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One of the doors leading into the Forum changes suddenly, raising up into the air, with a long staircase now leading down from the door. The door opens, and a young teenager on a skateboard is now sliding into the Forum, riding the edge of the rails of the staircase.

At the end of the staircase, he flips up into the air, doing a 360-spin before catching his skateboard and landing securely on his feet.

Drake takes a look around his surroundings, adjusting pretty quickly. "Figures, a trick like that, and none of my friends are around to see it."

"I am sure there are lots of interesting stuff that happens around here. Who wants to share one of their experiences?"
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An older man in a windbreaker pauses to applaud. "That was quite a trick, son. Is that what they call gleaming the cube?"

Someone gave Steve some wrong information at some point, and that someone is only sad that they're not here, now, to see their prank pay off.
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The old man sighs, quietly muttering "Clint" to himself in an aggrieved tone, before he smiles. "Well, it was some good balance, in any case. Do you do that often?"

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"I'll bet," the old man replies agreeably. "What's your latest?"

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"Fakie Beta Flip?" Steve may be an old fogey, but he can pick up and repeat terminology quickly.

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He nods thoughtfully. "Feel like showing off a few practice runs?"

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"Mm. It looks like you've really got to get that twist going at the start, to get enough momentum for the full rotation." Steve may not know skateboards, but he knows a bit about momentum.

Just a bit.

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"That's something that comes with practice; muscle memory. Take a deep breath, and let it out as you push--that'll help you keep yourself relaxed, and let you lock in how it feels to do it right."

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"That's an admirable goal. It sounds a little bit like learning to pull a punch in practice; you've got to be relaxed enough to let yourself move, but balance that with a very conscious control."

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"What are you hoping to do with them?" the old man asks, politely curious.

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"It's not the powers that make a hero," the old man observes, "but it sounds like your heart is headed the right way."

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The old man nods. "A team's a good way to get started. Better than running off alone, in most cases."

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"Then I'll wish you luck, young man. Tomorrow's hopes are with you."

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"Steve," the man offers, along with a firm but friendly handshake. "It's nice to meet you, Drake."

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"You have a good day, Drake," Steve tells him with a smile. "And keep practicing."

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Frea's sitting someplace with a good view of the young skateboarder's impressive entrance. She's got a fox cub in her lap who is thoroughly enjoying the pets and scritches she's thoroughly enjoying giving them.

"I met this little guy. His mama went out hunting and he got lonely so we're hanging out until she gets back."
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"I can, yeah. I'm Frea. This is, well, in English it'd be 'Swiftpaw'. Or so he says." She looks down at the cub with a dubious expression and is met with adorable foxiness. She never stood a chance.
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"Nice to meet you, Drake. So what was that stuff you were doing on the railing? Looked tricky." Swiftpaw thinks it didn't look bacony enough, which is odd, since he's a fox and doesn't know what bacon is.
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She has no idea what he just said really. Context provides some clues, but still. Skateboarding is not her sport. "I bet. You like adventures, huh?"
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"Oh yeah? Hoping to follow in their footsteps?"
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"I'm sure you can." There isn't a drop of sarcasm in her tone, or possibly her entire body. "What kinds of adventures do you want to have?"
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"A superhero? That sounds exciting. Are your parents teaching you how to do it?"
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"Well, that's one way to learn. Maybe your dad'll take you adventuring with him some time."
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"Yeah, that's fair. Heroing is a big responsibility and there's no rush."