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We've all seen it before. Someone shows up to the Nexus, fresh from some assault or battle, all beaten and bruised. It's just one of those things that happens in this place.

But it's usually newcomers, not well-established residents.

Ixis Naugus has hobbled his way to the Forum, leaning heavily on his staff and looking like hell. His face is covered in blood, in equal parts from his nose and a long diagonal cut slashed across his face. He's been bleeding from it long enough that it's streaked down his beard and stained a good portion of it red. The wizard is also sporting a gouge in his left side; a grievous puncture wound from the looks of it. That's got the whole of that side darkened with blood as well.

Naugus finds himself a chair and drops himself heavily into it, panting for breath. Adjusting both hand and claw on his staff, he looks about before managing a weary, possibly sarcastic, smile.

"How are you today? I'm fine."
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This guy's been around the Nexus for a while now. Hanging around on the fringes of the Forum--talking with a select few people but never getting too close to the more populated portions of the central hub of this grand mashup of worlds and times. He's cleaned himself up; no longer looks like he got on the wrong side of a fight with Edward Scissorhands.

The cold doesn't seem to bother him much and he came prepared for winter weather anyway. He's sitting up on the back of a bench, feet planted on the seat and watching the people come and go with a distant expression.

"How do you apologize to someone who's not around anymore?" The question seems to startle him in it's suddenness as much as it might any passers by who suddenly had his query blurted at them from out of no where.
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While these meetings would perhaps suggest the formality of his desk, Dr. Hill instead is strolling through the Nexus, smiling as he watches the snowflakes drift down from the sky. A take-away cup is held in both his hands, the drink gently steaming.

He seems content to just wander for a time, more interested in his coffee and the falling snow than addressing anyone just yet. The psychoanalyst seems perfectly unaware how bizarre his previous appearance ended up being, or that his prolonged absence since then was also sorely noted. Unaware or uncaring.

Finally, after one last sip of coffee, he simply asks, tone light and conversational: "Well? What did we learn?"

((The conclusion post for the bodyswap event! Get yer details here before tagging in! Also, feel free to tag in if your character just wants to talk to/yell at the doctor in general. And don't hesitate to comment on the OOC post or send me a PM if you have any concerns or questions!))
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Someone is out wandering the Nexus with an armful of papers and a roll of duct tape. He's aggressively biting off strips of tape and posting notices on walls, posts, conveniently large icicles, basically anywhere he feels someone might look. Though the little man is bundled very well, just enough of his face is exposed to reveal that it's Steve Rogers! One of them, anyway. Little Steve. 

Or, honestly? Given the flyer he's posting? He could be anyone. (Probably Harrowheart.)

"Hey!" he hollers out to anyone around. "Anyone seen this sweatervest guy? Anyone got any news on the whole body-swappin' thing?" He holds up his mittened hand and lofts a flyer in his grip. 
((Threadhopping highly encouraged! Come show off your awful bodyswaps. A continuation of the Walk A Mile event))
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Dr. Hill is back again. So soon? Something must be going on. He's without his desk, instead pacing the forum around thoughtfully.

"Empathy! A vital trait in both my line of work and as a person in general. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. To commiserate in sorrow, in joy, in pain.

"But how often do you use it? How often do you really attempt to understand one another? Well! I would like to propose an exercise. I would like to pair you off and encourage you to really, truly walk a mile in one another's shoes. I assure you, the process will be painless and I am certain you will learn a great deal about one another."

He looks like he's about to turn and leave, but then pauses, recalling something with a raised finger and a smile. "Oh, and of course, this process will run its course on its own. It will end when you have gotten the most out of this exercise. Fear not, it's not forever."

((Batten down the hatches, It's a NEXUS LOL! Namely, bodyswapping! With OOC clearance and planning with one another, two characters will end up stuck in the body of one another for an indeterminate amount of time. It wears off when you want it to; last an hour, last a week, who cares! It's done when you say it's done.

This post is here for scheming with your fellow players! If you have a character you want to throw into the mix but have no one to pair off with, there's the perfect place to plan it!

If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to ask me in PMs!))
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