L'shanah tovah [for losthunter]

Sep. 19th, 2017 10:09 am
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Jim Kirk has not celebrated any holidays with his family for a very long time.

Sure, they started talking again after his enlistment in Starfleet made its way into several Earth newsfeeds, the usual media vultures seeking attention for their coverage of George Kirk's son returning to the fold, so to speak. Confined mostly to text-based messages, and a few short video calls, his grandparents have reached out to him over the past few years, trying to reconnect, to mend old fences, and giving a standing invitation to come visit whenever he's ready.

He's always had an excuse for not going, citing existing plans to spend time with Bones, to study for upcoming exams, or being out of the solar system on Starfleet business, among other things. But with the Enterprise still out of commission as her repairs and overhaul nears completion, and having spent several weeks sharing living space with his mother again, he can't really wiggle out of it this year.

Not that he's even sure he wants to, anymore.

His family life has never really been the poster child for well-adjusted people, but... they're still his family. And maybe it's time to stop running away from his problems and pretending they don't exist. He's not a traumatized thirteen-year-old anymore, overwhelmed and isolated in the knowledge that none of them can truly appreciate the horrors he lived through, lashing out at a world that allowed such things to happen to him. He's turned his life around, cleaned up his act, and started down a path that is far more important than just fulfilling his own wants, regardless of the legality. And this particular holiday seems like the appropriate time to try to make amends.

Fortunately, he doesn't have to deal with it alone.

Jim patiently waits just outside a public transporter terminal in the Chicago suburbs, sitting on a park bench. While still wearing civilian clothes, he's on the slightly more formal side of things today in a white dress shirt and dark pants, though he's not bothered to wear a tie. It's about mid-afternoon, and the streets are mildly busy with people out for a stroll or out running errands of some kind, a steady flow of foot traffic both on the sidewalks and beaming in and out at the transporter platforms. He idly watches them pass by, keeping an eye out for his expected guest, whose PINpoint coordinates should bring him out exactly where everyone expects people to appear out of nowhere.

How's My Driving?

Sep. 1st, 2016 06:32 am
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Let me know how I'm doing with Sylar, in any context! I appreciate feedback, since he's such a changeable character most of the time. I also love questions about what I'm doing and/or where I'm going with him, so feel free to bring those over here, as well.

I've screened comments on this post, if that makes anyone feel more comfortable. Thank you!

IC Inbox- Driftfleet

Sep. 17th, 2017 07:42 am
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Leave your message here if you wish. I will reply when I can. The response might be later due to fighting in battle.

Appearance/Quick Info

Sep. 14th, 2025 01:55 am
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[Alex is a compact little guy, athletically-built but just under 5'5". He's ginger enough to be the butt of every imaginable ginger joke, and the thick red beard only compounds those. He's got one year left before officially entering "late thirties," but aside from some tiredness around the eyes, he doesn't really look it.

He's moderately inked-up, with a tattoo of the symbol on the flag of the Second Continental Light Dragoons on his left forearm, and a half-sleeve with a design of maps and ships and compasses on his right, but he's usually wearing long-sleeved shirts to cover them up for work.]

Alex's life seems like the perfect setup for a heartwarming summer sports movie: recovering alcoholic pulls his life together and learns to have hope again when assigned to coach an underachieving girls' soccer team.

In reality, of course, nothing ever works out quite so neatly. Overworked, recently-divorced history teachers don't always make inspiring protagonists. And the Chesterberg Cougars probably aren't going to be making the playoffs this year. Or any year.

But he tries. One has to find the humor in these things.


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