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Please use our navigation links below to explore. If you have any questions, feel free to private message either (or both!) moderators.
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Hello, my poppets! I hope spring is treating you well, unless you're enjoying a nice autumn. :)

I've been a busy girl behind the scenes, and have some things to show you: shiny new rules and an FAQ. Both are open for comments for the next few days.

Also! Don't forget that our Twitter and Tumblr accounts are open for submissions. If you've got some fanart of your characters, a funny joke, a bad pun, something generally Nexus-related, or writing tips to share, please send them my way!

-girlie!Mod Amy
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1. The spring market festival is being delayed until next weekend on account of ice storms and conventions. (Some of our players are having a lot more fun than others.)

2. The egg hunt ends tomorrow. One person's finished so far, so get to work!

3. If you haven't joined the OOC community yet, please do so; I don't want to have to start checking journals and bothering people about it.
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Happy seasonal shift! )Hello, my poppets! Happy vernal equinox! Unless you live on the other half of the world, in which case, happy autumnal equinox! Point being, things happen, the world continues to turn, and time zones are weird. Here in the Nexus, it's officially the beginning of spring. No more cold snowy days, no more icy paths. There will be melt, then mud, then finally, flowers.

Lots and lots of things have been happening around here, although I know, it doesn't always look that way. If you haven't checked out the OOC community for the last, oh, month or so, please do. We've got a new mod (the lovely and talented [personal profile] spackled_speculations), some new rules, and a new event starting!

We've also got some shiny new social media accounts to promote the game and keep players connected. Right now, we have a Tumblr and a Twitter account. I'm looking for submissions for both, so please don't be shy about sharing ideas about things you'd like to see in the Nexus, cool fanart, headcanon for your character, or nifty pictures with me.

I'd make a "bunny" joke here, but I'm trying to avoid an "R" rating for the community. ;)
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((No fuss, no bother, just wanted to make sure all interested parties saw that the Nexus Locations post is live and awaiting all your lovely lovely ideas.

Carry on!))
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Please join us here for an important community discussion about the rules and how we handle harassment and bullying within the community.

Or go here instead and help us build a playlist for the community.

Or both.

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So! Things.

First, welcome to all our lovely newcomers! I do hope you'll enjoy it here, and that we can all have a lot of fun.

Second, it's been suggested we might want to start an OOC community for hanging out, plotting, and discussing things. Yay or nay?
So we went and did it: [community profile] nexus_sages_ooc because I am super creative like that.

Third, would you be interested in our moving away from being strictly an advice group, to allow for a wider variety of RP situations?

Fourth, we have some new tags, so I'm gonna show them off. I think they're pretty straight-forward. If there are other tags you'd like to use, please request them.

Fifth, any questions for us?

Surprise extra sixth item! We've added a new rule:
15. Please be mindful of the IC =/= OOC Barrier at all times. A character reacting negatively to yours does not mean their mun/player is reacting negatively to you as their player. If you feel any animosity, please contact that player in a PM or the Mods who will happily act as mediator to clear things up. Sages is a place for us all to have fun and enjoy playing off each other. Thus we will not tolerate any OOC wank, harrasment, stalking, or other such disturbing behaviours. We like to keep our banhammers hung on the wall, but we aren't afraid to bring them down if needed. Play nice, please.
We've also removed language about RPing as yourself.
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