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While lots of human-style furniture is understandably meant for bipeds and little else, there is a K'da poet-warrior who is appreciating the chance to test out one of the chaise lounges in the Forum, its cushion long enough to allow the entire length of the tiger-sized creature to stretch out comfortably, hanging his forepaws over the side.

Perhaps it's frivolous to spend his time this way when there are other things he could be doing, but he's been in the Nexus many times and never had reason to ask a question. That is no longer the case.

"Have you ever had cause to uproot yourself from your home and travel to places unknown, with no intention of returning? Did you encounter any difficulties that you had not expected?"

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Of all the things Jim Kirk wishes he could do right now, getting good and drunk to drown his sorrows is certainly towards the top of the list. But his doctor says no, absolutely not, and never in his life has he wanted to go against doctor's orders less than he does lately.

So the captain finds himself in the Forum, unsure even what the hell to do with himself, and he gingerly eases himself down onto one of the couches, moving with the careful patience of the recently physically injured, before he notices the date on a nearby calendar.

Father's Day. Huh. How... stupidly appropriate.

"For those who've lost a parent... how the hell do you honor their memory? Even if you haven't, do you bother doing holidays like this?"
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Gwaine has settled himself on a bench to watch the swirling crowds, his amazement and joy evident by the steadily growing grin. He might have got lost in the castle's maze of corridors more than once when he first arrived but he's absolutely certain that this is not Camelot. Uther's health may be failing and Arthur not quite the uptight, pompous, hide bound little braggart of a Princeling he first thought him (he'll grudgingly admit that now) but even he would struggle to accept the multitude of strange beings and obviously magical artifacts crowding as far as the eye can see.

He tilts his face back towards the sun with contented sigh before picking up the bright paper he discarded beside him earlier and reluctantly continuing to read. It's not that he can't exactly, goading by family members determined that their poor relations bring as little shame as possible and later Merlin's patient if faintly teasing guidance mean that he's adequately literate, thankyouverymuch, it's just that there were a lot of very long and confusing words.

Eventually he reaches the end where the warning at the bottom of the page causes him some rather profound worry.

"What's a man to do to get a drink around here, then?"
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The Nexus may have seen a glittering and glorious ball the night before, but every party must end. Every overindulgence has its morning-after regrets. The pains of burning eyes and revolting stomachs have visited more than a few people like malevolent fairies. And then the lucky denizens of the Nexus get another treat.

Cailleach may well be the grumpiest looking grumpy old lady ever. If she'd been sucking on lemons for a thousand years she could not look more sour. White hair fragile with age is hidden beneath a scarf and within the hood of her raincoat. Her glasses are old-fashioned, her makeup is out of style, and her shoes are sensible. Do not ask her for candy. She is not your granny.

What is is watching the goings-on with increasing vexation. Something about everyone passing by seems to set her to an ever-increasing amount of angry muttering. Finally, she can't contain it anymore. "Why don't young people prepare for the lean times coming? Do you all think it'll be sunshine and flowers forever?"

It doesn't matter who answers. She's grumpy and demands an audience.

((She's going to be 100% mean to just about everyone, be warned. #sorrynotsorry))


Oct. 23rd, 2016 09:56 pm
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Verity's sitting on one of the benches around the Forum, all pink braids and French stripes and soft jeans, idly fingering a new ring and studying a brochure someone handed her. Not the Brochure, just a flier for a temporary costume shop. (Both the shop and the costumes being temporary, one of those things is very important when the other disappears.) The pictures are bright and cheerful, almost inappropriately so. This is a highly sanitized, 'safe' for 'children' sort of Halloween being peddled. Meanwhile, Bobbi sniffs around to check for changes to the area and signs of adventure. She's a pupper of valor and courage, ready to take on any strange sniffs and mysterious smells.

"Is your Halloween tradition to put a mask on, or take one off?" The question begins when she lifts her attention to the wider worlds and does the now-habitual mental and visual sweep of her surroundings. As casually as it's asked, she knows this is a deeply probing question, so she'll give anyone wary of answering an easy out. "You coming to the Ball?"
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 Jalan had been through Hel.  No literally.  He'd walked through actual Hel and it honestly was one of the worst experiences of his life.  Far less fire and brimstone then he thought though.  It was mostly just a vast endless gray desert.  Filled with, of course, countless abominations that wouldn't be out of place in the deepest dankest of nightmares.  Which was why he was so very incredibly thrilled to discover there was actually an Exit.  An exit that would take you anywhere you thought of when you opened it.  Unless you weren't thinking of a 'where'.  Then it just dumped you kinda... wherever.  And Jalan wasn't really thinking about anything besides outrunning the terrifying lady demon who seemed rather keen on tearing off his delicate bits.

So he really didn't care very much where he ended up as he tumbled through the door.  He spun around to slam the door shut, a magical black key clutched in his hand ready to lock it up tight so Little Miss Hellspawn couldn't eat his soul... only to discover there was no door.  He looked around in confusion but ended up breathing a sigh of relief.  His key was on a chain so he slipped it back around his neck as he got a good look around.

Didn't recognize anything one bit.  But he wasn't really concerned.  Honestly he was just grateful that he was alive and not in Hel, and there were no undead monstrosities looking at him with hungry eyes.

He was a little concerned when he read the brochure.  The food wasn't safe?  What about the water? He hadn't had a sip since he started traipsing about the Afterlife and he was beyond thirsty.  And starving.  Honestly he was just a complete mess right now.  Even his garb, which normally might make a Lord of the Rings cosplayer green with envy, was covered in dust, dried blood, and torn beyond repair.

"Pardon me," Lost, alone, and on the verge of dehydration, the prince put on his best, most charming of smiles and waved to the closest person, "I've read the food and drink here could be dangerous.  Any chance you can lead me to something safe? A change of clothes too... these have.  Had it I think."

Plus he felt as if he was sticking out like a sore thumb.  Most of the people here... well they weren't dressed like him really.  In fact a lot of them reminded him of the little he'd seen of the ancient Builder's culture.  Weird.

+1 dragon

Jun. 20th, 2016 03:20 pm
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((Be gentle if I've done something silly, I'm new and to be frank, I can be a bit airheaded.))

What an intriguing feeling. Nobody was batting an eye at the dragon. They were too busy reading brochures and taking each other in, and Shade couldn't blame them. Some of the 'humans' looked far stranger than he did. They had strangely colored skin or pointed ears, and other beings barely looked human at all.

Apparently this was the norm for the Nexus. Shade himself had read the basics of the brochure, with some effort that is. He was finding it difficult to follow the pamphlet's suggestion about asking questions. To do so was to leave yourself vulnerable... but still, he did have a few curiosities about mortalkind.

"The knowledge that you're going to die someday, why doesn't it seem to bother you?"

+1 Puppy!

Jun. 12th, 2016 09:57 pm
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Verity's back in the Nexus, with the stripes and the crazy braids as usual, but this time she's not alone. With her, or more accurately, in her general vicinity there is a small and adorable puppy. White fur with brown ears and striped tail and stockings. There could not be a more appropriate dog for Verity in all the multiverse. (And you all thought she was a cat person.) The pup is bright-eyed and curious, sniffing and examining everything within the range of its leash, then going back to make sure nothing's moved or changed. It's on to you, stray leaf, you and your blowing hither-and-yon ways.

Ver's got a loose hold on the puppy's leash but is general content to let the little rascal romp and play and explore while she looks on with bemusement. What even is her life. There are so many questions she could ask: how did she end up with a dog, what is she even going to do with a dog, when did she become such a softy... but those aren't questions for the general populace.

"So... I've got a dog now. Anyone got ideas for names?" She doesn't have to take the bad suggestions, she figures, so that should be a safe question. "And, um. Tips? For training her and... so on? Or a limit they'd like to helpfully try to impose on how many toys I buy for her?"

Anyone who doesn't want to deal with baby animals can blame Clint for not answering his phone. He is, after all, great with dogs.

+1 Brat

May. 24th, 2016 06:04 pm
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 Ah, Roman Godfrey. He strolls with a lazy directionless pace and is unafraid to stare as much as he gets his own looks. What is with people? Finding a seat he reaches into his blazer for a cigarette and a lighter. Nexus doesn't have any rules about juveniles right? 

"So is this the part where I ask something philosophical or just start giving advice out of my ass?" His expression stays neutral until his mouth tilts in a slow smirk.

"Fine. I'll shoot. What do you do when you feel like you're meant to do something important but have no clue what it is?"

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Kid Loki is back in the Nexus again (or at least, back in the public parts of the Forum), perched on a low piece of brick wall. He contemplates a jelly jar full of something roiling and tarry before stuffing it in a knapsack and straightening up to spread his arms wide.

"Friends," he calls, standing atop the wall, "and everyone else, I suppose. If you're feeling imaginative, I have a little survey for you. What is the hottest thing you could imagine? How about the hardest? And the coldest?" Grinning, he adds, "the best answer gets a prize!"
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The May Queen is back in the forum. It's safe to assume she left at some point; Frea's wearing a new (but still floral) dress and today's flower crown is made of evening primroses and bleeding hearts. She's also got a bright smile and a plate of cookies, both of which are offered to any interested passers-by from her perch atop a low stone wall. If she ever had shoes, she either hasn't found them or isn't on speaking terms with them; her bare feet swing and tap a rhythm against the stones while she waits for someone to talk to.

"Anyone want a cookie?"

((Beware! The cookies are LOLed. Different cookies will give your character a day or two of various motherly instincts and/or symptoms.
--Peanut butter cup-stuffed chocolate cookies mean your character experiences a phantom pregnancy. Give them any or all of the worst and most cliched symptoms. Bloating, aches and pains, hormonal shifts, morning sickness, cravings, whatever you want to inflict on your poor characters who probably totally deserve it.
--Chocolate chip cookies will turn your character into a Mother hen. Which may be useful, given what's going on around them; it may at the same time be incredibly annoying.
--Sugar cookies with the super sparkly sugar tops make your character a Fairy Godmother. Whether or not they can do minor magic to help fulfill the wishes of the worthy is up to you, but either way, they're going to feel compelled to help make happy endings come true.
--Oatmeal raisin cookies will help your characters remember their connections to the earth and make them total Earth Mothers. Be one with nature! Talk to the animals! Just remember, mostly they talk about food and sex; it's not as fun as Disney makes it seem.))
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The strangest thing about this newcomer may be that she seems utterly untroubled by her surroundings. Rather than being troubled by her surroundings, the young lady clearly delights in them. However it is she came to be here, she doesn't appear to have a care in the world. But she does have birdseed, which she tosses out across the grass and cobbles from time to time. Pigeons and songbirds have gathered to partake of the feast, and squirrels and chipmunks have begun to come out to sniff around the edges and see what they can snatch. The animal antics coax a ready laugh from her when a standoff between two squirrels is ended by a pigeon who has no fucks to give saunters between them to feast.

Besides a love of animals, the lady has an obvious love of flowers. A crown of cherry blossom and honeysuckle is just the start of the theme: her dress has a bright floral print and her arms and shoulders and bare feet feature botanical tattoos bright and luminous as an oil painting. Beneath the crown, honey-blonde hair is pulled back in a messy bun.

The soft clatter of seeds hitting the ground and the ruffling of feathers as the birds shift around precede her speaking. "I do love this time of year. Don't you? The warm sun and soft breeze and, mm, the taste of potential in the air. Sweet things and bright things and maybe a little romance..." She trails off with a sigh that would be saccharine if it didn't suit her so well. Another handful of seeds is tossed out before fern-green eyes shift from watching the birds to watching the people going by. "What do you look forward to, this time of year?"

((This is a woman of power and mystery. If you'd like your character to get a blessing from the May Queen, let me know and I'll work something up.))
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A young man is sitting on a bench. The "Welcome to Nexus" pamphlet lies next to him, along with the torn grocery bag, while he very desperately tries to -ah- put his left arm back into its shoulder socket.

Fear not, no blood or gore is involved, as both his arms are mechanical (just as his neck, and probably everything under his clothes), but the view might still be unnerving.

He succeeds for a short moment. As long as he presses the left arm closely he's able to move it. But the very moment he stops clutching it to his torso, it falls down lifelessly.

Annoyed he take another glance at the pamphlet which proves to be happily unhelpful

"For all the information available about this weird place, there sure isn't any shop with tools mentioned."
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A young blond man sits in the Forum today, looking rather glum. "Why are vampires almost always portrayed as bad guys?"
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There is a lovely woman, with an unique fashion style, in the Nexus today. April Kent appears to be in her late-20s or early-30s at first glance.

Both her tyed-dyed shirt and the blue flowing skirt look to be home-made.

She also carries herself with ease, as she walks around the Nexus Forum before finding a place to sit down. With a smile, April speaks softly. "I am looking for some suggestions to make the transition period for adopted children easier. What are some ways to help new arrivals adjust to a family, and vice versa?"
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"What's the best way to get someone's attention?"

The question comes from the young man stretched out on his stomach on a large bean bag, absently fiddling with a shuriken wired up with electronics. More are scattered out on the ground in front of him in various stages of completion, along with a cellphone faintly playing music.

"How do you make someone take you seriously when they simply refuse to?"
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Seemingly overnight, one of the grassy areas edging the Forum has been taken over by a spring market and fair. Part state fair, part craft fair, part Renaissance faire, there are attractions for all comers. Tents and booths of every size, shape, and color are lined up more or less tidily, sometimes with wide avenues between them and sometimes with paths skinny enough to crowd a single person. Goods and treats from the far-flung corners of infinity are on display. The general organization has magic and alchemical goods grouped together and slightly separated from the other tents; arts and crafts fill the area around it. Goods such as clothes and jewelry, plants, and vintage and antique items are in the back. Food is front and center, between the entrance and the rides. This is perhaps not an ideal placement.

To one side is a brightly-lit collection of rides and games familiar to anyone who's been to a state fair. A ferris wheel, flying swings, and all manner of reasons to regret that last funnel cake are blaring tinny music and sporting blinking lights. Remember: rides first, then eat. Classic games that test strength, agility, and luck offer plush prizes sure to delight anyone until the fur rubs off. There are also some animal rides near the exit.

In the back of the roughly-fenced-in area are the exhibits. There's a petting zoo with creatures mundane and more exotic, all promised to be tame; practical demonstrations of new magical and technological wonders; a juried art show; and a stage hosting a variety of performers changing on the hour.

((This is an open event. If your character wants to have a booth selling wares or food, set one up. If your character wants to perform or provide other services, go for it! Please note what sort of service you're providing, if any, in the subject line of your top-level comment. Basically, just run with it and have fun!

I offer pictoral inspiration and ask that any pictures used in comments not be more than 300 px tall (and it looks better if you can keep it about the same height as your text). Code to have your text wrap around your picture below.))

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Niko has found his way into the Nexus, and in his hand, he has a six-pack of Sprunk soda in his hand that he plops down on a table beside him. "Not sure what this place is, but anything has to be better than that apartment." He comments to nobody with a thick Serbian accent, and he takes a seat in a comfortable chair. After a hard day of driving, a taxi for his cousin and getting his cousin out of trouble Niko looks exhausted.

"Guess I ought to ask a question like it says on the paper. All right, I got one. Has anyone told you a something that was too good to be true? Something like they've got millions, drive fancy cars, or live in a gigantic house. And then only to see that it's a tiny apartment where the only thing that's big are the cockroaches." Niko does his best to try explaining his question for any ears that might catch wind of what he has to say from his seat on his couch.

"And for something simpler. Where's the farthest you've moved or traveled to?"
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Adult themes behind the cut ... )

Which brings us to the Han Solo of right now, who is walking through the forum again ... in the general direction he thinks is going to get him back to the Millennium Falcon. However, this is the first time he’s walked through it without any jacket to speak of and it’s so cold that he’s trembling to keep himself warm.

“Why do we keep going down these same roads and act surprised when they lead us to the same places?”
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If you didn't notice the Speed of Sound Sonic's entrance, don't worry about it. No ninja worth his salt would make a flashy entrance, and Sonic considered himself the best. So when he showed up here after taking a wrong turn during his hunt for his rival, he stayed calm and behaved as if he had always been here. He's looked around, talked to people, gotten the answers to the how, why, and what, and now he's stretched out on a lower branch of a lone tree smack dab in the middle of the Forum, boredly twirling a kunai through his fingers.

"If you could bring one person from your home world here, who would it be?" He glances down at you, the passerby, his brow furrowed slightly. "You can find practically anything here, but I find the thing I'm missing most is a who, not a what. I can't be the only one."
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