Mar. 29th, 2016

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Niko has found his way into the Nexus, and in his hand, he has a six-pack of Sprunk soda in his hand that he plops down on a table beside him. "Not sure what this place is, but anything has to be better than that apartment." He comments to nobody with a thick Serbian accent, and he takes a seat in a comfortable chair. After a hard day of driving, a taxi for his cousin and getting his cousin out of trouble Niko looks exhausted.

"Guess I ought to ask a question like it says on the paper. All right, I got one. Has anyone told you a something that was too good to be true? Something like they've got millions, drive fancy cars, or live in a gigantic house. And then only to see that it's a tiny apartment where the only thing that's big are the cockroaches." Niko does his best to try explaining his question for any ears that might catch wind of what he has to say from his seat on his couch.

"And for something simpler. Where's the farthest you've moved or traveled to?"
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'It's nice to have things going right for a change, isn't it?'

Fourtity came in peeks and waves for him.  Now and always.  Bad fortune was always sure to come.  Knocking him down, often, and dragging him under waters that seemed far to cold for any one man to withstand.  Tides so strong he had to wonder how he could possibly manage to find his footing again and stand; while the sea threatens to swallow him up.  The crash, again and again - eroding earth into sand.

As surely as the cruel tide of misfortune comes, however, so too does the gentle peace of fortune.  A time to sink his feet into the sand and catch his breath again.  Soaking up the light of the sun as it's rays reach all the way in.  When they finally get in, the beams stoke something inside of Han that is powerful.  Something that is easy for him forget about when he's been so busy trying to keep his head above angry water.

Your peace, Han Solo, comes in the form of a plan finally coming together.

It makes him smile in a way he just can't help.  The Captain walks through the Nexus and even the sounds of his boots striking the ground seem different, today than they did days ago.  The steps lengthened.  His footfalls lighter.

This morning, if you should find yourself out and about, you'll find Han in the parklands of all places.  He is nursing black coffee from a tall paper cup.


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