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enter a lost prince

 Jalan had been through Hel.  No literally.  He'd walked through actual Hel and it honestly was one of the worst experiences of his life.  Far less fire and brimstone then he thought though.  It was mostly just a vast endless gray desert.  Filled with, of course, countless abominations that wouldn't be out of place in the deepest dankest of nightmares.  Which was why he was so very incredibly thrilled to discover there was actually an Exit.  An exit that would take you anywhere you thought of when you opened it.  Unless you weren't thinking of a 'where'.  Then it just dumped you kinda... wherever.  And Jalan wasn't really thinking about anything besides outrunning the terrifying lady demon who seemed rather keen on tearing off his delicate bits.

So he really didn't care very much where he ended up as he tumbled through the door.  He spun around to slam the door shut, a magical black key clutched in his hand ready to lock it up tight so Little Miss Hellspawn couldn't eat his soul... only to discover there was no door.  He looked around in confusion but ended up breathing a sigh of relief.  His key was on a chain so he slipped it back around his neck as he got a good look around.

Didn't recognize anything one bit.  But he wasn't really concerned.  Honestly he was just grateful that he was alive and not in Hel, and there were no undead monstrosities looking at him with hungry eyes.

He was a little concerned when he read the brochure.  The food wasn't safe?  What about the water? He hadn't had a sip since he started traipsing about the Afterlife and he was beyond thirsty.  And starving.  Honestly he was just a complete mess right now.  Even his garb, which normally might make a Lord of the Rings cosplayer green with envy, was covered in dust, dried blood, and torn beyond repair.

"Pardon me," Lost, alone, and on the verge of dehydration, the prince put on his best, most charming of smiles and waved to the closest person, "I've read the food and drink here could be dangerous.  Any chance you can lead me to something safe? A change of clothes too... these have.  Had it I think."

Plus he felt as if he was sticking out like a sore thumb.  Most of the people here... well they weren't dressed like him really.  In fact a lot of them reminded him of the little he'd seen of the ancient Builder's culture.  Weird.
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*The woman whose attention he's caught is tall, and wears what looks like a single, seamless garment coating her from the neck down, mostly in varying shades of blue. She looks the ragged prince over with a critical eye.*

It's a question of trust. Do you trust a random stranger to steer you away from danger?
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Mm, fair point. Well, you're catching the lighter side of my mercy today. Can you walk another quarter-mile?

*What isn't left to the imagination is an athletic physique to make statues weep in envy, not at all encumbered by its great size--though 6'4", she moves with a gymnast's fluid grace. It's easy not to realize how tall she is, how solid, until she's towering over someone.*
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*She gives a slight nod, accepting his answer, and turns to start off through the Nexus. Out of consideration for his state, she limits her pace somewhat, but she still sets as brisk a pace as he can keep up with.*

This way, then. The Stellar Harp tends to be safe, and if you can't handle it there, you aren't ready for the Nexus. Better to know that at the start. Samus Aran.
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*He's wise not to complain--his guide has only a limited patience for such things, and no compunctions about abandoning an ungrateful traveler to the vagaries of the Nexus. A casual eye finds only a single weapon on her, a small device in a holster at the small of her back, hidden from the front and arranged for a right-hand draw. At his title, she quirks a momentary brow, but answers the name with a slight nod--it's as close to a bow as he's going to get.*

Welcome to the Nexus, Jalan. There've been worse arrivals.

*Up ahead, a cafe with tables that spill out onto the sidewalk is marked by a sign: a harp, with stars caught in its strings like dewdrops on a spider's web. Horned waitstaff move among the tables, their cloven hooves tick-tick-ticking on the patio. The woman in blue flows into a seat at one of those outdoor tables, with a topiary at her back, and nods for him to do the same. On the table sit neatly-folded menus, translated by the convenient nature of the Nexus.*

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A young woman approaches Jalen with concern, especially after taking note of the dried blood on his garb.

"How long has it been since you ate?" Laura sees the signs of dehydration on the young man. It concerns her deeply.

"I would actually recommend drinking something with electrolytes." She brings out a small white bag, with a red cross on it, to search through her medical supplies for something that would help him.
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"Not when you are dehydrated. It can be harmful to your system to consume too much water, or too much food right now, even though you are hungry and thirsty." Laura explains softly.

"I am studying medicine right now. And to ensure that you are okay, We should find you a place to lie down. And then I can get you the right kind of fluids. I should also take your pulse."
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Laura offers him her arm, there is a handy Nexus couch nearby. She will guide him to that couch, providing her support until he lays down upon it.

"Are you hurt anywhere?"

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Adia tries not to look alarmed at Jalan's appearance, but it's obvious to her that he's come from somewhere dangerous. Compared to him, she looks quite polished, despite her grimy winter coat and mud-caked boots.

"There's a coffee machine," she offers, looking over Jalan worriedly. "But it also dispenses hot water. I've never been cursed from it."
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He knows what coffee is -- that's surprising. Based on his clothes, Adia would have assumed otherwise. Regardless, she's relieved that she doesn't have to explain what it is. "It's right over there," she says, pointing to a coffee machine setup that looks like it belongs in a office break room. "It's an easy machine to use, but I can make you a cup if you're having trouble. It's for free, too."

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"There's technology of all sorts here," she says, while she watches him struggle with the coffee maker. "I'm not familiar with... 'Builder', you called it? Um... here, I can make a cup for you." She picks up a coffee mug and sets it under the dispenser, then presses a sequence of buttons to select a medium roast.

While the coffee brews, she watches him worriedly. He looks like he's been through Tartarus and back. Maybe coffee shouldn't be his first priority. "There is an area not to far from here that has restaurants and stores. They aren't free, but if you have any currency, it should be good there."

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[Before I tag in: Ver's got a truth-sensing curse stuck in her that she can't turn off. She knows when people are lying and she can see through illusions; she doesn't know what the truth is or have psychic powers. More details here. If you don't want to deal, let me know, I know it can get annoying.]
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[Ooh, it's always fun when people recognize her! :D ngl having a little cognitive dissonance seeing Louis' face on a different character.]

It's amazing how much a person can think in such a short span. It's the politeness that gets her attention. Such a rare thing for a Manhattan girl like her (even in a world with Captain America there to remind everyone about their fucking language.) When Ver turns she looks the newcomer over quickly, taking in a number of details. Pertinent ones, to her thinking: the blood, the former quality of his clothes, and the cut thereof. It was bad enough when people showed up by falling out of the sky. Now they're showing up dead. It's not a great progression and it's starting to worry her.

For her part, Verity is as she is meant to be: brightly-colored and observing from a distance. Her hair is halfway restrained with braids and most of her tattoos are covered by the sleeves of her sweater. She smiles a little more easily these days, but the frown lines are still there. But her looks are just as sharp, and it's safe to assume the remarks will be too.

The newcomer's requests are reasonable and he seems calm. That's a good place to start. Still, all that blood... "Er, are you hurt? That might be the place to start."
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[It's okay, he's a handsome actor with great expressions and I can't begrudge you that. I just recently finished binge-watching all the seasons on Netflix so it's very much in my thoughts right now ya know?]

"Oh, well, if that's all." If he's got a thing for eyebrows, boy, is he in for a treat. She can do magical things with her eyebrows. Two things at once, even: look skeptical and get a bottle of water from her bag. (Okay, that second part is with her hands, but still.) She cracks the seal before handing it to him.

"C'mon, I know a place. It's not far, just down the road here." She nods to one of the many paths winding between the buildings. "The food's good and always safe, they're scrupulous about their sources."

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