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Iago enters. Stage left.

He's been perusing one of those brochures and then tucks it away somewhere in his doublet. He's a soldier, and the astute might guess by his clothes -- unremarkable, but they have the crisp unworn look of who does not go about his life as a civilian much -- and his bearing. Iago looks like a man who has done much marching, and so is enjoying the freedom he has to amble and lounge while he can in his own time. He's got an easy, open face.

"Here's for you soldiers," he says to the Forum in general. "How fare you in times of peace? Find you solace in that gentler life, and put you far your battle ways and bloody thoughts with ease as a man hangs up arms?"

Iago licks his lips. Not in a menacing way, he just looks thirsty. For answers, for war, more probably just for beer.

"Or does the blood run hot? Dost count the minutes to the next campaign, and think you of the quiet and indolent world outside of war, 'this is not life'?"
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With a journal name like that, I think I'm legally required to be here. :P

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[Before I tag in: Ver's got a truth-sensing curse stuck in her that she can't turn off. She knows when people are lying and she can see through illusions; she doesn't know what the truth is or have psychic powers. More details here. If you don't want to deal, let me know, I know it can get annoying. Especially with some characters.]
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[No worries, she's from Marvel 616 and was invented to be Loki's best friend. Loki. God of Lies. Her life has been weird.]

Verity's watching the newcomer with a touch of bewilderment. English was never her best subject, and having to translate her own fucking language is a little bit annoying. And not only in the usual way. But given his clothes, she's figuring he's either an escapee from Shakespeare in the Park or from some Shakespearean time and place--she'll give him the benefit of the doubt and go for the latter.

Not that he doesn't have plenty to take issue with when he looks at her. It could be the pink hair in its riot of Viking braids, or the fact she's wearing a black tank top and black-and-white striped sailor shorts that leave more skin exposed than would be considered acceptable in smallclothes. Or it could be the tattoos. Really, she's just a riot of reasons to assume she's trouble.

It wouldn't be a half-wrong conclusion.

"I much prefer the peace and quiet to the fighting. I've never enjoyed the fighting as much as some people." Certain people, it would be safe to assume from her tone. "You?"
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Not being the oddest thing has always been a reliable veil against unwanted attention for her. What's one brightly-colored hipster with a magic curse in a place like the 616? (It's also made accepting this new home of hers much easier.) But if he's going to be looking to her for that kind of happy ending, he's going to be sorely disappointed.

It's so hard for her to not snap back against the misogyny in his statement. There's a lot of 'he doesn't know better' being repeated in her head like a mantra. It's only going to work for so long, but it's a start. "Where I came from, people cared more about abilities than what kind of body someone was born in. Besides, you ever see anything scarier than a mama bear protecting her cubs?"

She gives him a brief but genuine look of empathy at the admission. "Being at loose ends is never fun. Maybe you need to find something to do with your free time."
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How fantastic a time they'll have will probably boil down to how much he's willing to learn and how long she can keep her patience. With Ver, there's usually only three outcomes: love her, hate her, or pretend you never met her.

She had been planning to answer those questions, but then he had to go and bow, and so instead she's giggling. It's unintended, honest! But it always strikes her as odd that anyone would do that, and especially to her. Plus, she's American; she doesn't go in for that sort of thing. "I'm sorry. Um. I'm not anyone special, you don't have to do that." Her tone suggests she's close to begging him not to, for both their sakes. "As for how I get everything done... I don't have any kids, and I'm good at getting things done. That's the price of being independent, you have to learn to do for yourself."

Somehow, she gets the idea she'd rather not know what some of that 'sport' is. Or where he's thinking she might figure into it. "That isn't quite what I meant. Nothing wrong with idle amusements, but it can be nice to have something to do that gives you a sense of purpose beyond being a soldier."
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When in Rome. Although, that would oblige her to play by the local rules if she ever went to Venice... good thing she's not much of a traveler. She'd never survive biting her tongue so much.

It may be basic courtesy to him to bow like that, but it's clearly strange to her. She's never had much of a poker face. Then again, the ideas he's getting about her are somewhat less kind than her thinking him strange. But as it seems like he's being polite, she'll let the subject drop with a faint smile.

"Metal can be reshaped," she points out. Glancing over his attire, she'll go out on a limb here. "I think that's in the bible, something about swords and plowshares?" Don't even get the thoroughly modern American woman started on the idea of a caste system or family obligations. Just don't. It's a well-worn rant and long. And loud.

Time in the sunshine and fresh air are good things, but there are better uses of his time, surely. At least, making sure the people he destroys deserve it...
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Given how many times her world faced Ragnarok, and how much worse happened, it's a miracle she can dredge up even a thin smile to answer his rueful one. She's never put much faith in faith, so the idea of obeying her mother and paying attention in Sunday school was a non-starter. That's at least two sins, right there. Still, being able to quote particularly juicy bits to the hypocrites has its uses, so she's got a few verses tucked away for emergencies.

"Given how much fighting is done in that particular holy land, I find it hard to believe anyone's going to come out of it looking good in the eyes of a 'be kind and love each other' kinda god." Some of the other gods she's known would judge differently, but Valhalla might still not see many new visitors.

Right, why be useful when you can be rotten? Her lack of understanding of that philosophy may be the only thing that's kept her from actually becoming a villain. She's got all the rest of the necessary requirements: tragic childhood, daddy issues, magic curse...
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[I'd like to take a moment and say how much I love that you can keep the dialogue going like this. :D Bravo!]

"I think that's usually the line," she agrees, "that your god is unknowable and all-powerful and we're all helpless and sinners. Seems odd an all-powerful deity would need to push people around like puppets, but maybe he just doesn't want to get his hands dirty." One corner of her mouth is curling up in a smirk while she thinks about it. "It's a pretty good excuse if you think about it. Some other gods ask him what the hell he's doing and he can just shrug and say, 'Oh, well, sentience, you know. Can't be helped.'"

'Well, why not?' is going to be a lot of memoir titles, or epitaphs. She's not quite so far removed from it herself. Certain people can bring out quite the impuslive streak in her.
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[I think you're doing a great job walking the line between authentic-sounding and hard to understand. TBH it's kind of intimidating. :P]

"I suppose that's likely. A sort of winnowing." She can't imagine anyone signing up for that sort of religion, but it seems to work for people who aren't, well, her. Gods know, it's not the first or even the biggest thing about other people she'll never understand. "But does it make you happy, following a faith that tells you it's okay for you to be trampled into the sod?"

Boy, has this conversation drifted off-track. Oh well. He can think whatever he wants about her for her being a heathen and a foreigner and her (lack of) clothes. She'll enjoy the strength of her own spine and her freedom to make her own decisions. Other people can fight for their spots in Heaven and Valhalla and wherever else they want to go for being good little soldiers. Not that she expects her end to be either peaceful or kind, but nobody's ever convincingly promised her better.
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[Aww, thank you! :D The comic run she was in isn't super long, and if you want to PM me your email address I can send them to you if you're curious. And she's used to banging her head against metaphorical walls. The metaphor part just makes it more frustrating for her. :P]

Does it make her happy? Yes, quite. The vast dance of the stars is a thing of beauty in her eyes. Equally true, where she came from, was the idea that Midgard was but one of nine worlds, with Asgard on one side and Jotunheim on another, and that's definitely the place to be. Hers was a world where evolution was real and provable and frequently erratic, where evolution on Earth was being controlled or manipulated by aliens, where someone tried to eat the planet from time to time, where the celestial gods of gods would Sit Above In Shadow and feast on the energies of Ragnarok... she has options, is the point. So many options.


"That makes sense for most people, but why should an all-powerful being need to become greater?" She knows, she knows it's not going to go anywhere really, but it's not like she's got a huge variety of debate partners. She'll enjoy this while it lasts. It's not like she has to worry about her immortal soul; Heaven was never going to take her and she's pretty sure Hell doesn't want her either.
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There's a young woman here, wearing a brightly-colored dress that would date her to, well, a long time ago, even before Iago's time. She's walking by when she hears him speak, and pauses a moment, listening to his question.

"I don't think my blood runs hot at all," Iphigenia says, shaking her head. "I don't like war."

She, of course, died for a war to happen. But the princess has had regrets about her decision (or lack of one) since Aulis.
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Iphigenia frowns.

"I don't pity men," she replies, shaking her head. "I sometimes think they're lucky."

She doesn't mean with regards to war. The princess has become acutely aware of how gender relations work in different worlds since coming to the Nexus, for better or for worse.

"I only mean," Iphigenia continues, realizing that she could have offended, "That they are freer than women in some aspects."

And she doesn't pity herself, either. That would be pointless, she thinks. What's done is done.
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"I can agree with that, but so few men do right by women," she replies, sighing. "If they knew what we go through, perhaps it would be different."

Perhaps her father wouldn't have led her to the slaughter, for instance.
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Oh, Iago. As if Iphigenia's going to tell you the details of how her father led her to Aulis on a false promise of marriage, and then proceeded to sacrifice her to a goddess he angered.

She grimaces, remembering.

"I have been no more ill-used than any other woman," she decides to say, because it's easier and less traumatic than recounting her final days in Greece.

"But I do not think it is all men," she continues. "Just...some. Unfortunately. And besides, it's better here than back home."

She has rights! And she can wear whatever dresses she wants!

Small victories, she supposes.
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"My home is Mycenae, in Greece," she replies. "And no, you have not shown me any offense."

She smiles kindly, to show that she means it.

"It's better here because here, people listen to what I have to say, and respect me for it," she continues, lifting her chin a little in what may be interpreted as a regal gesture. "Back home, I was just a princess who did what her father wanted her to. Here? I may not be royalty any longer, but at least my voice is heard."
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Where I'm from, a warrior who can't find comfort in peace is viewed as ill, and offered treatment.

*The woman speaking is tall--over six feet--and clad in a bright blue contradiction: though she shows not an inch of skin below her neck, little of her form is left to the imagination; although her clothes are dry, they have a sheen as though wet.*

What about you?

*At least there's no contradiction in how she carries herself. She stands as someone who knows exactly who she is: Ms. In-Charge-Of-The-Situation.*
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((For some reason, I'm reading Iago's lines in James Spader's voice and signature cadence, and it is just delicious.))

Careful you don't burn yourself.

*She tilts her head slightly to one side, looking the Medieval Man over with a measuring eye.*

It sounds like you need a hobby. Or a sparring partner.
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((His once-an-episode monologues in Boston Legal are a treat, and the deliberate care of his evil in Blacklist is impressive. I may have to check Secretary out.))

The hotter you burn, the faster you burn out. If you don't learn to save that fire, it'll be spent when you need it most.

*Samus knows another predator when she sees one; an ambush-predator, a trap-spinner, to be sure, but she can recognize the signs.*

A hobby. Something to stimulate the part of your mind that craves it, keep your wits sharp and practiced, without exposing yourself to injuries or setbacks.
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((Well, kinky people tend to be portrayed poorly in most media, so that's an unfortunate given, but I may give it a look.))

*She gives a low chuckle, her lips turning up in a thoughtful smile.*

Leave a crater when you go? I can respect that. As much as I'd like to die in bed of extreme old age, and smugness poisoning from the knowledge all my enemies are long dead, the more realistic expectation is that I'll do much the same.

*She considers his unhappy musings on peace, and offers a counter.*

The warrior who can't stand peace finds little, and spoils what he has. Put that fire of yours to use in a hearth, when it's not out burning the enemy.

*His boast gets a raised brow.*

Do you, now? What diversions do you find, then?
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A fire in a hearth is heat put to good use, not burning the household.

*She lifts a brow in inquiry.*

You don't think decent people can be soldiers, or the reverse?
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Then tend it--that's not your wife's job alone.

*The warrior woman from the spacefuture has strange ideas about gender roles and marital duties.*

I call a soldier decent who can pick up their warring spirit with their weapon, and set it down again when they're done. I've seen plenty of gentle, well-behaved dogs, so don't pretend that's an excuse.
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*She raises a brow, the rest of her expression turning down in disapproval--the gaze of an irritated hawk. It isn't crude speech that's abraded her sensibilities, though, so Iago was right in that judgment at least.*

If you're training your dogs with a whip, then I'd say yes, you deserve a few lashes, yourself. But that wouldn't teach you to be a better soldier, or a better man. It would only teach you to fear me, and most people can figure that one out without a beating.

*She gives him another appraising look, considering his attire and what it says about the civilization from which he comes.*

Do people where you're from not know any lesson but fear?
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*There are insights to be gleaned from a study of her form, as well, if Iago dares make it. Her physique speaks of extraordinary fitness, and she carries herself with the easy confidence of someone accustomed to a position of strength. It is perhaps not the sort of strength he is used to seeing in women, for her self-assurance has more in common with the soldiers and officers he might know, albeit somewhat less regimented. If he has known any particularly skilled mercenaries, that might make an apt comparison. If she is armed, she hides the fact exceedingly well.*

I wasn't saying men should fear women, I was saying I don't usually need to beat people for them to fear me.

*She gives a slight shake of her head, thinking.*

Do people need to be beaten, where you're from, to find a sense of duty?
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A man with long ears and face tattoos observes the man "You're asking the right man. I'm a man who's been through years of war where i came from."

"War isn't exactly pretty, but it was necessary. We almost lost the city to the metalheads back home.. These metalheads are nasty. Big bulky creatures with a yellow gem in their head that's killed.. more than one of my men."

[img] [/img]

The man's mask is in his hands, currently.

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Erol stood and eyed the man crossing his arms. "I'm used to killing, that is the cold reality of war. However, I'm also the people's champion on the track. One thing i despise more than metalheads is Jak and his pet rat.