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Verity's sitting on one of the benches around the Forum, all pink braids and French stripes and soft jeans, idly fingering a new ring and studying a brochure someone handed her. Not the Brochure, just a flier for a temporary costume shop. (Both the shop and the costumes being temporary, one of those things is very important when the other disappears.) The pictures are bright and cheerful, almost inappropriately so. This is a highly sanitized, 'safe' for 'children' sort of Halloween being peddled. Meanwhile, Bobbi sniffs around to check for changes to the area and signs of adventure. She's a pupper of valor and courage, ready to take on any strange sniffs and mysterious smells.

"Is your Halloween tradition to put a mask on, or take one off?" The question begins when she lifts her attention to the wider worlds and does the now-habitual mental and visual sweep of her surroundings. As casually as it's asked, she knows this is a deeply probing question, so she'll give anyone wary of answering an easy out. "You coming to the Ball?"
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The thin man in the fine suit flashes a bright grin indeed, taking off his hat to answer, "why not both?"
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"They don't already?" he counters with a smirk. Leaving his cane leaning unattended against nothing at all, he hangs his hat on it and extends a hand to the inquisitive pooch. Those shoes weren't made for pouncing, so it's likely best for all if he can divert the little dog's exuberance to more productive avenues.
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Bobbi is a very good girl--she gets a proper shake, and then vigorous ear-scritches. Verity gets a laugh, but no scritches (that's someone else's purview). "That must be it."

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April recognizes both the puppy, and her owner. She greets both with a friendly smile. "I have had to wear a mask for other reasons than Halloween. Plus, after seeing some costumes take over their owners... I don't wear any for Halloween anymore."

"There is going to be a Ball? Sounds exciting."
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April kneels down to give Bobbi a friendly pat in greeting.

"Samhain is also a day of peace for demons and vampires in my world. Most demon and vampiric races take the day to celebrate their heritage, and do their best to not clash with humans."

"But the ball sounds lovely. I might ask my father if he would like to attend."

April smiles at the compliment. "Thank you. It is not often I get asked to design a simple white dress. But when he explained his desire to create a piece of art work, I was more than happy to help out."
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"Yes. Most years, my father likes to spend time with our whole family on Halloween. So if we are going to the ball, it would be nice to invite him." April will certainly bring the children. They will look adorable in their costumes.

"He is a very creative artist. And collaborations would be a good idea."

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Well, consider your urge to find strange sniffs sated, Bobbi. For you have stumbled upon one Corellian who has spent several hours flushing and repairing fuel lines in a light freighter and everybody who's anybody knows that all the incredible smells come from Han's galaxy.

To a puppy nose there's the salt of sweat to smell, the sour of the solvent that the Captain uses to dissolve the unwanted buildup, the acid scent of the fuel, the sweet of gas that powers the torch that he's been working with. He's a veritable buffet for canine olfactory glands. Less so to a human nose because he washed up before he decided to go for a walk though the Nexus and grab something to eat.

Han is tempted, as most people with even half a heart are, to pet the dog when it approaches. Then he thinks about the work he's been doing with his hands and changes him mind. Would the dog be fine? Probably. But he doesn't want to find out that he's wrong.

In regard to her question, Han just looks at Verity blankly. As if he were waiting for an explanation.
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Han looks at the empty seat and after a moment or two of weighing his options, he does actually sit. The ring and the flier have been glanced over by the Captain, but he doesn't say anything about either. In both cases ... it's not all that likely he knows the significance of what he's looking at unless it's an engagement ring. They do have that custom where he's from too.

"Seems kind of silly."
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He'll file that knowledge away with the other things he's come to know about her over time, then. It jostles a couple memories lose as he files it. The way she so implicitly insisted that she could never run a fake wedding scam and his own reflections of the institution of marriage. And how his thoughts had changed over the years.

"None of the religious ones do make a lot of sense to me." He admits. Though he knows how much they can mean other people. Han's observed it in the way that Chewbacca feels about life day. Still. Costumes? Masks? It's not really his scene.

Bobbi is a good girl. Look at her sitting there, all behaved. Again, it's a shame that he's been working all day and is afraid the little floof will start licking his hands if he tries to play with her.

"Your dog has this look like she's waiting to come up."
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"Are there people who really don't want to go to a ball?" especially one of a Nexus scale. Matt comes around in his way, it's a great place to get some air and walk around without any worries or a cane. And say, the company is never ever bad by any stretch.

"I think my tradition is to trade one mask for another. I...haven't given much thought to who or what I'd be this go 'round."
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"Very silly people. They don't know what they're missing." Or who they'd be missing out on meeting. What a concept of missed connections. Matt is very happy to meet that greeting kiss and extend his hand for pets whenever Bobbi sees fit to be still enough for them.

"The invitation is open, seems about right that she'd come too. Hmmm." As he's thinking he can slip his arm around Verity's waist and give all the petting that is coming to their doggie.
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"More room to dance." That is a good thing indeed. And there won't be any reason to pretend to bump into anyone or anything. Matt grins at the thought of a chance to cut a rug.

Standing snugly together he relaxes even more. It's the Verity effect. Her words make his grin brighten and Matt tilts his head to the side, still thoughtful. "Well if she can go wherever I do, I really have to find a good option."

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"Halloween?" Says Iago, as if tasting the word. It sits oddly on his tongue; unconsciously he is testing out how to pummel it into a palatable iamb and a half.

"Some foreign feasting day?" Iago's looking at the same brochure, studying the pictures carefully. "In my homeland, we have some days where we go masked. Before the solemn Lenten season, by custom we hide our face and thus reveal our baser selves. With impunity we gorge our hunger to bursting, and slake our lust til our will's all spent. It is a night for much revelry and dance. Is it so on your Halloween?"

Even blackhearted, murdering backstabbers can't ignore adorable puppers though. He leans down and offers Bobbi a hand to sniff. She'd smell sweat, wine, the ocean... all the scents that would cling to you if you put your sticky fingers all over a medieval Mediterranean city.
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\o/ Whoo, I'm glad to be back!

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Iago smiles. He has a very nice smile--guileless and charming. It's one of his best weapons, but at least this time it's somewhat genuine. Though horrendous gender roles may be deeply ingrained in him, he always does enjoy the company of sharp-tongued women.

Also dogs. Dogs put him in a good mood, too. He squats down further for both his and Bobbi's benefit; so he can properly scritch her behind the ears, and she can get a better sense of him with her nose. Further sniffs will reveal his adventures in war and the market: horses and blood and human refuse and smoke and spices. The smell of the church probably mingles with the smell of the whorehouse on him: blessed incense and cheap perfume, wine and ale.

He looks up at Ver.

"Carnivale, giusto, signora. We sin disguised, so we may be may be properly naked and ashamed in God's eyes on Ash Wednesday." He adds dryly, "For it makes salvation sweeter if we've truly earned Perdition first." Sorry, Ver. Bringing around the Jesus talk for an encore.

"The antique Romans had a feast like that, to mark the summer's end and celebrate their honored dead. Though we've made it now the day of All Saints. For my part I'd rather speak with the holy martyrs than your common spirit. As one who has slain many, I'd as well not seek out the dead lest they quarrel with me, if the souls of infidels do walk." Where Iago's from, ghosts are not unheard of, so that's probably a wise course.
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lol whoops, putting this comment in the right place this time XD

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Well she's certainly come to the right person. Iago is a big old heap of trouble in a doublet and leather britches. And it's the masochist in him, but he likes women willing to try to take him down a peg. It's all much easier to take it all in stride if he's not married to them.

When it comes to dogs, Iago is used to battle-hardened warhounds. They have a lot less fluff. But he can respect ferocious pooches of all kinds. Bobbi gets head scritches, under-the-chin scritches and chest scruff scritches. He really does like dogs quite a lot. They demonstrate that blind adoration and trust that would behoove more humans to show, in his opinion. Although then perhaps things would be much less fun.

"Truly, He does. 'Tis why men's thoughts are so lascivious and wretched. They know they keep them only 'twixt themselves and God. But when their faces are hid from each others' sight, they then perform the sins they dream. And so their guilt is increased, when their actions too are known only by their own souls and Christ. There's none but God to punish them, or fasting and the lash by their own hand if act they in the stead of the Most High. Wherefore else should we hold Lent sacred, if we've nothing to repent?"

"Indeed. But methinks the children of my city would better like it the more if we practiced as you do that night."

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