Jul. 7th, 2016

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There are many cases of moments when a person has not realized that they have just entered the Nexus. This seems to be the situation, when one of the doors into the Forum swings open, letting one Hermione Granger enter. The young witch is balancing a large piles of books as she walks, thus remains blissfully unaware that she has entered the Forum.

Hermione walks carefully, counting her steps just under her breath. In the library where she had originally been, there was a table exactly 15 steps away from the research section, which she is now looking for to set down her books.

Unfortunately, in the Forum, there is no table exactly 15 steps away. So when Hermione gets to her destination, and goes to set down the books, she trips over the fact that there is nothing there. The books go flying out of her arms...but in a split second, Hermione pulls out her wand and calls out "Leviosa!" The books start to float in the air, none of them hitting the ground.

With one eye on the floating books, Hermione glances around her new surroundings. She needs to find a safe place to lower her spell and figure out what do to next. Won't someone help her?


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