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James T. Kirk absolutely loves marketplaces.

It's not necessarily because he's looking for anything, per se, although he does often keep an eye out for interesting books to add to his collection, or maybe a bottle of some kind of exotic alcohol, or some kind of pointless alien gizmo with which to annoy Spock with its purposeless existence. No, he just loves the sheer diversity each bazaar brings to the table.

No two markets have ever been alike, in his experience. Sure, it's not quite as exciting and mysterious as exploring deep space, but it's something of a microcosm of the same, all sorts of goods and cultures thrown into close quarters, and one never knows what one might find just down the street.

His shipboard gold uniform may stand out a bit in the crowd as he meanders along, a faint smile on his face as he leans in to examine someone's wares on display, just enjoying being out and about in the fresh air.

[OOC: Retconning Jim eating bacon in this thread. Hadn't fully considered some of the elements in his backstory at the time.]
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Tonight, Hunter is sitting on a bar stool in one of the Forum's bars in the commercial district, nursing his third beer of the evening.

The tattooed-covered young man is wearing a light gray tuxedo, so either he has been (or is going) to a semi-formal event. There are no clues to what kind of event that might be.

Right now, Hunter is stoic and quiet, as he finishes the beer. Looking around the bar, he spots a pool table. And, after ordering another beer, Hunter heads over to stake his claim at the table. He finds a place to hang up his coat, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal the tattoos that cover his arms.

Then he starts playing pool by himself. It really seems like the solo game is meant to be a distraction, doesn't it?
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After a brief conversation with someone else, Drusilla had decided to stay in the Forum for a little bit and look around the busy commercial district. Most of the time, her interest strays to any market booths that offer books.

The young woman might stand out a little, as she is dressed in Victoria-era clothing. But she moves with comfort and ease through the Forum, as if she has been here before.

Eventually, she finds a place to sit down with a few of the books she had purchased. Carefully, even while wearing gloves, Drusilla flips through the pages of the book with interest.

"It would be so interesting to travel to the places one finds in books. I wonder, where the line between fictional and reality truly blend?"
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In the busy commercial district of the Nexus, there is an open market, selling anything from souvenirs to snacks to high-quality crafts. Cipher Fifteen meanders from stall to stall, looking at the wares on offer, not really looking for anything in particular.

That isn't to say he isn't looking for something, of course. Inspiration can be found in many places, and he hopes to find good ideas here. Or at least something to take home that might help his crewmates get along better.

The young Chiss stops in front of one of the market stalls, contemplating.
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So! Things.

First, welcome to all our lovely newcomers! I do hope you'll enjoy it here, and that we can all have a lot of fun.

Second, it's been suggested we might want to start an OOC community for hanging out, plotting, and discussing things. Yay or nay?
So we went and did it: [community profile] nexus_sages_ooc because I am super creative like that.

Third, would you be interested in our moving away from being strictly an advice group, to allow for a wider variety of RP situations?

Fourth, we have some new tags, so I'm gonna show them off. I think they're pretty straight-forward. If there are other tags you'd like to use, please request them.

Fifth, any questions for us?

Surprise extra sixth item! We've added a new rule:
15. Please be mindful of the IC =/= OOC Barrier at all times. A character reacting negatively to yours does not mean their mun/player is reacting negatively to you as their player. If you feel any animosity, please contact that player in a PM or the Mods who will happily act as mediator to clear things up. Sages is a place for us all to have fun and enjoy playing off each other. Thus we will not tolerate any OOC wank, harrasment, stalking, or other such disturbing behaviours. We like to keep our banhammers hung on the wall, but we aren't afraid to bring them down if needed. Play nice, please.
We've also removed language about RPing as yourself.


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