Mar. 28th, 2016

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Visits to the multiverse have long since become routine for Clark Kent, something he does nearly every day. Not always for advice, not anymore, he's long since those days of uncertainty. But he always enjoys having a place to go where he doesn't have to worry about keeping his personas separate, someplace where he can be himself without worrying about someone overhearing or trying to spy on him to catch him slipping up.

Besides... the Nexus is an incredibly relaxing place, so long as you steer clear of LOLs.

Still, he enjoys getting other people's perspectives on things, just for the sake of conversation and getting to know new people if nothing else. That's what brings him to the Forum today.

"How much change do you feel you have a right to enact on your world?"
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[Due to the extent of his injuries, Shino was supposed to be taking it easy. Due to his stubborn and helpful nature, Shino was not taking it easy, and was in fact, doing one of the most important tasks on the Isaribi; delivering lunch.]

[It was fiiiiine. He only had a minor head wound, a couple broken ribs, and some torso bruising, it's no big deal. He can walk without falling over, he can lift the lunch sack with only mild discomfort, and if he sat around "recovering" for any longer, he was going to go crazy! He could absolutely handle carrying the lunch bentos to the hanger without any stress. Sure, Yamagi will probably yell at him for it, but the engineer got snippy with him for a whole lot of things. It was just how he showed he cared.]

[Except the door he just walked through didn't lead to the hanger, it lead to the Nexus. He barely took two steps past the threshold before the big metal door slammed shut behind him, causing him to jump a foot in the air. There was an audible clicking of locks as he spun around to face it, thick yellow and black tape snaking its way across the door.]

Huh, what? [He slid his bag of bento boxes off his shoulder and set it on the floor just as a "Closed for Maintenance" sign popped into existence] What? Closed for maintenance, what does that mean?

Hey! [He raises a fist, pounding on the door as hard as he can] Hey, hey, guys! Someone open this door for me! This isn't funny, guys! Guys? Guys, come on! Someone open the door, guys, come on! [he stops his pounding to try rattling the door handle, to no avail.] Shit.

[For a moment, he stares hard at the door. Then he takes a few steps back.]

[Then a few more.]

[And a few more.]

[He gets about fifteen feet back before he goes charging at the door, bellowing loudly the whole way.]

[Naturally, the door doesn't budge an inch when he slams into it, but Shino crumples to the floor like a sack of bricks and lies there, curled on his side and groaning.]

[Sharpest tool in the shed, this one is not.]


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