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In the Nexus are many streets, roads, alleys and avenues. Some are bustling with activity, featuring beings of all shapes and sizes buying and selling and eating and entertaining. In this Everything Drawer of the Multiverse one can find almost anything or anyone they want or need, provided they are willing to look for it hard enough. One doesn't have to look hard to find the busybody that is Officer Steve Austin, however. With eyes softened just a bit, stray from the beaten path, down that less traveled way, known for its overpriced, out-of-stock, and/or sub-par offerings. Down that way, there is what appears to be a dusty old pawn shop or perhaps a gunsmith or perhaps an antique store, and if one looks close enough they might notice that despite its dilapidation and darkened interior, the venue is apparently not not-in-business. Or at least, it is not closed. From time to time a figure can be seen moving within, none other than the good Nexus Officer of the Law, tinkering with assorted and unidentifiable bits and bobs of mechanical nature.

A sign --in fact, the only sign borne by the shop-- too small to be seen from further than the sidewalk immediately outside reads simply, "Weaponsmith." Fancy that; Officer Austin must be moonlighting. Will anyone walk into his parlor?
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There are many cases of moments when a person has not realized that they have just entered the Nexus. This seems to be the situation, when one of the doors into the Forum swings open, letting one Hermione Granger enter. The young witch is balancing a large piles of books as she walks, thus remains blissfully unaware that she has entered the Forum.

Hermione walks carefully, counting her steps just under her breath. In the library where she had originally been, there was a table exactly 15 steps away from the research section, which she is now looking for to set down her books.

Unfortunately, in the Forum, there is no table exactly 15 steps away. So when Hermione gets to her destination, and goes to set down the books, she trips over the fact that there is nothing there. The books go flying out of her arms...but in a split second, Hermione pulls out her wand and calls out "Leviosa!" The books start to float in the air, none of them hitting the ground.

With one eye on the floating books, Hermione glances around her new surroundings. She needs to find a safe place to lower her spell and figure out what do to next. Won't someone help her?
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[You've done it again--you've wandered out of the safe parts of the Nexus and into those dangerous regions where the Antiviolence Field is in abeyance. As far as personal security goes, you're on your own, and the local atmosphere isn't exactly hospitable to non-pike-mounted interlopers.]

[In your explorations, you have come to a door, and beyond that door you have found a small, simple room. Perhaps ten feet by ten feet, it houses only two features of note: a pie resting on a pedestal in the middle of the room, and what is unmistakably an orc, straightening up as it notices your arrival.]

[Whatever you're going to do, you should probably do it fast.]
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C'taqa, now looking a bit tanned, rather shaggy, and still very much cattelike, is perched upon a Convenient Nexus Chair with harp in hand, idly plucking away.

"To leap, perchance to soar, perchance to fly
With lance in hand, unto the boundless blue
With grace descending back to earth from sky
To strike - displaying aim most keen and true...

And singing. Because, well, bard.

He stops there, plucks out a few more notes, grins at the Nexus at large. "I feel creative today. Anyone want to inspire me?"

((Just give silly catte a subject (and possibly an explanation of said subject, if need be) and you'll get a snippet of bardsong!

Mun has injured wrist; replies may be slow.))
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Somewhere in the Nexus, a time portal is somehow opening near the ground and there is a sudden rush of air and swirling.

When you step into John's future Earth, time travel to his earth corrodes your clothing and you end up with nothing but your birthday suit on the other side.

The scenery around you is dark, filled with plasma guns and big and little terminators, sounds of Tech-Com/Human Resistance Soldiers.

By chance, you might run into some remaining survivors fighting over the last of the food in the world.

The question is...

Will you enter this world?

[Welcome to a mini event where your character can choose to hop into John Connor's world and help or harm the human resistance or Skynet/Terminator side]

+1 dragon

Jun. 20th, 2016 03:20 pm
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((Be gentle if I've done something silly, I'm new and to be frank, I can be a bit airheaded.))

What an intriguing feeling. Nobody was batting an eye at the dragon. They were too busy reading brochures and taking each other in, and Shade couldn't blame them. Some of the 'humans' looked far stranger than he did. They had strangely colored skin or pointed ears, and other beings barely looked human at all.

Apparently this was the norm for the Nexus. Shade himself had read the basics of the brochure, with some effort that is. He was finding it difficult to follow the pamphlet's suggestion about asking questions. To do so was to leave yourself vulnerable... but still, he did have a few curiosities about mortalkind.

"The knowledge that you're going to die someday, why doesn't it seem to bother you?"
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The Nexus' resident scoundrel is never particularly happy when things are stagnant. Han's been hustling in some capacity, since he was old enough to walk and talk, so it's not as if he's used to having copious amounts of 'spare time'. He's not sure he would describe his existence in the Nexus as that, but it was far more like it than what he was used to.  And in general a life on terra firma, all the time, isn't to his taste.

There's been good in his time.  He wouldn't try to deny as much.  But there's also been bad and even some ugly.

Somehow, he manages to endure.  Even when the odds where against him to do just that, there were friends to help him along.  

What has become clear is that trying to assemble a lot of money at once and by his supplies en mass hasn't been going all that well.  Rather than continuing the same approach again that didn't work before, it seemed like the better course to try something else for a while.  Damn if he knew what it was that he should do, though.  Perhaps study up on the local machinery and put his steady hands to work fixing things in exchange for a wage.  Kryff.  Maybe he should go back to stealing.

For now, those are the thoughts that tend to shuffle through his head - man, I've been here for a 'long time' and how am I gonna ever get the money I need to fix this ship.  Occasionally they're broken up with the stray thoughts of an attraction that seemed pretty unlikely at first.  Those thoughts make him smile when he has them, despite his nature ...

The body of Han Solo is much more defined than the mind.  It can be seen sitting on the lowered ramp of a YT-1300.  He is nursing a pale ale from a glass bottle and watching the sunset disappear behind buildings in the forum.  

If you should find yourself drawn to him for a conversation he'll ask you this, "do you think you'll ever have it all figured out?  Is it possible to have all of you 'ducks in a row' as the saying goes?"  Then he'll flash a lopsided grin, and shake his head.  "Forget all of that.  How bout a beer instead?"

+1 Puppy!

Jun. 12th, 2016 09:57 pm
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Verity's back in the Nexus, with the stripes and the crazy braids as usual, but this time she's not alone. With her, or more accurately, in her general vicinity there is a small and adorable puppy. White fur with brown ears and striped tail and stockings. There could not be a more appropriate dog for Verity in all the multiverse. (And you all thought she was a cat person.) The pup is bright-eyed and curious, sniffing and examining everything within the range of its leash, then going back to make sure nothing's moved or changed. It's on to you, stray leaf, you and your blowing hither-and-yon ways.

Ver's got a loose hold on the puppy's leash but is general content to let the little rascal romp and play and explore while she looks on with bemusement. What even is her life. There are so many questions she could ask: how did she end up with a dog, what is she even going to do with a dog, when did she become such a softy... but those aren't questions for the general populace.

"So... I've got a dog now. Anyone got ideas for names?" She doesn't have to take the bad suggestions, she figures, so that should be a safe question. "And, um. Tips? For training her and... so on? Or a limit they'd like to helpfully try to impose on how many toys I buy for her?"

Anyone who doesn't want to deal with baby animals can blame Clint for not answering his phone. He is, after all, great with dogs.
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There's a stocky man in a shadowy alley of the commerce district. Stocky is ... kind of a generous discriptor all things considered. The man is short. Prone to adopting dramatic crouching poses as well! Which makes him pretty fun to watch, but isn't doing much for his vertically challenged status.

He seems to be seeking something pretty aggressively in the assorted garbage piles around here. At one point jumping into one of the rusty, old dumpsters and flinging assorted junk out of it in an almost cartoonish, projectile fashion. A long suffering sigh in an almost impossibly deep voice voice penetrates through the metal trash containment device.

"Urrrgh. Where is it?"
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got lost in the ebb and flow of the drifting tide ) The season is a'changing, the weather is warmer. The forecast calls for high temperature, low humidity and a light breeze. A near perfect day. What better reason to gather the friends and have a good time with a bonfire? Grab a beer, have a seat. Cheery tunes fill the salty air. There's plenty of room and so much to eat.

Matt Murdock is actually dressed for the beach. Still likely more than usual. He burns so easily. There's no way he could have done this alone. Anyone who is anyone in Nexus knows that there is that distinct Verity Willis touch on everything. If the sounds and the sights don't get you, it is going to be whatever Clint has on the grill. That man is magic. [ooc; Come on in, guys and gals! Hop threads, twist time for sooner, later and all things in between. It's a real party. Don't be shy!]

+1 Brat

May. 24th, 2016 06:04 pm
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 Ah, Roman Godfrey. He strolls with a lazy directionless pace and is unafraid to stare as much as he gets his own looks. What is with people? Finding a seat he reaches into his blazer for a cigarette and a lighter. Nexus doesn't have any rules about juveniles right? 

"So is this the part where I ask something philosophical or just start giving advice out of my ass?" His expression stays neutral until his mouth tilts in a slow smirk.

"Fine. I'll shoot. What do you do when you feel like you're meant to do something important but have no clue what it is?"

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One of the doors leading into the Forum changes suddenly, raising up into the air, with a long staircase now leading down from the door. The door opens, and a young teenager on a skateboard is now sliding into the Forum, riding the edge of the rails of the staircase.

At the end of the staircase, he flips up into the air, doing a 360-spin before catching his skateboard and landing securely on his feet.

Drake takes a look around his surroundings, adjusting pretty quickly. "Figures, a trick like that, and none of my friends are around to see it."

"I am sure there are lots of interesting stuff that happens around here. Who wants to share one of their experiences?"
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Kid Loki is back in the Nexus again (or at least, back in the public parts of the Forum), perched on a low piece of brick wall. He contemplates a jelly jar full of something roiling and tarry before stuffing it in a knapsack and straightening up to spread his arms wide.

"Friends," he calls, standing atop the wall, "and everyone else, I suppose. If you're feeling imaginative, I have a little survey for you. What is the hottest thing you could imagine? How about the hardest? And the coldest?" Grinning, he adds, "the best answer gets a prize!"
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It's a beautiful day in the Nexus, and what better time for a young krogan to be out exploring? Is he looking for weapons, tasty snacks, or possibly just classic Earth literature? Who can say?

Whatever the case, Grunt doesn't seem to be finding it, but it doesn't seem to matter much. He stops and sniffs at the air, curious about the new sights, sounds, and smells here. "What is that?" he asks no one in particular, his voice deep and booming.
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Tonight, Hunter is sitting on a bar stool in one of the Forum's bars in the commercial district, nursing his third beer of the evening.

The tattooed-covered young man is wearing a light gray tuxedo, so either he has been (or is going) to a semi-formal event. There are no clues to what kind of event that might be.

Right now, Hunter is stoic and quiet, as he finishes the beer. Looking around the bar, he spots a pool table. And, after ordering another beer, Hunter heads over to stake his claim at the table. He finds a place to hang up his coat, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal the tattoos that cover his arms.

Then he starts playing pool by himself. It really seems like the solo game is meant to be a distraction, doesn't it?
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The May Queen is back in the forum. It's safe to assume she left at some point; Frea's wearing a new (but still floral) dress and today's flower crown is made of evening primroses and bleeding hearts. She's also got a bright smile and a plate of cookies, both of which are offered to any interested passers-by from her perch atop a low stone wall. If she ever had shoes, she either hasn't found them or isn't on speaking terms with them; her bare feet swing and tap a rhythm against the stones while she waits for someone to talk to.

"Anyone want a cookie?"

((Beware! The cookies are LOLed. Different cookies will give your character a day or two of various motherly instincts and/or symptoms.
--Peanut butter cup-stuffed chocolate cookies mean your character experiences a phantom pregnancy. Give them any or all of the worst and most cliched symptoms. Bloating, aches and pains, hormonal shifts, morning sickness, cravings, whatever you want to inflict on your poor characters who probably totally deserve it.
--Chocolate chip cookies will turn your character into a Mother hen. Which may be useful, given what's going on around them; it may at the same time be incredibly annoying.
--Sugar cookies with the super sparkly sugar tops make your character a Fairy Godmother. Whether or not they can do minor magic to help fulfill the wishes of the worthy is up to you, but either way, they're going to feel compelled to help make happy endings come true.
--Oatmeal raisin cookies will help your characters remember their connections to the earth and make them total Earth Mothers. Be one with nature! Talk to the animals! Just remember, mostly they talk about food and sex; it's not as fun as Disney makes it seem.))
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Please use our navigation links below to explore. If you have any questions, feel free to private message either (or both!) moderators.
[personal profile] varnished_truths & [personal profile] spackled_speculations
code by [community profile] cawaii
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The strangest thing about this newcomer may be that she seems utterly untroubled by her surroundings. Rather than being troubled by her surroundings, the young lady clearly delights in them. However it is she came to be here, she doesn't appear to have a care in the world. But she does have birdseed, which she tosses out across the grass and cobbles from time to time. Pigeons and songbirds have gathered to partake of the feast, and squirrels and chipmunks have begun to come out to sniff around the edges and see what they can snatch. The animal antics coax a ready laugh from her when a standoff between two squirrels is ended by a pigeon who has no fucks to give saunters between them to feast.

Besides a love of animals, the lady has an obvious love of flowers. A crown of cherry blossom and honeysuckle is just the start of the theme: her dress has a bright floral print and her arms and shoulders and bare feet feature botanical tattoos bright and luminous as an oil painting. Beneath the crown, honey-blonde hair is pulled back in a messy bun.

The soft clatter of seeds hitting the ground and the ruffling of feathers as the birds shift around precede her speaking. "I do love this time of year. Don't you? The warm sun and soft breeze and, mm, the taste of potential in the air. Sweet things and bright things and maybe a little romance..." She trails off with a sigh that would be saccharine if it didn't suit her so well. Another handful of seeds is tossed out before fern-green eyes shift from watching the birds to watching the people going by. "What do you look forward to, this time of year?"

((This is a woman of power and mystery. If you'd like your character to get a blessing from the May Queen, let me know and I'll work something up.))
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After a brief conversation with someone else, Drusilla had decided to stay in the Forum for a little bit and look around the busy commercial district. Most of the time, her interest strays to any market booths that offer books.

The young woman might stand out a little, as she is dressed in Victoria-era clothing. But she moves with comfort and ease through the Forum, as if she has been here before.

Eventually, she finds a place to sit down with a few of the books she had purchased. Carefully, even while wearing gloves, Drusilla flips through the pages of the book with interest.

"It would be so interesting to travel to the places one finds in books. I wonder, where the line between fictional and reality truly blend?"
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C'taqa has arrived, and he's getting right to the question this time. No faffing about. Looking intensely serious, too.

"If you had the chance to - basically throw away an old life you don't want to remember, and start a new one, as a whole new person - what would be the best things to consider while thinking about it?"

He pauses. "I mean, uh...other than the reactions of everyone around you."


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