Mar. 12th, 2016

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It was a lovely day out in the forum.  It was nice and sunny, people were going about their business, relaxing or meeting up with friends.  A man was having a spirited conversation with a large rock...

No you're not seeing things.

He looked like he just stepped off the set of Lord of the the Rings (save for a pair of sunglasses that he certainly acquired legally and didn't just carefully pluck off the face of someone who had carelessly fallen asleep on a random couch).  He'd pulled a chair, next to a large rock shaped like.. well... most people might say it looked like a rather fetching pair of buttocks.  This would be the rock Eli was currently deeply engaged in conversation with.

"Oh that's just terrible! I can't believe they'd call such a fine boulder such as yourself something so offensive," he exclaimed, giving it a sympathetic pat.

"I know! 'Butt-rock'... they never even ask for my name..." the rock sighed.

Now the general populace probably wouldn't hear the rock's reply.  No, only those who either worked magic themselves or maybe those who communicated regularly with spirits or ghosts or the like would be able to hear the rock spirit speak.  To anyone else? Eli probably looked as if he was just having a crazy one sided conversation with a local landmark.

"To be fair you DO look like one," the thief pointed out after taking a sip of his drink.  He had no idea what it was, but it was cold and creamy and had strawberries and bananas in it.  He wondered if he could sweet talk the vendor into giving him another freebie.

"There's nothing I can do about that," if rocks could sulk, this one certainly was.

"Oh I think you could! You just have to try it, go on, just move around a little," Eli gave the rock an encouraging pat on the back.

"You think so...?"

Amazingly enough the rock did begin to move.  It shuddered first, and the shape then began to slowly shift, accompanied with the loud crunching sound of grinding stone.

"There you go!" Eli grinned and saluted the rock with his delicious fruity drink, "I told you you could do it."


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