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Welcome to the Future (Or not so bright after all future)..

Somewhere in the Nexus, a time portal is somehow opening near the ground and there is a sudden rush of air and swirling.

When you step into John's future Earth, time travel to his earth corrodes your clothing and you end up with nothing but your birthday suit on the other side.

The scenery around you is dark, filled with plasma guns and big and little terminators, sounds of Tech-Com/Human Resistance Soldiers.

By chance, you might run into some remaining survivors fighting over the last of the food in the world.

The question is...

Will you enter this world?

[Welcome to a mini event where your character can choose to hop into John Connor's world and help or harm the human resistance or Skynet/Terminator side]
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I reject your future (and substitute my own)! http://bit.ly/28NRu4K

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*Sometimes, even the most cautious people need to do something a little reckless in order to keep their minds agile. Toeing the line of safety forever means growing mentally staid and stagnant. Besides, she's a firm believer in preparedness--a typical day's walk through the Nexus includes at least a half-dozen concealed weapons, a PINpoint, and as often as not the clingy blue garment from her era meant to protect in nearly all environments. Add to that, she's six feet, four inches, two-hundred-and-change pounds of toned professional, trained in the ancient art of Space Bird Murder Fu. So, presented with a somewhat odd and ominous-looking portal, the Samus Aran decides to take a chance.*

*Watching her vacsuit age eons and flake off in an instant isn't exactly thrilling, and a quick self-inventory confirms that the weapons shared its fate--she spares a thought to be grateful none of the explosives went off. The PINpoint, designed to survive the rigors of chronal travel, appears at first glance to be undamaged.*

Well, there's no way I'm walking around here naked. I'll cut my feet on debris and, by the looks of things, leave this planet cleaner by bleeding on it.

*Prodding the PINpoint into activation, however, doesn't bring up the usual holographic cloud of menus. Instead, it presents a flickering image of a battery, empty of all but a few blinking red pixels. The Hunter sighs.*

Alright, shoes and a power supply. In that order.

*Gingerly, she starts picking her way through the mess in which she's found herself. She's in no hurry to make her words about cut feet prophetic.*