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Something flits through the skies of the Nexus, bobbing and swooping only to climb again, an ecstatic aerial dance. At last, mirth of the moment giving way to some other whim, the flying figure drifts groundward, turning and drifting like a falling leaf until his feet, clad in pointed-toed green suede moccasins alight. Forest green tights hug lean legs all the way up to a bright green tunic, belted with rich brown leather and a bright brass buckle. On his left hip hang a set of pan pipes; on his right, a black-handled knife. An impish grin curls his lips, his eyes sparkle with the promise of mischief, and a pert green cap sits atop his head, crowned by a lone red feather. Could this be the black-suited GQ cover model who makes himself ubiquitous in the better-traveled spaces of the Nexus? Could it be Schön?

It is. "People of the Nexus, friends, in the world from which I hail we stand on the cusp of a special day, a harvest-fest when the walls between worlds grow thin, when masks and costumes are worn to frighten away wicked spirits--or to invite them in on more congenial terms. Today we bid Summer adieu, and raise fire and song to meet the long night! Join me, for an evening to last a lifetime, and a farewell to a season well-loved." His hand rises, pointing to where two bright beacons blaze in the churn of the Nexus' heavens. "Second star to the right, and we'll keep on 'til morning!" Crowing with laughter, he soars for that distant point like an arrow, leaving a trail of sparkling, glittering motes of light for anyone interested to follow.

At the end of the trail... )

((Happy Halloween! Enjoy the festivities, threadhopping is encouraged, tag back whenever you have time, and don't worry about missing out--we'll still be here when you get back.))
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Somewhere in the Nexus, a time portal is somehow opening near the ground and there is a sudden rush of air and swirling.

When you step into John's future Earth, time travel to his earth corrodes your clothing and you end up with nothing but your birthday suit on the other side.

The scenery around you is dark, filled with plasma guns and big and little terminators, sounds of Tech-Com/Human Resistance Soldiers.

By chance, you might run into some remaining survivors fighting over the last of the food in the world.

The question is...

Will you enter this world?

[Welcome to a mini event where your character can choose to hop into John Connor's world and help or harm the human resistance or Skynet/Terminator side]
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got lost in the ebb and flow of the drifting tide ) The season is a'changing, the weather is warmer. The forecast calls for high temperature, low humidity and a light breeze. A near perfect day. What better reason to gather the friends and have a good time with a bonfire? Grab a beer, have a seat. Cheery tunes fill the salty air. There's plenty of room and so much to eat.

Matt Murdock is actually dressed for the beach. Still likely more than usual. He burns so easily. There's no way he could have done this alone. Anyone who is anyone in Nexus knows that there is that distinct Verity Willis touch on everything. If the sounds and the sights don't get you, it is going to be whatever Clint has on the grill. That man is magic. [ooc; Come on in, guys and gals! Hop threads, twist time for sooner, later and all things in between. It's a real party. Don't be shy!]
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Seemingly overnight, one of the grassy areas edging the Forum has been taken over by a spring market and fair. Part state fair, part craft fair, part Renaissance faire, there are attractions for all comers. Tents and booths of every size, shape, and color are lined up more or less tidily, sometimes with wide avenues between them and sometimes with paths skinny enough to crowd a single person. Goods and treats from the far-flung corners of infinity are on display. The general organization has magic and alchemical goods grouped together and slightly separated from the other tents; arts and crafts fill the area around it. Goods such as clothes and jewelry, plants, and vintage and antique items are in the back. Food is front and center, between the entrance and the rides. This is perhaps not an ideal placement.

To one side is a brightly-lit collection of rides and games familiar to anyone who's been to a state fair. A ferris wheel, flying swings, and all manner of reasons to regret that last funnel cake are blaring tinny music and sporting blinking lights. Remember: rides first, then eat. Classic games that test strength, agility, and luck offer plush prizes sure to delight anyone until the fur rubs off. There are also some animal rides near the exit.

In the back of the roughly-fenced-in area are the exhibits. There's a petting zoo with creatures mundane and more exotic, all promised to be tame; practical demonstrations of new magical and technological wonders; a juried art show; and a stage hosting a variety of performers changing on the hour.

((This is an open event. If your character wants to have a booth selling wares or food, set one up. If your character wants to perform or provide other services, go for it! Please note what sort of service you're providing, if any, in the subject line of your top-level comment. Basically, just run with it and have fun!

I offer pictoral inspiration and ask that any pictures used in comments not be more than 300 px tall (and it looks better if you can keep it about the same height as your text). Code to have your text wrap around your picture below.))

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Happy seasonal shift! )Hello, my poppets! Happy vernal equinox! Unless you live on the other half of the world, in which case, happy autumnal equinox! Point being, things happen, the world continues to turn, and time zones are weird. Here in the Nexus, it's officially the beginning of spring. No more cold snowy days, no more icy paths. There will be melt, then mud, then finally, flowers.

Lots and lots of things have been happening around here, although I know, it doesn't always look that way. If you haven't checked out the OOC community for the last, oh, month or so, please do. We've got a new mod (the lovely and talented [personal profile] spackled_speculations), some new rules, and a new event starting!

We've also got some shiny new social media accounts to promote the game and keep players connected. Right now, we have a Tumblr and a Twitter account. I'm looking for submissions for both, so please don't be shy about sharing ideas about things you'd like to see in the Nexus, cool fanart, headcanon for your character, or nifty pictures with me.

I'd make a "bunny" joke here, but I'm trying to avoid an "R" rating for the community. ;)
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Come for the food, stay for the company. )
The fire pits are lit, the food is waiting, and there are games in want of players. What are you waiting for?

((There will doubtless be further Cupid-based shenanigans, but this weekend, it's all about the platonic relationships. Bromances, BFFs, and family ties rule the day! Let's celebrate! Threadhopping, tangents, games, and mischief are all encouraged. Just don't start a food fight or Verity will have to yell.))
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Don't ask where the list came from. Don't ask if you were naughty or nice. Don't ask whose idea all this was. The Nexus is not telling! If you were signed up, you have a mission and a reward at the end. Get to it!
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