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Gwaine has settled himself on a bench to watch the swirling crowds, his amazement and joy evident by the steadily growing grin. He might have got lost in the castle's maze of corridors more than once when he first arrived but he's absolutely certain that this is not Camelot. Uther's health may be failing and Arthur not quite the uptight, pompous, hide bound little braggart of a Princeling he first thought him (he'll grudgingly admit that now) but even he would struggle to accept the multitude of strange beings and obviously magical artifacts crowding as far as the eye can see.

He tilts his face back towards the sun with contented sigh before picking up the bright paper he discarded beside him earlier and reluctantly continuing to read. It's not that he can't exactly, goading by family members determined that their poor relations bring as little shame as possible and later Merlin's patient if faintly teasing guidance mean that he's adequately literate, thankyouverymuch, it's just that there were a lot of very long and confusing words.

Eventually he reaches the end where the warning at the bottom of the page causes him some rather profound worry.

"What's a man to do to get a drink around here, then?"
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The strangest thing about this newcomer may be that she seems utterly untroubled by her surroundings. Rather than being troubled by her surroundings, the young lady clearly delights in them. However it is she came to be here, she doesn't appear to have a care in the world. But she does have birdseed, which she tosses out across the grass and cobbles from time to time. Pigeons and songbirds have gathered to partake of the feast, and squirrels and chipmunks have begun to come out to sniff around the edges and see what they can snatch. The animal antics coax a ready laugh from her when a standoff between two squirrels is ended by a pigeon who has no fucks to give saunters between them to feast.

Besides a love of animals, the lady has an obvious love of flowers. A crown of cherry blossom and honeysuckle is just the start of the theme: her dress has a bright floral print and her arms and shoulders and bare feet feature botanical tattoos bright and luminous as an oil painting. Beneath the crown, honey-blonde hair is pulled back in a messy bun.

The soft clatter of seeds hitting the ground and the ruffling of feathers as the birds shift around precede her speaking. "I do love this time of year. Don't you? The warm sun and soft breeze and, mm, the taste of potential in the air. Sweet things and bright things and maybe a little romance..." She trails off with a sigh that would be saccharine if it didn't suit her so well. Another handful of seeds is tossed out before fern-green eyes shift from watching the birds to watching the people going by. "What do you look forward to, this time of year?"

((This is a woman of power and mystery. If you'd like your character to get a blessing from the May Queen, let me know and I'll work something up.))
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C'taqa has arrived, and he's getting right to the question this time. No faffing about. Looking intensely serious, too.

"If you had the chance to - basically throw away an old life you don't want to remember, and start a new one, as a whole new person - what would be the best things to consider while thinking about it?"

He pauses. "I mean, uh...other than the reactions of everyone around you."
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Up above the sign, the sky seems to crack apart, breaking into clods of dirt that tumble to the ground below. A rabbit-eared head peeks over the edge of hole that appeared, vanishes, and is replaced by a rope. The alien woman who both head and rope belong to descends down into the Nexus not long after, and flips through one of the brochures.

"So, it's called Nexus, but it's an alternate universe called Nexus, as opposed to the planet called Nexus. Yeah, that's not going to get confusing at all," she muttered.

"So...questions. That's a whole thing here, right?" Fianna asked rhetorically. "Hmm...what's your favorite part about going new places?"
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Everybody's favorite Khajiit merchant is back again! Months of exploring the Nexus and the varied worlds to which it connects have proven profitable for the catwoman indeed; her baggage train has doubled to two donkeys, and she has a very handy haversack slung over one shoulder. As is usual for the merchant, she takes her time setting up camp on the edge of the forum and then sets out displays of her wares. And such wonders she has brought today.

"It has been heard," she begins once she's seated and polishing her collection of loose gems, "that there are many holidays celebrated around the turning of the year into winter. Holidays that oblige the giving of many gifts and well-wishes." If her tail is flicking with excitement, well, who could blame her? It's nearly Christmas after all. "Days of feasting lay ahead, and days of prayer for those who turn to the gods for solace. And for all, I hope, much joy. What is, for you, the most pleasant part of these holidays?"

And if the question draws curious eyes, all the better.

(details of her wares) )

((Don't miss out on the Secret Santa fun!))
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[In a very populated corner of the forum area, an intricate Japanese stall has been set up, containing small treats, along with a great deal of masks. Behind the stand is a small Mikoshi shrine, the entrance concealed by a blue fabric, inlaid with gold trimmings. Standing in front of these Japanese structures is a man, well-dressed in a blue suit and tie. His wardrobe clashes with the scenery, as he looks like someone who stepped out of an american hotel, circa 1930’s.

He speaks up in a very calm voice, but loud enough for all to hear.]

“Jidai Matsuri. For those not versed in Japanese culture, the festival, originating from Kyoto, is a time to celebrate the ages. Many other festivals are held during October, but this seems to be the one my master has fondness for.”

[A pause, while Theodore gestures to the Japanese stall behind him.]

“In honor of Japanese cultures, I’ve decided to bring something not often seen here to the Nexus. To excite or enlighten those who wish to learn more about the world and themselves.”

[He steps behind the mask stand, gesturing to the different character faces that line the stand walls. It’s very hard to count how many masks are there, but each one seems different then the next.]

“Masks are a common part of Japanese summer festivals, but my master finds them to be fascinating all-year round and feels that many other people can appreciate the beauty in such works of art. Thus, I have been tasked with sharing these wonderful gifts to you, the travelers of the Nexus. Donations are appreciated, but not necessary.”

[He plucks a mask off the wall, one that resembles Hello Kitty. No, he will not be putting it on, rather showing it off to any nearby person instead.]

“Feel free to find one that matches your personality. I can assure you that you will not walk away empty handed. If you require assistance, I will be here to answer any questions you may have.”

((The masks are enchanted (but not in a terrible lol way), and if your character chooses one, they will be able to recall a memory from their past (good/bad/sad/angry, you name it) or perhaps a very vague vision of the future. If you would not like your character to experience this, feel free to leave a note, and Theo will present your character with something normal. Enjoy!))
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The rip in space had appeared above the tallest towers of the Ghastly Eyrie, beyond the highest clouds. Dragonus hadn't noticed it initially, too absorbed in his duties, his studies and his training for the constant war he found himself returning to. But others had brought it to the attention of the nest and, as the Court Mage, it was deemed right that he be the one to inspect it. His flying prowess also paid a part as he took to the skies, clad in his armour and wielding his staff. Many monsters had come from the cosmos above that had to be fought away from the Skywrath. Dragonus had served in the patrols against  those beasts but never alone. And to go into unexplored territory, it'd be outright foolish to go expecting peace outright.

In a flash of light and ozone, the rift swallowed him entirely. For several long moments he felt suspended in place. it was unlike anything he'd known before. Even when gliding or falling the wind swept under his wings and carried him aloft, or tore at his feathers and urged him to catch himself. He began to wonder if he should reach out with his magic when the light thrust him out the other side forcefully. His wings unfurled, easily catching their owner before the throw in gravity could drop him. He held his staff tightly in his talons, awaiting a sudden attack. None came. But he remained vigilant, taking in the place he'd arrived at. So this is where the rip leads. He had expected more plains or wilderness but this looked like a community centre or a park.

Hovering, he gazed around. There were creatures he recognised (such as the humans), others who looked like creatures he knew (something that short had to be a keen), and others he'd seen nothing like before. Had someone here created the tear in reality that had brought him here? Yet nobody seemed too intently interested in his arrival, unless summoning guests through such portals was common in this realm.
"Who has summoned me? Who requires guidance in gaining their revenge?"

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