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"Will you walk into my parlor?"

In the Nexus are many streets, roads, alleys and avenues. Some are bustling with activity, featuring beings of all shapes and sizes buying and selling and eating and entertaining. In this Everything Drawer of the Multiverse one can find almost anything or anyone they want or need, provided they are willing to look for it hard enough. One doesn't have to look hard to find the busybody that is Officer Steve Austin, however. With eyes softened just a bit, stray from the beaten path, down that less traveled way, known for its overpriced, out-of-stock, and/or sub-par offerings. Down that way, there is what appears to be a dusty old pawn shop or perhaps a gunsmith or perhaps an antique store, and if one looks close enough they might notice that despite its dilapidation and darkened interior, the venue is apparently not not-in-business. Or at least, it is not closed. From time to time a figure can be seen moving within, none other than the good Nexus Officer of the Law, tinkering with assorted and unidentifiable bits and bobs of mechanical nature.

A sign --in fact, the only sign borne by the shop-- too small to be seen from further than the sidewalk immediately outside reads simply, "Weaponsmith." Fancy that; Officer Austin must be moonlighting. Will anyone walk into his parlor?
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One very suspicious John Connor carries many weapons just in case there's a unknown pawn shop/weaponsmith/whatever...

He might of wanted to go buy some great weapons at a discount at one point as a kid but he was too smart for that now. Who knew what Terminators lurked around corners these days?

Or could he of thought the "good" officer of the law was dead?!
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John notes the nods coming from the Officer, well seemingly innocent at first, but terminators never change... Right? Of course there were other terminators that could. But this terminator never changed. He came from a war torn future and regardless mostly all terminators were the enemy.

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The Leader of the Resistance picked out the old pamphlet on the Nexus he had in his pocket and eyed something called the "Anti-Violence Field". Namely, the officer couldn't attack him here, or in this case any other terminator.

But that didn't help John put his defenses down. He moved closer, very carefully toward the weapon shop. He wanted to test the field in action as he has never used it before.

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He moves ever closer toward the officer as the bell rings signaling his entrance. John Connor isn't going in, unprepared though.
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*Practically a fixture of the Nexus, the tall blond woman makes regular trips through the ever-churning milieu of the Nexus markets. Given her interests, the simple plaque catches her eye and she tries the door beneath it.*

Anyone home?
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John eyed the female nearby and cautiously eyed the shop. He would hate to be responsible for another woman's death at the hands of the officer.
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*Samus returns look for look, measuring the war-torn human with a glance. If she knew what he was thinking, she would laugh--anything that can kill her will have earned the win.*
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He almost forgot about the anti-violence field and how the terminators couldn't effect him her or in case this woman.
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*The Field, yes. That is absolutely the only thing keeping her safe.*

So what are you shopping for?
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Me? I'm.. not exactly shopping.. I'm more concerned about a old enemy staring me down from another timeline. I'm looking for Terminators in disguise.
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Terminators, hmm?

*A slight smirk tugs at her lips.*

Those would be what, apart from dramatically named?
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"Hyperalloy combat chassis, a very advanced machine on the inside. Also a infiltrator meant to blend in with humans, bad breath, smell, hair and everything else. He stared down the familiar "man" just standing there making no moves whatsoever.

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Infiltrators? What is it they're meant to infiltrate?

*She follows his gaze.*

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((Just to check, is he still in '90s LA police uniform, or just defaulting to blue clothes in general?))

*She looks over the apparent proprietor, shifting her stance to a relaxed one, hands not near any weapons (she doesn't seem to be carrying any) or places where they might be hidden (and where might that be, on a skintight blue suit like hers, exactly?), a posture intended to convey peaceful intent.*

I was in the market and noticed your shop. And, more colloquially, I'm in the market.

*She nods toward the weapon he's carrying.*

That's an interesting piece. What's its story?
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((I try not to assume. Thank you.))

*Samus receives the weapon with care, and a similar lack of apparent strain at its heft. Not that Officer Austin's apparent ease goes unnoticed, but for the moment much of her attention is focused on the device itself. Habit steers fingers away from anything that might be a trigger while she checks the weapon--determining whether or not it is currently loaded, checking for signs of wear and tear, and at length sighting along the barrel. Inspection done, she flashes Officer Austin a smile just as sincere as his own.*

Oh, me? I'm a collector--I find something that interests me, and I just have to have it. It's a pity you've lost so much of this one's story. One does wonder, though, how something like this falls into the hands of someone from late-twentieth century Earth. Crash landing? Failed invasion? Or did you find it here?

*Surely, her observations and questions are perfectly innocent. Surely.*
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*Birdlike mannerisms are usually a quick road to Samus' good side (small though it may be).*

Ah, the song of commerce.

*She relinquishes the rifle, watching closely as he demonstrates. The suggestion that she might be from Earth gets a laugh.*

I get that a lot, but no. Not by a long way.
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That depends.

*She follows his gaze, then gives him an arch smirk.*

How much of that story have you lost?

*She paces over to the blade, giving scant attention to the distractions--er, the other items on display.*

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