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Porcine Pastry Purloiners II

[You've done it again--you've wandered out of the safe parts of the Nexus and into those dangerous regions where the Antiviolence Field is in abeyance. As far as personal security goes, you're on your own, and the local atmosphere isn't exactly hospitable to non-pike-mounted interlopers.]

[In your explorations, you have come to a door, and beyond that door you have found a small, simple room. Perhaps ten feet by ten feet, it houses only two features of note: a pie resting on a pedestal in the middle of the room, and what is unmistakably an orc, straightening up as it notices your arrival.]

[Whatever you're going to do, you should probably do it fast.]
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Okay, this looks bad.

Frea has no idea where she is anymore, only that she doesn't much like it. The heads on pikes really cinched that for her. It's macabre and a waste of good fertilizer. What is it with evil people refusing to consider the repercussions of their resource management techniques?

She is absolutely certain Brienne would not approve of her being in a place like this alone. She's equally certain she's glad Brienne isn't here to see this, or what's likely to come next. A diety's work is never done, and not all of it is fit for mortal eyes. And she prefers Brienne continue to see her as small and soft and gentle. It's nice to have someone look at her that way. What Han would think of what's likely to come is less easily guessed. She thinks he wouldn't disapprove on general principles, but he might not like the idea of her doing it.

It's not that she wants to hide what she is from them, and she knows it's selfish to prefer they never see the parts of her they might not like. But seasons are short and mortal memories are long. She has to think about her legacy, and what she might be coming back to next spring. The seeds sown today...

This is a new dress, too, she thinks to herself when the door opens and she sees the orc. "Hullo. I'm sorry to bother you. Which way to your boss?"
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Having no idea who or what 'Malacath' is, Frea doesn't react much to the name. The growling makes her raise an eyebrow. A basic display of not being intimidated. Works well enough with the wolves and the bears when she stands her ground.

"No? I was wondering who to talk to about the display in the yard. Is that your work? It's really not doing much for the place."
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Looks bad? Oh it does. Heads on spikes are never, ever a good sign. Brienne pauses only a moment to look for any indication that she is heading in the right direction. Frea is a distinct figure and none of this scene looks like it's a place where she belongs. She jogs along as much as armor allows. Oathkeeper has not been in use at all here in Nexus. She hasn't left it aside. Though in this moment is fighting truly allowed?

Nevermind all that.


And whoever that companion is. Oh dear.
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"I." Well, now that's a point, and she pauses to consider it. "You're right, I'm sorry."

The orc can think about that while Frea's distracted, turning back toward Brienne with a confused smile when she hears her friend calling. "Brienne! What are you doing here?"

Yes because that is 100% the question at hand right now.

"I think she's on her meal break, we should stop bothering her." You see, orc lady? No need to be rude about everything.
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Brienne looks from the orc to the dagger to Frea. Retreat is not an option nor what is in her heart.

"I should ask the same question of you!"

Not once does she spare a glance at the pie. Sorry dear, delectable baked good. You are just not important to this portion of the party.

"...we've come by mistake," she adds to the very, very grizzled and peculiar warrior across the room. Though if she is going to brandish the dagger that way it is not going to do much good to apologize it seems.
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Frea is just so not caring about the dagger. Whether she's sure of herself, Brienne, or that the orc isn't gonna use it... or, more worryingly for Brienne: maybe she never noticed it?

"Yeah, but I asked first," she points out with one of those impossible smiles of hers. If Brienne's starting to get the idea Frea likes trying to push her into difficult situations, she'd be very right. It's funny watching her try to figure out how to navigate between good manners, good sense, and keeping Frea happy.

The orc gets a smile too when the dagger's put away. "I'm going to guess a warband. Boy bands are pretty musicians who don't usually go for gore. I don't think they have boy bands in death metal."
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Daggers are worth caring about. They have a very tricky ability of just appearing in places you'd rather they not be. Sheathed or not.

Frea's sense of humor is ever one that throws Brienne off of her feet. Her face is fighting a scowl. If she only knew how much sets herself up. "I saw you came this way. I don't believe we're welcome." And as an appointed protector Brienne is going to follow, not lead. Frea has her own mind and agenda.

Oathkeeper at her belt is going to stay sheathed for now. No it is not a fight she's fixing for if she can help it because if there is one of this....person?... there may be more. Brienne steps closer to Frea.

"A band as such won't make any music." Which is preeeetty obvious. Still it is yet to be seen how those gruesomely displayed visages could ever do anything more than repulse is beyond her logic. "...why have you not eaten your dinner, um--?"
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((Are they spiked vests or piercings in a vest pattern?))

Frea's going to be thinking about this death metal boy band idea for entirely too long. The more she thinks, the deeper this rabbit-hole goes. What's considered 'pretty', in Mazoga's culture? What would they sing about? Would they decapitate their harshest critics? And would that be so wrong?

Wait, there's talking. She blinks and focuses on the conversation again. "Welcome? No. Probably not. But I needed to find out what's going on." Sorry, Brienne. Frea never promised to be an easy one to protect. But that scowl won't do. Will holding hands chase it away?

"We're sorry to have interrupted, Mazoga. Mind telling us where we can find Lugnuk?"
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(("The torches on fire, a funeral pyre for the enemies that we slay. Glory to the horde today!"))

The concept is well and truly beyond Brienne. She is a little more curious about these peoples. The war-like culture is far more brutal than the Ironborn and more Dothraki if the tales are true.

"Mazoga." Such a name. Then again Brienne is not exactly something any would think she'd have for herself. "Have the...members done anything wrong that you're aware of?" Because being randomly selected for slaughter won't do one little bit. The touch of Frea's hand lightens her expression.

That is a question that she didn't expect to hear and now is the one raising her eyebrows. What on earth are they about to do about the decapitator?
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((Pfft. Their first recordings were two songs and one free-form rap scream-off about dragons. It dropped a year before their "debut". It was recorded in Fal'Zhardum Din so you've probably never heard of it.))

You'll see, Brienne. You'll see. Can it suffice, for now, that she intends to do something about it? Better than leaving it undealt-with, surely. Her hand curls comfortingly around Brienne's, not holding too tight to be escaped should the situation warrant, but cozily.

"Oh, family names are so nice. Is it one you're hoping to live up to?" Mazoga gets another smile. C'mon. Who can resist this kind of smile forever? "A keytaur? Makes me think we'll be listening to a din more than a sound..."
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No veiled challenges. Just a wondering of what manner of people she hails from. Maybe this is what wildlings are like indeed.

"Have the...ones who are aloft have they done something to cross your people I mean to say." Choice of words must be wise she sees. The dagger still is here. And Oathkeeper too. And while Brienne and Frea stand here they're not in familiar territory.

She holds the other woman's hand a might tighter and lifts her chin questioningly.
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"I did say live up to," she points out. Persuasive smile is persuasive? C'mon, Mazoga, even orcs like the sun... don't they? Don't answer that she's going with 'yes'.

When Brienne's hand tightens around hers, Frea looks up at her tall friend. No need to worry. They've got each other, they'll be fine!
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"Promotion," the word comes off as a muttered, indignant scoff that Brienne can't iron out soon enough. There is a head pun here she wouldn't appreciate.

Frea's enduring kindness is especially bright and cheery in the face of their grim companion and the decor. It makes their staying here seem more out of place.

"Perhaps we best move on."
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Frea wants to stay and keep talking with her new friend, who has a sense of humor under there somewhere and c'mon Brienne it was just starting to come out... but Brienne's still so uncomfortable. Frea doesn't want to make it harder on her friend. So she gives Brienne's hand a squeeze.

"Every blade of grass should be proud of itself, just like every person." She'll leave it at that, for now. "Come look for us if you get tired of living surrounded by these things you dislike, I'm sure we can help you find someplace you'd be happier."

Brienne can lead her away now, she won't resist.
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Having no prior exposure to orcs (or May Queens) before this venture, Brienne can only imagine a more troublesome lot. "Seems as though he lacks your more level headed thinking, Lady Mazoga." While it seems they're still a strange kind of opposition, she will give credit where it is due.

Ah, Frea knows the Maid of Tarth so well. She is seldom comfortable about anywhere. Standing with her smaller, fair friend puts more ease in her than with most. Such kindness. And for one that is in league, one way or the other, with ones that would remove heads. One glance back to Frea before she gives a short nod. They meant to find the source of this, right?

"Onward." A question and an affirmation.
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"Onward," she agrees. But she's not going first. Sorry, Brienne, it again falls to you to be the good example here. Left to her own devices, she wouldn't leave for hours, and Mazoga would have braids in her hair before the day was through.

"We'll be careful," she promises with a laugh that might make that hard to believe. "You be careful too."

Frea could make a very unfortunate joke about leveling heads right now. She will refrain.
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Hunter sometimes gets lost in thought, when he is in the Nexus. Especially when he has a art project on his mind. Right now, he is sketching as he walks (not the best idea), with occasion glances up to track his route.

So when he stumbled upon the dangerous region, his guard immediately is raised. He puts his sketch book away, and glances around a little suspiciously.

Finding that room with the pie and the orc, Hunter is immediately confused. He is not really sure what is expected of him in this situation.
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Hunter might not understand the guttural language, but he recognizes the menacing tone to it.

"Easy..." He would rather not get into a fight right now. Especially since the orc is armed and he is not.
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There is something unusual about this room. Hunter is still not sure what it might mean. But he backs up slightly.

He takes out his sketchpad, to quickly capture a rough drawing. The orc, and his poleaxe, is a pretty intimating creature. But still one worthy of remembering.
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Okay... that is an usual reaction. Hunter steps forward this time, not sure if this could be a trick or something. His hands still hold onto his sketchpad tightly.
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Hunter glances towards the pie. He has doubts over free food in the Nexus. But not wanting to worry the orc, he carefully heads towards the pie.

"Is it yours?" He asks, softly.
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Hunter has a lot of misgivings about just taking this pie. Even if that seems to be the point of the room. Even if it smells delicious.

(Besides, Verity bakes much better smelling pies).

"Isn't there some sort of barter we could make?"
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"The drawing for the pie?" Hunter guesses at the grunting and pointing.
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Hunter takes a moment to finish his sketch, before carefully ripping off the page. He sets the page on the pedestal, then takes the pie.

This all seems very unusual to him.

"I hope you like your drawing."
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Well the orc has the paper. Hunter has the pie. And Hunter is taking that as his cue to leave the room now. He will have to ask one of his friends about this strange occurrence.