleman, humies, magi and all creatures alike! It's time for us to play a game mya!" She does her best Vanna White impression as she gestures to the wheel. "You may all have nyoticed the names of Nexus denizens. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give this wheel a spin and track down whomever it lands on and get a selfie of you two smooching! All selfies delivered to me will be entered into a grand finale drawing. The winner will receive a very special prize everyone in the Nexus is guaranteed to want mya!"

She points into the crowd of the forum. She wants you to participate! Yes, you!

"What are you waiting for mya?!"

[Fun Valentines day shenanigans since I didn't see anything else go up today. Entirely fluffy and for laughs. Feel free to choose your target or have me select at random. I may or may not choose targets based on hilarity. Happy V-Day everyone and accept this loving post from me to all of you~

There's no saying that only one person can be smooched by another, so feel free to double up if you want! Just respect another person's wishes if they say their character doesn't want to be found and lip-molested k?

This is a spontaneous Nexus event that I did not make a sign up for. If you can't get in touch with your target/if you have been selected and for WHATEVER reason do not wish to play or interact with said character, PM me and I will change it discreetly. This is Zero Committment fun time. You may now return to your regularly scheduled smooching ]


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