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The Nexus Sages: Multiversal Answers to Multiversal Questions

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Name:The Best (& Worst) Advice You Could Ask For.
Website:Nexus Sages OOC
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Community description:A Panfandom Multiversal Advice Column Freeform RP. Whaaaaaat?
"The greatest tragedy that can befall us is to go unimagined." – N. Scott Momaday
The thing is, there's always a portal. Sometimes it's a door, sometimes it's a shadow, sometimes it's a step to the left when you should have gone right. However it happened, here you are: in the in-between of everywhere. Maybe you can get home, maybe you can't. Maybe you're alive when you shouldn't be. Maybe you're just looking for a great organic farmer's market. You're here now. Might as well make the most of it.
WHAT TO DO (story)
"We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, we travel to be lost." – Ray Bradbury
Ever wonder where the magician's assistant goes after she's put in the box? Where the trickster god goes when he steps out of the panel? Where the forgotten corners of the world go when the maps are redrawn? You're about to find out--you're one of them now. You can go just about anywhere from here, if you're brave and foolish and know the way. Or you can wait for it to all come to you. The lost puzzle pieces of existence are cobbling themselves together again. Want to help?
"When you come back you will not be you. And I may not be I." – E.M. Forster, “The Other Boat”
[community profile] nexus_sages is a pan-fandom dressing room with a dynamic setting, player-driven plots, and minimalist modding (problems addressed, events planned, light housekeeping). No apps, no activity checks, no reserve lists, no "taken" characters. Play who you want when you can and leave when you must; we'll be here when you get back. AUs and OCs welcome.
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We are a gentle and loving rebirth of the old [ profile] sages_of_chaos, and hope to keep the fun alive!
Founded by [personal profile] stripped_deceptions & [personal profile] varnished_truths in 2015.

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