Apr. 27th, 2016

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After a brief conversation with someone else, Drusilla had decided to stay in the Forum for a little bit and look around the busy commercial district. Most of the time, her interest strays to any market booths that offer books.

The young woman might stand out a little, as she is dressed in Victoria-era clothing. But she moves with comfort and ease through the Forum, as if she has been here before.

Eventually, she finds a place to sit down with a few of the books she had purchased. Carefully, even while wearing gloves, Drusilla flips through the pages of the book with interest.

"It would be so interesting to travel to the places one finds in books. I wonder, where the line between fictional and reality truly blend?"
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C'taqa has arrived, and he's getting right to the question this time. No faffing about. Looking intensely serious, too.

"If you had the chance to - basically throw away an old life you don't want to remember, and start a new one, as a whole new person - what would be the best things to consider while thinking about it?"

He pauses. "I mean, uh...other than the reactions of everyone around you."


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