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+1 dragon

((Be gentle if I've done something silly, I'm new and to be frank, I can be a bit airheaded.))

What an intriguing feeling. Nobody was batting an eye at the dragon. They were too busy reading brochures and taking each other in, and Shade couldn't blame them. Some of the 'humans' looked far stranger than he did. They had strangely colored skin or pointed ears, and other beings barely looked human at all.

Apparently this was the norm for the Nexus. Shade himself had read the basics of the brochure, with some effort that is. He was finding it difficult to follow the pamphlet's suggestion about asking questions. To do so was to leave yourself vulnerable... but still, he did have a few curiosities about mortalkind.

"The knowledge that you're going to die someday, why doesn't it seem to bother you?"

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