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When Hunter made his first appearance in the Nexus, it was in The Parklands. And today, he is sitting in the same spot near the water. He has a canvas set up, and is working on a large piece depicting a mother pushing a child on a swing set. There is also a large collection of books near him. Obviously he had been studying over something of importance.

He gets to the point where the canvas is nearly complete, when he stops and places his brushes to the side. After studying the canvas for a moment, Hunter reaches out and touches the canvas, right in the lower left corner.

He closes his eyes and concentrates, and after a moment, the picture on the canvas comes to life. There is also a soft glow on his arm, where a few tiny roses bloom to life on the rose bush.

But the moment doesn't last long. It ends very quickly. And Hunter sighs a little frustrated. "What am I doing wrong?"
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Signs of spring seem to be everywhere in the parklands. The birds have returned to their nests. The trees have lovely blooms on it. And there is an artist who had his easel up by the lake.

Hunter is working on a large canvas, sketching the lake in front of him. He also has a good eye for capturing some of the birds and animals who are enjoying the water. Right now his focus is capturing the swimming lessons of a little duck family.

Considering the nice, spring weather... it might be a little odd that he is wearing a bulky and hooded sweater. His face might be mostly hidden by the shadows of his outfit, but one might note the scars, the tattoos, and the slight shine of a silver piercing on his nose and forehead.

There is a little table to his left, which holds a tip jar, and a weighted box that holds some of his business cards. After all, it never hurts to drum up business, even as he creates another piece.

Today, with such lovely weather the artist expects those curious on his art, are you someone who approaches?
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Perhaps walking all the way out to the parklands to practice fire magic wasn't the best idea Elias ever had, but it certainly couldn't be the worst. The ex-king needed some time to himself to train and attempt to clear his head. Ever since the failed experiment with the portal Naugus created, Elias constantly had thoughts and memories flying through his mind. The only time he felt any relief from the constant reminders of his discovery was when he focused entirely on his studies. He buried himself in them but that meant spending countless hours with Naugus.

He needed to get away, at least for an hour. He needed time to be alone. He went deep into the parklands, finding a nice clearing where he could sit and read. Soon enough though, reading wasn't enough. The dark memories began to force their way into his consciousness. Elias growled and tried to focus harder on the words of his book. The problem was, he kept reading the same line over and over again, to the point where he wasn't reading so much as making his eyes move back and forth in the vain attempt to read.

The squirrel stood up suddenly and let out a loud frustrated groan. Reading wasn't doing it now. He needed something else to focus on. Practical application. He hadn't tried this portion yet, but what else could he do? He had to focus on something else. He took several deep breathes before he began to focus. He chanted under his breath, doing his best to remember the incantations. He picked the book back up and flipped through the pages. There it was. He tried again, saying the incantation slowly and accurately this time.

He held out his hand as he finished, trying to pull at his emotions and inner energy. Everything was connected. Nothing truly vanished. Nothing truly died. That was the Ixis teachings. The air had all of the components to become fire. He pushed with his mind, thinking of the changes that needed to happen. Heat, energy, and oxygen.

Then it happened! A burst of fire appeared in the air in front of Elias. He jumped back. He hadn't expected it to actually work, but he did it!

"Now we're getting somewhere," He said. He held out his hand and began to chant again, causing another burst of fire to appear in the air in front of his hand. Now, how could he get it to stay?
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There's a woman at the edge of the Parklands, knee-deep in grass. She looks like a soldier, one arm a metal prosthetic, a skull-shaped brand marking the nape of her neck, a machete in a sheath at her hip, and possibly other weapons hidden on her person. She's dirty, stained with dust and oil, and tension sings along the lines of her back and shoulders. Like she's waiting to be attacked.

At the same time, though, there's a distinctly misty look in her eyes as she stares out over the field before her. Flowers. Insects. Streams and lakes. Maybe she's hallucinating. Maybe she's dead.

She has one question, though, because beauty is so often a trap: "Is this water safe?"
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So! Things.

First, welcome to all our lovely newcomers! I do hope you'll enjoy it here, and that we can all have a lot of fun.

Second, it's been suggested we might want to start an OOC community for hanging out, plotting, and discussing things. Yay or nay?
So we went and did it: [community profile] nexus_sages_ooc because I am super creative like that.

Third, would you be interested in our moving away from being strictly an advice group, to allow for a wider variety of RP situations?

Fourth, we have some new tags, so I'm gonna show them off. I think they're pretty straight-forward. If there are other tags you'd like to use, please request them.

Fifth, any questions for us?

Surprise extra sixth item! We've added a new rule:
15. Please be mindful of the IC =/= OOC Barrier at all times. A character reacting negatively to yours does not mean their mun/player is reacting negatively to you as their player. If you feel any animosity, please contact that player in a PM or the Mods who will happily act as mediator to clear things up. Sages is a place for us all to have fun and enjoy playing off each other. Thus we will not tolerate any OOC wank, harrasment, stalking, or other such disturbing behaviours. We like to keep our banhammers hung on the wall, but we aren't afraid to bring them down if needed. Play nice, please.
We've also removed language about RPing as yourself.
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