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Jim Kirk enters the Nexus in a mild daze, still a little stunned at the news he's just received from Command. He doesn't look like he's shaved for a few weeks, but his black Starfleet Academy instructor's uniform is clean and his hair is neatly combed, so it's not like he's been letting himself go or anything.

He gets a cup of coffee on autopilot, before finding a seat to really think over what the hell just happened, a look of hopeful disbelief on his face, like he's been told something that's too good to be true.

"Have you ever had a dream job you never expected to get?" he asks after several minutes, looking up. "For those that haven't, if you knew you wouldn't be home for a couple years, what would you not leave without?"
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Bond never seems out of place anywhere he goes, no matter how much he doesn't match a usual crowd. Here's no different. He's also not usually one to talk to strangers - well, not about his actual life. He's recalcitrant to a fault when it comes to his personal business, what little of it he's ever had.

Waking up this morning had unsettled him, though. The weather was lovely. Madeline was already up. He had smelled tea and heard her moving around their flat. They hadn't spoken in a day and a half, though he couldn't actually remember why she was angry with him this time. It was probably something entirely justified. He'd still needed out of the house. It wasn't right.

So, he'd come here. He stood with his hands in his pockets, ostensibly looking relaxed. His eyes darted around, though, cataloging every person or - thing. He always forgot the strangeness of this, even though he'd seen many a strange thing in his lifetime. It's been a long time since he's come. His life has been full of strange things recently, or at least strange to him. He hasn't indulged many of his habits.

"What do you do when you're bored?" He drawls. That's not the best way to put how he feels, but - well. That's what you're getting.
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A new door opens in the Nexus, signalled by the fact that there is a serious gun-fight on the other end. A young blonde, wearing skin-tight clothes and sporting colorful ponytails, rolls through the door. She fires some shots back into the scene that she just left as cover fire, before slamming the door closed for a brief moment to catch her breath.

It takes her a moment to realize that she doesn't hear the gun fire anymore.

And then she stands, alerted to the fact that she is somewhere new. Somewhere with millions of sights... and sounds... Her eyes get big. And wide.

She puts her gun into a holster at her hips, as she spins around to take in everything all at once. And laughs, as she spins faster and faster, until she gets a little dizzy and has to sit down.

When a random couch shows up right in front of her, it causes another laugh as the girl plops down on the cushy cushions. "I am dreaming... someone pinch me."
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Iago enters. Stage left.

He's been perusing one of those brochures and then tucks it away somewhere in his doublet. He's a soldier, and the astute might guess by his clothes -- unremarkable, but they have the crisp unworn look of who does not go about his life as a civilian much -- and his bearing. Iago looks like a man who has done much marching, and so is enjoying the freedom he has to amble and lounge while he can in his own time. He's got an easy, open face.

"Here's for you soldiers," he says to the Forum in general. "How fare you in times of peace? Find you solace in that gentler life, and put you far your battle ways and bloody thoughts with ease as a man hangs up arms?"

Iago licks his lips. Not in a menacing way, he just looks thirsty. For answers, for war, more probably just for beer.

"Or does the blood run hot? Dost count the minutes to the next campaign, and think you of the quiet and indolent world outside of war, 'this is not life'?"
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Until he joined the crew of the Lost Light, Pipes had only ever been on Cybertron and space stations. And so, he joined up to see the universe, and have adventures, and make friends. He was very eager, very enthusiastic, very excited to be on his way.

Unfortunately, most people don't really like being around someone who's very eager, very enthusiastic, and very excited. Most people find that very annoying. So the making friends thing didn't really pan out all that well.

And as for adventures...mostly, he got hurt. He got shot and sick and hurt. Which...are sort like adventures. Maybe?  At least he got to see some of the universe. He also got to see a lot of the medibay. 

Then he saw the bottom of Overlord's foot. A few times, actually. 

And then? Then, well. Then he died.

And that's where we come in...

A small mech wanders into the Nexus...well, he's small by Cybertronian standards.  To the average humanoid, sixteen feet is possibly not that small. It's funny how that works, isn't it?

He looks around, optics bewildered behind their visor shield. "Um," he says after a moment, fingers twisting together with soft metallic whirs. "Um, is this the Afterspark? Cos...this is not at all what I was picturing."
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April enjoys taking the time to explore the Nexus, whenever she has the opportunity. Today, she had already been in the Commercial District, picking up some school supplies for the children, and some new fabrics for her next clothing line.

She was heading to her door, passing by a few people as she does, when suddenly April stops. There is a gazed far-away look in her eyes for a moment.

April turns, looking around for a moment as if she had misplaced something. Or is looking for someone. She sets down her bags for a moment, before taking a seat. There still seems to be something amiss, since she tilts her head back and forth, for a moment, as if listening to something that is not there.

"Are you lost? Do you need help?" When she speaks, her question is soft.

[April has psychic abilities, and can sense danger to people around her. If you wish for her to sense something about your character, please let me know]
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Loki sat up just in time for a small black key to bounce of his head and fall in his lap. He looked at it in bewilderment for a moment before it turned into a ring that coiled like a snake around his finger. When he stood he was rather on the short side, and thin as a rail. Really aside from overly large eyes he was rather unassuming. If you ignored the fact that he looked as if he'd walked off the set of The Lord of the Rings. And the fact that his garb seemed to constantly shift in cut and color.

Though as he took a little bit of a walk around and read a brochure someone handed my he slowly took on a more modern look that ended with a pair of ripped up and battered skinny jeans, the holes and tears in which seemed to be slowly wandering and meandering around his legs, and a faded old graphic t-shirt, the print of which apparently shifted every time one stopped paying attention to it. And no shoes! Because sometimes you just really don't feel like wearing them.

"I guess I didn't fall apart quite as badly as I thought I would," he laughed as he pocketed the brochure and fiddled with the ring that was a key minutes before. It shifted again as he walked. Now it was a small rubix cube, black on all side that he twisted and turned without really looking at it. And then it was a key again, which he flipped into the air and caught.

An idle Loki with nothing to do, no plots winding down, and no one to pester was never a particularly good thing.

He turned on his heel just in time to stop someone passing by. He holds the key out already turning into a puddle of liquid onyx in his hand and forming into something new. Something unknown.

"Tell me stranger, what do you see here?"

A simple enough magic was working here. A magical Rorschach test you could call it. Whatever the new target of his boredom thought they saw in the amorphous twisting liquid key would be plucked from their imagination and made solid. Sometimes they saw something they desired, money, their lost love. Sometimes they saw fears.  Sometimes it was something from their past.  Other times it was completely random; a bird, a shoe, a rock.  Yes one highly uncreative individual once imagined a rock in the depths of a reality altering wrong magic spell.  Whatever they thought they saw in this three dimensional Rorschach, would be plucked from their imagination and made solid in the palm of his hand.
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In the Nexus are many streets, roads, alleys and avenues. Some are bustling with activity, featuring beings of all shapes and sizes buying and selling and eating and entertaining. In this Everything Drawer of the Multiverse one can find almost anything or anyone they want or need, provided they are willing to look for it hard enough. One doesn't have to look hard to find the busybody that is Officer Steve Austin, however. With eyes softened just a bit, stray from the beaten path, down that less traveled way, known for its overpriced, out-of-stock, and/or sub-par offerings. Down that way, there is what appears to be a dusty old pawn shop or perhaps a gunsmith or perhaps an antique store, and if one looks close enough they might notice that despite its dilapidation and darkened interior, the venue is apparently not not-in-business. Or at least, it is not closed. From time to time a figure can be seen moving within, none other than the good Nexus Officer of the Law, tinkering with assorted and unidentifiable bits and bobs of mechanical nature.

A sign --in fact, the only sign borne by the shop-- too small to be seen from further than the sidewalk immediately outside reads simply, "Weaponsmith." Fancy that; Officer Austin must be moonlighting. Will anyone walk into his parlor?
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There are many cases of moments when a person has not realized that they have just entered the Nexus. This seems to be the situation, when one of the doors into the Forum swings open, letting one Hermione Granger enter. The young witch is balancing a large piles of books as she walks, thus remains blissfully unaware that she has entered the Forum.

Hermione walks carefully, counting her steps just under her breath. In the library where she had originally been, there was a table exactly 15 steps away from the research section, which she is now looking for to set down her books.

Unfortunately, in the Forum, there is no table exactly 15 steps away. So when Hermione gets to her destination, and goes to set down the books, she trips over the fact that there is nothing there. The books go flying out of her arms...but in a split second, Hermione pulls out her wand and calls out "Leviosa!" The books start to float in the air, none of them hitting the ground.

With one eye on the floating books, Hermione glances around her new surroundings. She needs to find a safe place to lower her spell and figure out what do to next. Won't someone help her?
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C'taqa, now looking a bit tanned, rather shaggy, and still very much cattelike, is perched upon a Convenient Nexus Chair with harp in hand, idly plucking away.

"To leap, perchance to soar, perchance to fly
With lance in hand, unto the boundless blue
With grace descending back to earth from sky
To strike - displaying aim most keen and true...

And singing. Because, well, bard.

He stops there, plucks out a few more notes, grins at the Nexus at large. "I feel creative today. Anyone want to inspire me?"

((Just give silly catte a subject (and possibly an explanation of said subject, if need be) and you'll get a snippet of bardsong!

Mun has injured wrist; replies may be slow.))
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One of the doors leading into the Forum changes suddenly, raising up into the air, with a long staircase now leading down from the door. The door opens, and a young teenager on a skateboard is now sliding into the Forum, riding the edge of the rails of the staircase.

At the end of the staircase, he flips up into the air, doing a 360-spin before catching his skateboard and landing securely on his feet.

Drake takes a look around his surroundings, adjusting pretty quickly. "Figures, a trick like that, and none of my friends are around to see it."

"I am sure there are lots of interesting stuff that happens around here. Who wants to share one of their experiences?"
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It's a beautiful day in the Nexus, and what better time for a young krogan to be out exploring? Is he looking for weapons, tasty snacks, or possibly just classic Earth literature? Who can say?

Whatever the case, Grunt doesn't seem to be finding it, but it doesn't seem to matter much. He stops and sniffs at the air, curious about the new sights, sounds, and smells here. "What is that?" he asks no one in particular, his voice deep and booming.
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C'taqa has arrived, and he's getting right to the question this time. No faffing about. Looking intensely serious, too.

"If you had the chance to - basically throw away an old life you don't want to remember, and start a new one, as a whole new person - what would be the best things to consider while thinking about it?"

He pauses. "I mean, uh...other than the reactions of everyone around you."
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Without warning, someone emerges into the Nexus through a swirling portal of light.

The smartly-dressed young man, one-handedly adjusting a pair of dark-framed glasses on his nose as he walks, appears to be quite involved in paging through a book of some sort, hence not noticing that he is most likely not where he was actually intending to be. It's only when he finally looks up from the book--

"--I can't be sure as of yet, but it appears...that it...might..."

Yes, this is definitely not where he meant to end up.

He blinks slowly - once, twice, three times, absently taking a bookmark from his pocket so he can close the book and take a very good look around.

A brochure from a nearby table finds its way quickly into his hands, and while it doesn't really explain things to his satisfaction, at least it gives him a bit of an idea to work with. Now...a question. Which involves picking one out of the multitude swirling round in his head.

"...How - hypothetically, mind you - would one go about showing their appreciation to someone who was kind enough to take them in? Without overstepping their boundaries," he hurries to add the last bit, looking sour.
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[Due to the extent of his injuries, Shino was supposed to be taking it easy. Due to his stubborn and helpful nature, Shino was not taking it easy, and was in fact, doing one of the most important tasks on the Isaribi; delivering lunch.]

[It was fiiiiine. He only had a minor head wound, a couple broken ribs, and some torso bruising, it's no big deal. He can walk without falling over, he can lift the lunch sack with only mild discomfort, and if he sat around "recovering" for any longer, he was going to go crazy! He could absolutely handle carrying the lunch bentos to the hanger without any stress. Sure, Yamagi will probably yell at him for it, but the engineer got snippy with him for a whole lot of things. It was just how he showed he cared.]

[Except the door he just walked through didn't lead to the hanger, it lead to the Nexus. He barely took two steps past the threshold before the big metal door slammed shut behind him, causing him to jump a foot in the air. There was an audible clicking of locks as he spun around to face it, thick yellow and black tape snaking its way across the door.]

Huh, what? [He slid his bag of bento boxes off his shoulder and set it on the floor just as a "Closed for Maintenance" sign popped into existence] What? Closed for maintenance, what does that mean?

Hey! [He raises a fist, pounding on the door as hard as he can] Hey, hey, guys! Someone open this door for me! This isn't funny, guys! Guys? Guys, come on! Someone open the door, guys, come on! [he stops his pounding to try rattling the door handle, to no avail.] Shit.

[For a moment, he stares hard at the door. Then he takes a few steps back.]

[Then a few more.]

[And a few more.]

[He gets about fifteen feet back before he goes charging at the door, bellowing loudly the whole way.]

[Naturally, the door doesn't budge an inch when he slams into it, but Shino crumples to the floor like a sack of bricks and lies there, curled on his side and groaning.]

[Sharpest tool in the shed, this one is not.]

Twin time.

Mar. 10th, 2016 10:44 pm
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A twin be here.

From the red ribbon on the ponytail, it must be Alisaie, and the soft, feminine tone of voice when she speaks proves it.

"...What are you supposed to do when someone you look up to...someone you trust seems to be betraying you, and everything you've stood for?"

Heavy question, yes. She thinks a moment, tries to find a lighter one for those not so doom and gloom-y inclined.

"What is freedom, to you?"

Okay, so it's not much better, but she tried.
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Winter in the Nexus has been especially present this year. The weather has presented plenty of hardships for the past few months, something which numerous people have bemoaned. It doesn't look set to change, either. If anything, Winter seems to be going stronger than ever. There are no signs of it winding down at all.

Everything seems normal at first, the usual hustle and bustle has the Nexus thrumming now that people have adapted to the cold conditions. Then, rather suddenly, everything kicks into gear. The wind starts to howl, battering people to and fro. Not long after that, the sky becomes thick with snow, making it nearly impossible to see, the biting cold driving people back inside. It soon becomes completely inhospitable to all wandering around outside.

In the hurry to get out of the storm, people end up scurrying to the nearest available shelter. Apartment lobbies, houses, cafés, shops, restaurants, the library... Anywhere and everywhere that offers some shelter. Peculiarly, people seem to end up in pairs as they hide away from the cold. Looks like everyone is going to have to huddle close together. For... warmth... We'll say it's for warmth.

((This is entirely an excuse to shove characters together and force them to spend time with each other. Feel free to have as many threads as you like, trying as many combinations as you like, where ever you like. Brave souls can try and berate Reynard if they really want to.))
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 A strange large and somewhat cartoonish door opens up in the Nexus.

"Huh, well... I forgot about this door."

A young transparent girl floats through and looks around with large black eyes.

"This place doesn't look all that... spooky. I'll have to fix that."
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Not all Nexus days can be sunshine and beautiful frost patterns. Days like this are a grim, sombre grey. The mist is so thin in places that all it does is make the distance fade away sooner than normal, but it does apply a more reserved filter on a place often filled with joyous shenanigans. No, this is unmistakeably a day which makes the multiverse feel close, secretive.

It's in this clandestine scenery that Reynard strolls about. Far from hopping or skating through the landscape, he strolls about the place, setting ice on the path and covering it with a dusting of snow. In the residential and commercial districts, he's sent ice along as many pipes as he could find. As he goes he rumbles a low slow tune. Some might recognise the sea shanty when he reaches the familiar 'Ho... Ho... and up she rises...'. He's not a bad singer, all things considered.

He looks up from his work and fixes his eyes on the nearest stranger, singing fading into a deep hum and then silence before he speaks. "What is the coldest thing you've ever done? The most cold hearted act you've ever brought yourself to commit. Go ahead. I'm not one to judge."

Just as the quiet settles back into place, he pipes up again. "Actually, you can tell me the literal coldest thing you've ever done too, if you'd prefer. I can't resist a good ice story."

((Reynard is still handing out Winter Curses & Blessings and causing trouble if you would like to avail of any. Other than that: Caution to those who talk to spirits, they are proud and fickle people.))

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Don't ask where the list came from. Don't ask if you were naughty or nice. Don't ask whose idea all this was. The Nexus is not telling! If you were signed up, you have a mission and a reward at the end. Get to it!


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