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April enjoys taking the time to explore the Nexus, whenever she has the opportunity. Today, she had already been in the Commercial District, picking up some school supplies for the children, and some new fabrics for her next clothing line.

She was heading to her door, passing by a few people as she does, when suddenly April stops. There is a gazed far-away look in her eyes for a moment.

April turns, looking around for a moment as if she had misplaced something. Or is looking for someone. She sets down her bags for a moment, before taking a seat. There still seems to be something amiss, since she tilts her head back and forth, for a moment, as if listening to something that is not there.

"Are you lost? Do you need help?" When she speaks, her question is soft.

[April has psychic abilities, and can sense danger to people around her. If you wish for her to sense something about your character, please let me know]
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[Sorry this took so long! New website for work went live and I've been trying to put out fires all week, as it were.]

How did the tall one know?! The brown and white striped puppy is, in fact, lost. She didn't mean to be--she's a good dog!--but there had been a sniff, and then a bright thing to chase, and then something smelled like food... next thing she knew, she couldn't find her way home and none of her tall ones were around!

It's a tragedy. She'd been certain she would starve to death and die of a broken heart. But maybe this strange tall one can help? Bobbi creeps forward, tail wagging and puppy dog eyes in full effect.
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[Thanks. Good news though, I finally get to do the stuff I was hired to do.]

Bobbi understands the word 'adorable' to mean 'pets are incoming! prepare the fluffzones!' and reacts accordingly: she gets more excited and trots forward to sniff at April. Hmm, other dog. Not Lucky. A dog she doesn't know. This needs further investigation!

After the treat because omg treat! Her tail is going a mile a minute she's so excited by this idea. The treat gets sniffed briefly before she takes it and noms it down. Then, if April's hand is still in reach, she'll lick it clean in thanks.
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[Yes! It's nice knowing what my job is from day to day, too.]

So many sniffs to sniff! April's like a library to a dog, with so many smells to examine and learn about. Bobbi can't identify them all, having never been to a farm, but they're oh so very interesting. And then, on top of that, there are pets too?! Happy day!

April will have no trouble finding the collar and the tags thereon. Verity's name and number are available on one of them, if she can get Bobbi to stop squirming long enough to read it.
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Bobbi's not going anywhere while there's pets. She knows a good deal when she finds one. If the pets aren't vigorous enough for her, she may start to squirm under April's hand. Like she's reminding April how to do this.

The phone doesn't ring long before a slightly breathless and very worried Verity answers. "Hello?"
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Ver isn't one for exclamations of relief, but the sigh is pretty loud even over the phone.

"Thank you. Where are you? I'll come get her."

Belly rubs? Happy day! This is the best day for Bobbi. She's had an adventure and got a treat and now she's getting belly rubs. She'll have to do this more often!
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"That'd be helpful, thanks. And thanks for not letting her get through." Verity would rather not consider how hard it would be to find a missing dog that's run through a portal.
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"I'll be right there."

It doesn't take long, thanks to the wonders of modern technomagic. Ver's only looking for April in the context of finding Bobbi; the other woman doesn't get much notice until she's got Bobbi back on her leash. "There you are. You are going back to obedience school, my girl, until you learn to stop running off like that."

Bobbi's just so excited now! Her bestest tall one is back and she said they're going somewhere. Happy day! It's a good day to be a dog. Bobbi has to flop over and wriggle with her paws up.

Ver knows she shouldn't give in, but she can't resist wanting to give tummy rubs and lovins to her girl.

"Thanks for looking after her." She hasn't forgotten you entirely, April.
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"That is usually the easiest way to get her to keep still." April's good people, Ver's not concerned about the treat. "Thank you again."
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[Don't think so? But she's a Kent, so, family name will suffice until they know each other better. ;)]

"Yeah, she's a cutie. I love stripes," and is wearing stripes, seriously she dresses like a French mime most days, "so that was a bonus."

Bobbi's the cutest and she knows it! It's how she gets away with so much.
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"Thank you. It's fun to coordinate," she admits with a smile. "If I could just get Bobbi to wear heels I'd be set. We'd be super stylish and she couldn't run off like this."

Bobbi has no idea what April's talking about. Bold is good! Bold is heroes! And she can get away with anything. Just look at all the attention she's getting right now!
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"Verity. Nice to meet you." Ver's much better at shaking hands than Bobbi. Her hands are clean and Bobbi didn't even offer when they met! What kinda stuff have they been teaching her in those obedience classes anyway? "So you're related to Wil and Clark and Jonathan?"

Wait. There was another one... "And Laura?"

She really hopes she remembered them all this time.
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"Oh. That must get complicated." She's never done any but the usual sort of time traveling but she's seen just enough of what it can cause to know she does not like the idea.
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"It would seem a little strange if you were talking about the older Wil learning to tie his shoes or something," she agrees with a smirk.

The smirk doesn't last long. That kind of talk puts her on edge. "You can see the future?"
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That hat... :D

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"Oh." She's misinterpreting that, but not on purpose. Time works differently where she came from. "All the possible outcomes? That must get confusing."
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It's a good thing April isn't psychic, because nobody should have to suffer that and then know how terribly jealous Verity is. She can ignore it. Lucky.

"How convenient. Speaking of, I should get her home. Make sure she remembers where it is."
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"So'm I. It's nice to meet another member of your family. Have I completed the set yet?" The smirk that marks the joke isn't quite lost when she bends down to scoop Bobbi up. Wriggly puppies can get cuddles instead of another chance to run off.
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"Ah. Big family." Something she knows nothing about. "You must really like doing the 'mom' thing."
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"Well. From what I've seen, you're doing fine." Not that where Ver came from sets the bar high on that; the kids of capes who don't turn out to be psychotic are generally considered a win by default. Then again, plenty of the so-called heroes are pretty screwed up too.

Maybe it's easier where the Kents come from.
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"From what I've seen, they're doing just fine on that front." Would they say she's their friend? She's not sure. She doesn't dislike them, but she doesn't know them very well yet. Then again, knowing someone well is usually when they ditch her, so... distance is good. "But with so many of them growing up together I suppose they can't help but learn how to get along with people?"
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"Not everyone can be an extrovert." Case in point. "I really should be going now. Thanks again for your help."
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"I think things are looking up." Bobbi's big adventure may be over for the day, but home is good too.

Ver gives April a small smile before she turns to go.