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orc_and_pie ([personal profile] orc_and_pie) wrote in [community profile] nexus_sages2016-07-03 11:58 pm

Porcine Pastry Purloiners II

[You've done it again--you've wandered out of the safe parts of the Nexus and into those dangerous regions where the Antiviolence Field is in abeyance. As far as personal security goes, you're on your own, and the local atmosphere isn't exactly hospitable to non-pike-mounted interlopers.]

[In your explorations, you have come to a door, and beyond that door you have found a small, simple room. Perhaps ten feet by ten feet, it houses only two features of note: a pie resting on a pedestal in the middle of the room, and what is unmistakably an orc, straightening up as it notices your arrival.]

[Whatever you're going to do, you should probably do it fast.]

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