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There's a new gentleman in the Nexus.

A bit short and a bit thin, but with a perfectly groomed mustache and an old-fashioned tailcoat and tie. Definitely nothing maniacal or coockoo here, no sir. He takes a quick look around him and warily eyes the cyclopses and aliens wandering around about... This is just like the time Igor slipped those funny mushrooms into the deutsche pilzsuppe for a laugh. The dinner had gotten a lot more colorful, and ended with the good doctor terrified of melting into the bananas foster. But he'd been alright then, so how much worse could this be?

"Here's a question," he poses. He's got the authoritative voice of a man used to giving lectures, or else monologuing profoundly on his own. "Have you ever felt your fate was inescapable? But then when it caught up, it turned out it was the best thing that ever happened to you, and you wondered why you tried to run away at all."
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[Before I tag in: Ver's got a truth-sensing curse stuck in her that she can't turn off. She knows when people are lying and she can see through illusions; she doesn't know what the truth is or have psychic powers. More details here. If you don't want to deal, let me know, I know it can get annoying.

Also, I am officially dead now, so thanks for that, please be gentle with the reanimation.]
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[Oh, well, if that's all. ;)]

Cyclopses and aliens are one thing. Can a gentleman scholar like Frederick handle a woman in pants? Because that's what he's dealing with now. The pink hair is just a bonus, like the frosting on a leather skinnies and slouchy sweater cake. She watches him for a time before speaking up, not because he's odd but because the question is... sort of answered, already. "Isn't the point of calling it fate that it's inescapable?"
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One well-dressed gentleman deserves another. The thin man's suit is immaculate, black and white with accents of silver satin. His tie is perhaps not the fashion with which the good doctor will be familiar, but there has been something constant in the image of a man in suit and hat, leaning ever-so-lightly upon an ebony cane, its head a piece of Art Deco silver that evokes fire or wind in its sinuous shape.

"The concept of fate is an interesting thing," he opines, his voice low and smooth, "as fraught as prophecy, really, and as varied. The Greeks held that the greatest misfortunes came from trying to fight fate. Only the mightiest heroes could swim against its tide for even a short time before being dashed on the rocks." From the inside pocket of his jacket, he produces a slim silver cigarette case, snapping it open and extending it toward the doctor. "Cigarette?"