Apr. 25th, 2016

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A young man is sitting on a bench. The "Welcome to Nexus" pamphlet lies next to him, along with the torn grocery bag, while he very desperately tries to -ah- put his left arm back into its shoulder socket.

Fear not, no blood or gore is involved, as both his arms are mechanical (just as his neck, and probably everything under his clothes), but the view might still be unnerving.

He succeeds for a short moment. As long as he presses the left arm closely he's able to move it. But the very moment he stops clutching it to his torso, it falls down lifelessly.

Annoyed he take another glance at the pamphlet which proves to be happily unhelpful

"For all the information available about this weird place, there sure isn't any shop with tools mentioned."
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A human with scruffy brown hair is parked at a wooden picnic table in the forum. His attention is focused on something spread out upon it that's hard to see until you get fairly close. Or perhaps it's not hard for you to see at all, because you're blessed with great vision.

On the table are standard earth playing cards arranged into a game he just learned called 'patience'. Occasionally the Corellian moves his calloused hand to reveal a new card or to add some to the layout. He hasn't been looking up very much, but there's more than plenty of room at the table for someone sit in.

He mutters something under his breath in a language that sounds like Togruti, but since he's not really trying to cast his voice to anyone, it's hard to tell.


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