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The Maxx ([personal profile] notcheersbutvengeance) wrote in [community profile] nexus_sages2016-06-06 08:25 am
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Super? Confused? Or just super confused ...

There's a stocky man in a shadowy alley of the commerce district. Stocky is ... kind of a generous discriptor all things considered. The man is short. Prone to adopting dramatic crouching poses as well! Which makes him pretty fun to watch, but isn't doing much for his vertically challenged status.

He seems to be seeking something pretty aggressively in the assorted garbage piles around here. At one point jumping into one of the rusty, old dumpsters and flinging assorted junk out of it in an almost cartoonish, projectile fashion. A long suffering sigh in an almost impossibly deep voice voice penetrates through the metal trash containment device.

"Urrrgh. Where is it?"

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