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Matthew Murdock, Attorney at Law ([personal profile] fightlikehell) wrote in [community profile] nexus_sages2016-05-27 02:05 pm

made waves with some friends I know

beach bonfire coconut fruit salads burger sand dollar cookies dog swimming
beach tent dip island crudite sausages grilled peaches shells sunset
beach picnic bar veg smores volleyball
The season is a'changing, the weather is warmer. The forecast calls for high temperature, low humidity and a light breeze. A near perfect day. What better reason to gather the friends and have a good time with a bonfire? Grab a beer, have a seat. Cheery tunes fill the salty air. There's plenty of room and so much to eat.

Matt Murdock is actually dressed for the beach. Still likely more than usual. He burns so easily. There's no way he could have done this alone. Anyone who is anyone in Nexus knows that there is that distinct Verity Willis touch on everything. If the sounds and the sights don't get you, it is going to be whatever Clint has on the grill. That man is magic.
[ooc; Come on in, guys and gals! Hop threads, twist time for sooner, later and all things in between. It's a real party. Don't be shy!]

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