Mar. 20th, 2016

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Happy seasonal shift! )Hello, my poppets! Happy vernal equinox! Unless you live on the other half of the world, in which case, happy autumnal equinox! Point being, things happen, the world continues to turn, and time zones are weird. Here in the Nexus, it's officially the beginning of spring. No more cold snowy days, no more icy paths. There will be melt, then mud, then finally, flowers.

Lots and lots of things have been happening around here, although I know, it doesn't always look that way. If you haven't checked out the OOC community for the last, oh, month or so, please do. We've got a new mod (the lovely and talented [personal profile] spackled_speculations), some new rules, and a new event starting!

We've also got some shiny new social media accounts to promote the game and keep players connected. Right now, we have a Tumblr and a Twitter account. I'm looking for submissions for both, so please don't be shy about sharing ideas about things you'd like to see in the Nexus, cool fanart, headcanon for your character, or nifty pictures with me.

I'd make a "bunny" joke here, but I'm trying to avoid an "R" rating for the community. ;)


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