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Chatter with the scruffy one?

The Nexus' resident scoundrel is never particularly happy when things are stagnant. Han's been hustling in some capacity, since he was old enough to walk and talk, so it's not as if he's used to having copious amounts of 'spare time'. He's not sure he would describe his existence in the Nexus as that, but it was far more like it than what he was used to.  And in general a life on terra firma, all the time, isn't to his taste.

There's been good in his time.  He wouldn't try to deny as much.  But there's also been bad and even some ugly.

Somehow, he manages to endure.  Even when the odds where against him to do just that, there were friends to help him along.  

What has become clear is that trying to assemble a lot of money at once and by his supplies en mass hasn't been going all that well.  Rather than continuing the same approach again that didn't work before, it seemed like the better course to try something else for a while.  Damn if he knew what it was that he should do, though.  Perhaps study up on the local machinery and put his steady hands to work fixing things in exchange for a wage.  Kryff.  Maybe he should go back to stealing.

For now, those are the thoughts that tend to shuffle through his head - man, I've been here for a 'long time' and how am I gonna ever get the money I need to fix this ship.  Occasionally they're broken up with the stray thoughts of an attraction that seemed pretty unlikely at first.  Those thoughts make him smile when he has them, despite his nature ...

The body of Han Solo is much more defined than the mind.  It can be seen sitting on the lowered ramp of a YT-1300.  He is nursing a pale ale from a glass bottle and watching the sunset disappear behind buildings in the forum.  

If you should find yourself drawn to him for a conversation he'll ask you this, "do you think you'll ever have it all figured out?  Is it possible to have all of you 'ducks in a row' as the saying goes?"  Then he'll flash a lopsided grin, and shake his head.  "Forget all of that.  How bout a beer instead?"

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