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+1 Brat

 Ah, Roman Godfrey. He strolls with a lazy directionless pace and is unafraid to stare as much as he gets his own looks. What is with people? Finding a seat he reaches into his blazer for a cigarette and a lighter. Nexus doesn't have any rules about juveniles right? 

"So is this the part where I ask something philosophical or just start giving advice out of my ass?" His expression stays neutral until his mouth tilts in a slow smirk.

"Fine. I'll shoot. What do you do when you feel like you're meant to do something important but have no clue what it is?"

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No Nexus cops are going to swoop down and stop Roman from smoking if that's his desire. Hurrah for anarchy, he can get a nice head-start on his lung cancer and hacking cough.

Verity hadn't been staring at him; she barely spared him a glance until he started talking, only making a mental note to stay out of the ring of stench that cigarette's going to create. (He's not terribly interesting, even compared to where she grew up. Pretty, maybe, but just not interesting to her.) That is, until she hears the sass.

He is one of her people.

"Better that than this being the part where you ask 'where am I' or 'oh god why am I on fire'," she points out with a deftly arched eyebrow. Her eyebrow skills are on point.

"You figure out what it isn't."
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No good time ruining cops. The flip side being that there might be nobody who cares when he gets himself into trouble. Nothing's perfect.

The hell is a 'godfrey'? Rich people have never impressed her. People who hoard their money are pitiful at best. Don't even get her started, Roman, she's a democratic socialist from Manhattan. She knows how to throw down in these debates.

The comment gets the desired response in that she's looking him over, but... nope. Love is blind, in that it's blinded her to all other options. (And seriously, her boyfriend. So hot.) "You're not smoking anything interesting enough for that."

It's still good advice, he's just being lazy about it. "Yeah. It is. Welcome to adulthood."
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Yeah, but mommy isn't here, is she?

He may want to look into that someday. Or not. They say that ignorance is bliss.

People keep thinking that about her. That she's artsy and pretentious. She keeps wondering how long until they're disappointed. Not that she much cares about disappointing them; her curiosity is scientific. "Me personally? No. People here? In both the literal and figurative sense."

"Oh, my guy, you haven't even gotten to the taxes yet. Trust me, you have not lived until you've filled out a 1040." She shouldn't sound so serious about that.
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That's the ideal. Considering her parents aren't speaking to her, she's not sure she's the one to ask about these things.

It's a very carefully crafted image, yes. Absolutely. But the reasons for the care and the craft aren't what he thinks. The wink isn't any more impressive than anything else he's done. "I've never been to Mars, literally or figuratively, but people here have both psychotropics and space ships." It is so matter-of-fact with her, so boring. Like she doesn't do either because she just can't be bothered.

Which is pretty true.

"I don't think so, but you're going to have to go home before curfew. Don't want to get grounded, do you?"
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He'd feel differently if his parents were gone and he had to make do on his own.

Ah, any attention is good attention? Poor boy. "Or you're very lost?" She supplies the last part because she's a very helpful person, really. "It's probably that."

"No, you don't look like you need any help getting in trouble."

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"Start doing things!" comes the exuberant suggestion from someone even younger than Roman. But what is he wearing? "You'll either hit on what you're supposed to do, or definitely figure out what you're not!"
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"Oh, it's always a party with me," Loki replies. Funny question, about his mom. "I'm very hip, you know. So what's your deal?"

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"At least I dressed like this on purpose," he counters.

"Arts 'n crafts time," he answers the question. "I'm making a future! There might be glittery macaroni, I haven't decided."
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"There's a party where they let you dress like that?" Backhand!

That's a nice favor. Loki, in turn, will not bring Thori here sometime to blow "smoke" in Roman's face (having a literal hellhound puppy makes paper-training interesting). "What if we're not in the future?"

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I approve of your muse choice A+

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"Philosophical questions tend to get a better response if you're looking for attention." The amount of attention Sonic had been paying to Roman was about the same as the amount he gave everyone else when he was people watching; not a lot, until he started speaking. Compared to the aliens and monsters that occasionally wander through, the average person just isn't that interesting. A disillusioned teenager, though? That's just cute. "Everyone has an opinion, after all, and everyone wants theirs to be the right one."

"As for your question," a shrug, and Sonic folds his hands behind his head as he reclines back in his tree. "Either I go through my training exercises in order to prepare for whatever it is I'm supposed to do, or I go find someone to hit until I feel better."

"Depends on my mood."
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The cute is absolutely patronizing. Congratulations, Roman! You've stumbled upon one of the residents of the Nexus who is at least as arrogant and self-absorbed as you are. And he's older, so he gets to be a dick about it.

"The absence of a right answer does not stop people from wanting to be right." Really Roman, you of all people should know that. "And it will do neither; instead, it will continue eating itself for the rest of eternity."

"Prepare for everything." He shrugs. "Being over-prepared is far more preferable to being under-prepared."
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Wow, no, Roman would have to be at least a billion times more impressive for Sonic to be interested in him as anything more than a chew toy. He should consider himself lucky he even made it up that idea. Spooky eyes don't even do Roman any favors; Sonic just stares right back with a smirk like a cat toying with a mouse.

"All of life revolves around the concept of want. You want to eat, you want to survive, you want to thrive." He shrugs one shoulder with a dismissive flick of his wrist. "All philosophy does is define the ideals you follow in order to achieve your particular wants."

"What's Y2K?"
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Aren't dumpster levels of self-esteem masked by swaggering arrogance a thing of beauty? Sonic might have a pretty face, but the insecurity about his worth as a person run deep, weigh heavy on his mind like a nagging little demon whispering tidbits of self-doubt in his ear.

It's always been easier to dismiss others rather than deal with the uncertainty.

Besides, Roman's still a teenager. Give him a few years, maybe he'll grow into his gangles and cut an impressive figure of a man.

"Nothing wrong with talking out of your ass if you can do it convincingly!" Sonic chirps, flashing a toothy smile before dropping out of the tree with all the grace of a cat. Down on the ground, his wide grin and sharp-eyed stare might seem a little less impressive, considering his towering height of a whopping 5'7".

"A computer based apocalypse?" he scoffs, his grin shifting into a sneer, then into a frown as he considers the information. Now, was that before or after he left his village for Z City? It sounds like something someone would have mentioned before, but he can't recall anything about computers coming up in his crash-course pop-culture lessons. "Must not have happened where I'm from. Or if it did, it must not have been a big enough concern compared to the monsters suddenly rampaging through the streets."

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