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got lost in the ebb and flow of the drifting tide ) The season is a'changing, the weather is warmer. The forecast calls for high temperature, low humidity and a light breeze. A near perfect day. What better reason to gather the friends and have a good time with a bonfire? Grab a beer, have a seat. Cheery tunes fill the salty air. There's plenty of room and so much to eat.

Matt Murdock is actually dressed for the beach. Still likely more than usual. He burns so easily. There's no way he could have done this alone. Anyone who is anyone in Nexus knows that there is that distinct Verity Willis touch on everything. If the sounds and the sights don't get you, it is going to be whatever Clint has on the grill. That man is magic. [ooc; Come on in, guys and gals! Hop threads, twist time for sooner, later and all things in between. It's a real party. Don't be shy!]

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May. 24th, 2016 06:04 pm
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 Ah, Roman Godfrey. He strolls with a lazy directionless pace and is unafraid to stare as much as he gets his own looks. What is with people? Finding a seat he reaches into his blazer for a cigarette and a lighter. Nexus doesn't have any rules about juveniles right? 

"So is this the part where I ask something philosophical or just start giving advice out of my ass?" His expression stays neutral until his mouth tilts in a slow smirk.

"Fine. I'll shoot. What do you do when you feel like you're meant to do something important but have no clue what it is?"

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One of the doors leading into the Forum changes suddenly, raising up into the air, with a long staircase now leading down from the door. The door opens, and a young teenager on a skateboard is now sliding into the Forum, riding the edge of the rails of the staircase.

At the end of the staircase, he flips up into the air, doing a 360-spin before catching his skateboard and landing securely on his feet.

Drake takes a look around his surroundings, adjusting pretty quickly. "Figures, a trick like that, and none of my friends are around to see it."

"I am sure there are lots of interesting stuff that happens around here. Who wants to share one of their experiences?"
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Kid Loki is back in the Nexus again (or at least, back in the public parts of the Forum), perched on a low piece of brick wall. He contemplates a jelly jar full of something roiling and tarry before stuffing it in a knapsack and straightening up to spread his arms wide.

"Friends," he calls, standing atop the wall, "and everyone else, I suppose. If you're feeling imaginative, I have a little survey for you. What is the hottest thing you could imagine? How about the hardest? And the coldest?" Grinning, he adds, "the best answer gets a prize!"
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It's a beautiful day in the Nexus, and what better time for a young krogan to be out exploring? Is he looking for weapons, tasty snacks, or possibly just classic Earth literature? Who can say?

Whatever the case, Grunt doesn't seem to be finding it, but it doesn't seem to matter much. He stops and sniffs at the air, curious about the new sights, sounds, and smells here. "What is that?" he asks no one in particular, his voice deep and booming.
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Tonight, Hunter is sitting on a bar stool in one of the Forum's bars in the commercial district, nursing his third beer of the evening.

The tattooed-covered young man is wearing a light gray tuxedo, so either he has been (or is going) to a semi-formal event. There are no clues to what kind of event that might be.

Right now, Hunter is stoic and quiet, as he finishes the beer. Looking around the bar, he spots a pool table. And, after ordering another beer, Hunter heads over to stake his claim at the table. He finds a place to hang up his coat, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal the tattoos that cover his arms.

Then he starts playing pool by himself. It really seems like the solo game is meant to be a distraction, doesn't it?
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After a brief conversation with someone else, Drusilla had decided to stay in the Forum for a little bit and look around the busy commercial district. Most of the time, her interest strays to any market booths that offer books.

The young woman might stand out a little, as she is dressed in Victoria-era clothing. But she moves with comfort and ease through the Forum, as if she has been here before.

Eventually, she finds a place to sit down with a few of the books she had purchased. Carefully, even while wearing gloves, Drusilla flips through the pages of the book with interest.

"It would be so interesting to travel to the places one finds in books. I wonder, where the line between fictional and reality truly blend?"
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C'taqa has arrived, and he's getting right to the question this time. No faffing about. Looking intensely serious, too.

"If you had the chance to - basically throw away an old life you don't want to remember, and start a new one, as a whole new person - what would be the best things to consider while thinking about it?"

He pauses. "I mean, uh...other than the reactions of everyone around you."
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A young man is sitting on a bench. The "Welcome to Nexus" pamphlet lies next to him, along with the torn grocery bag, while he very desperately tries to -ah- put his left arm back into its shoulder socket.

Fear not, no blood or gore is involved, as both his arms are mechanical (just as his neck, and probably everything under his clothes), but the view might still be unnerving.

He succeeds for a short moment. As long as he presses the left arm closely he's able to move it. But the very moment he stops clutching it to his torso, it falls down lifelessly.

Annoyed he take another glance at the pamphlet which proves to be happily unhelpful

"For all the information available about this weird place, there sure isn't any shop with tools mentioned."
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A young blond man sits in the Forum today, looking rather glum. "Why are vampires almost always portrayed as bad guys?"
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Without warning, someone emerges into the Nexus through a swirling portal of light.

The smartly-dressed young man, one-handedly adjusting a pair of dark-framed glasses on his nose as he walks, appears to be quite involved in paging through a book of some sort, hence not noticing that he is most likely not where he was actually intending to be. It's only when he finally looks up from the book--

"--I can't be sure as of yet, but it appears...that it...might..."

Yes, this is definitely not where he meant to end up.

He blinks slowly - once, twice, three times, absently taking a bookmark from his pocket so he can close the book and take a very good look around.

A brochure from a nearby table finds its way quickly into his hands, and while it doesn't really explain things to his satisfaction, at least it gives him a bit of an idea to work with. Now...a question. Which involves picking one out of the multitude swirling round in his head.

"...How - hypothetically, mind you - would one go about showing their appreciation to someone who was kind enough to take them in? Without overstepping their boundaries," he hurries to add the last bit, looking sour.
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There is a lovely woman, with an unique fashion style, in the Nexus today. April Kent appears to be in her late-20s or early-30s at first glance.

Both her tyed-dyed shirt and the blue flowing skirt look to be home-made.

She also carries herself with ease, as she walks around the Nexus Forum before finding a place to sit down. With a smile, April speaks softly. "I am looking for some suggestions to make the transition period for adopted children easier. What are some ways to help new arrivals adjust to a family, and vice versa?"
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"What's the best way to get someone's attention?"

The question comes from the young man stretched out on his stomach on a large bean bag, absently fiddling with a shuriken wired up with electronics. More are scattered out on the ground in front of him in various stages of completion, along with a cellphone faintly playing music.

"How do you make someone take you seriously when they simply refuse to?"
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'It's nice to have things going right for a change, isn't it?'

Fourtity came in peeks and waves for him.  Now and always.  Bad fortune was always sure to come.  Knocking him down, often, and dragging him under waters that seemed far to cold for any one man to withstand.  Tides so strong he had to wonder how he could possibly manage to find his footing again and stand; while the sea threatens to swallow him up.  The crash, again and again - eroding earth into sand.

As surely as the cruel tide of misfortune comes, however, so too does the gentle peace of fortune.  A time to sink his feet into the sand and catch his breath again.  Soaking up the light of the sun as it's rays reach all the way in.  When they finally get in, the beams stoke something inside of Han that is powerful.  Something that is easy for him forget about when he's been so busy trying to keep his head above angry water.

Your peace, Han Solo, comes in the form of a plan finally coming together.

It makes him smile in a way he just can't help.  The Captain walks through the Nexus and even the sounds of his boots striking the ground seem different, today than they did days ago.  The steps lengthened.  His footfalls lighter.

This morning, if you should find yourself out and about, you'll find Han in the parklands of all places.  He is nursing black coffee from a tall paper cup.
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[Due to the extent of his injuries, Shino was supposed to be taking it easy. Due to his stubborn and helpful nature, Shino was not taking it easy, and was in fact, doing one of the most important tasks on the Isaribi; delivering lunch.]

[It was fiiiiine. He only had a minor head wound, a couple broken ribs, and some torso bruising, it's no big deal. He can walk without falling over, he can lift the lunch sack with only mild discomfort, and if he sat around "recovering" for any longer, he was going to go crazy! He could absolutely handle carrying the lunch bentos to the hanger without any stress. Sure, Yamagi will probably yell at him for it, but the engineer got snippy with him for a whole lot of things. It was just how he showed he cared.]

[Except the door he just walked through didn't lead to the hanger, it lead to the Nexus. He barely took two steps past the threshold before the big metal door slammed shut behind him, causing him to jump a foot in the air. There was an audible clicking of locks as he spun around to face it, thick yellow and black tape snaking its way across the door.]

Huh, what? [He slid his bag of bento boxes off his shoulder and set it on the floor just as a "Closed for Maintenance" sign popped into existence] What? Closed for maintenance, what does that mean?

Hey! [He raises a fist, pounding on the door as hard as he can] Hey, hey, guys! Someone open this door for me! This isn't funny, guys! Guys? Guys, come on! Someone open the door, guys, come on! [he stops his pounding to try rattling the door handle, to no avail.] Shit.

[For a moment, he stares hard at the door. Then he takes a few steps back.]

[Then a few more.]

[And a few more.]

[He gets about fifteen feet back before he goes charging at the door, bellowing loudly the whole way.]

[Naturally, the door doesn't budge an inch when he slams into it, but Shino crumples to the floor like a sack of bricks and lies there, curled on his side and groaning.]

[Sharpest tool in the shed, this one is not.]
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Signs of spring seem to be everywhere in the parklands. The birds have returned to their nests. The trees have lovely blooms on it. And there is an artist who had his easel up by the lake.

Hunter is working on a large canvas, sketching the lake in front of him. He also has a good eye for capturing some of the birds and animals who are enjoying the water. Right now his focus is capturing the swimming lessons of a little duck family.

Considering the nice, spring weather... it might be a little odd that he is wearing a bulky and hooded sweater. His face might be mostly hidden by the shadows of his outfit, but one might note the scars, the tattoos, and the slight shine of a silver piercing on his nose and forehead.

There is a little table to his left, which holds a tip jar, and a weighted box that holds some of his business cards. After all, it never hurts to drum up business, even as he creates another piece.

Today, with such lovely weather the artist expects those curious on his art, are you someone who approaches?
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In the busy commercial district of the Nexus, there is an open market, selling anything from souvenirs to snacks to high-quality crafts. Cipher Fifteen meanders from stall to stall, looking at the wares on offer, not really looking for anything in particular.

That isn't to say he isn't looking for something, of course. Inspiration can be found in many places, and he hopes to find good ideas here. Or at least something to take home that might help his crewmates get along better.

The young Chiss stops in front of one of the market stalls, contemplating.
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Adult themes behind the cut ... )

Which brings us to the Han Solo of right now, who is walking through the forum again ... in the general direction he thinks is going to get him back to the Millennium Falcon. However, this is the first time he’s walked through it without any jacket to speak of and it’s so cold that he’s trembling to keep himself warm.

“Why do we keep going down these same roads and act surprised when they lead us to the same places?”
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If you didn't notice the Speed of Sound Sonic's entrance, don't worry about it. No ninja worth his salt would make a flashy entrance, and Sonic considered himself the best. So when he showed up here after taking a wrong turn during his hunt for his rival, he stayed calm and behaved as if he had always been here. He's looked around, talked to people, gotten the answers to the how, why, and what, and now he's stretched out on a lower branch of a lone tree smack dab in the middle of the Forum, boredly twirling a kunai through his fingers.

"If you could bring one person from your home world here, who would it be?" He glances down at you, the passerby, his brow furrowed slightly. "You can find practically anything here, but I find the thing I'm missing most is a who, not a what. I can't be the only one."
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That sure would be what looks like a huge dragon... trying to get it's horns out of the welcome sign... while trying not to do any more damage to the surrounding area. There are brochures flying everywhere too. Looks like someone's entrance to the Nexus was rather unexpected... and having a thirty-ish foot long dragon in the main area of the forum doesn't seem to be a very good idea either...

".... Help?"

((ooc: Or if you don't want to deal with him till he's done getting himself unstuck...))

"Ah... Do these come in a larger size?" Skyfire holds up a brochure between two claws... and it looks a bit worse for wear. "I'm having some trouble holding it well enough to read it..."


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