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C'taqa Tia / Taliesin Radiantsong ([personal profile] kitty_of_light) wrote in [community profile] nexus_sages2016-06-29 12:27 pm

Yet another return of bard.

C'taqa, now looking a bit tanned, rather shaggy, and still very much cattelike, is perched upon a Convenient Nexus Chair with harp in hand, idly plucking away.

"To leap, perchance to soar, perchance to fly
With lance in hand, unto the boundless blue
With grace descending back to earth from sky
To strike - displaying aim most keen and true...

And singing. Because, well, bard.

He stops there, plucks out a few more notes, grins at the Nexus at large. "I feel creative today. Anyone want to inspire me?"

((Just give silly catte a subject (and possibly an explanation of said subject, if need be) and you'll get a snippet of bardsong!

Mun has injured wrist; replies may be slow.))

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