Mar. 24th, 2016

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Signs of spring seem to be everywhere in the parklands. The birds have returned to their nests. The trees have lovely blooms on it. And there is an artist who had his easel up by the lake.

Hunter is working on a large canvas, sketching the lake in front of him. He also has a good eye for capturing some of the birds and animals who are enjoying the water. Right now his focus is capturing the swimming lessons of a little duck family.

Considering the nice, spring weather... it might be a little odd that he is wearing a bulky and hooded sweater. His face might be mostly hidden by the shadows of his outfit, but one might note the scars, the tattoos, and the slight shine of a silver piercing on his nose and forehead.

There is a little table to his left, which holds a tip jar, and a weighted box that holds some of his business cards. After all, it never hurts to drum up business, even as he creates another piece.

Today, with such lovely weather the artist expects those curious on his art, are you someone who approaches?
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 "Excuse me." Bumped past someone. What? He's preoccupied with trying to find out where he is exactly. The seats at the forum seem like a good place to crash. This is what he gets for venturing out to a fancy schmancy coffee shop that Marci picked out. The door should have lead to the bathroom. 

Should have.

"You ever feel like you're just really, really lost?"


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