Mar. 8th, 2016

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That right there sure would be a unicorn with a bright azure blue coat and cornflower blue mane, trotting right out of nowhere into the forum. The thing that she's pulling, looks like a combination of a cart, storefront and small house behind her... It's not a huge wagon by any means, but one gets the feeling that there is more to it than a first glance would have you believe...

Trixie decreased her speed from a canter, to a trot, and finally a full stop as she looked around the area with a puzzled, but also surprised, look on her face. "Hmmm... Well, this is new..." It didn't take her long to spot what she thought had to be the ugliest sign she'd ever seen, and shortly there after, the 'Welcome to the Nexus' brochure. "Nexus?"

Floating the pamphlet over using magic, she started to read it, and looked quite intrigued by the information. "Interesting... I wonder..."

Clearing her throat, she looked around and asked "Could anyone please tell me what the local currency here is?" She paused and considered things a moment. "Also, do I need a permit to sell items here?"

Well, why not? It's not like she had any urgent business anywhere, any chance to for her to gain knowledge, new items and perhaps sell some of her wares, it would be stupidity of the highest order to let an opportunity like this pass her by.


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