Jun. 12th, 2016

+1 Puppy!

Jun. 12th, 2016 09:57 pm
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Verity's back in the Nexus, with the stripes and the crazy braids as usual, but this time she's not alone. With her, or more accurately, in her general vicinity there is a small and adorable puppy. White fur with brown ears and striped tail and stockings. There could not be a more appropriate dog for Verity in all the multiverse. (And you all thought she was a cat person.) The pup is bright-eyed and curious, sniffing and examining everything within the range of its leash, then going back to make sure nothing's moved or changed. It's on to you, stray leaf, you and your blowing hither-and-yon ways.

Ver's got a loose hold on the puppy's leash but is general content to let the little rascal romp and play and explore while she looks on with bemusement. What even is her life. There are so many questions she could ask: how did she end up with a dog, what is she even going to do with a dog, when did she become such a softy... but those aren't questions for the general populace.

"So... I've got a dog now. Anyone got ideas for names?" She doesn't have to take the bad suggestions, she figures, so that should be a safe question. "And, um. Tips? For training her and... so on? Or a limit they'd like to helpfully try to impose on how many toys I buy for her?"

Anyone who doesn't want to deal with baby animals can blame Clint for not answering his phone. He is, after all, great with dogs.


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