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This guy's been around the Nexus for a while now. Hanging around on the fringes of the Forum--talking with a select few people but never getting too close to the more populated portions of the central hub of this grand mashup of worlds and times. He's cleaned himself up; no longer looks like he got on the wrong side of a fight with Edward Scissorhands.

The cold doesn't seem to bother him much and he came prepared for winter weather anyway. He's sitting up on the back of a bench, feet planted on the seat and watching the people come and go with a distant expression.

"How do you apologize to someone who's not around anymore?" The question seems to startle him in it's suddenness as much as it might any passers by who suddenly had his query blurted at them from out of no where.
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[Anybody who thinks that bunnygirls are all sexpots would probably be disappointed to see the bunny girl currently kicking back on one of the sitting cushions. She seems to be constantly eating dango -- little glutenous rice balls on a skewer -- and the slight pudge around her waistline indicates the effect this has had on her physique. She seems pretty laid back too, for being in an interdimensional Nexus.]

Hmm. *munch munch* Interdimensional nexus that one can enter through unintentional or illogical means. Guess I'd better get more info on the place. Seems like the sort of thing the gap youkai woman who tried to invade the moon would come up with to get the jump on us. Or it's a coincidence. Eh.

[She finishes one skewer, and starts on another.]

So I guess I'm supposed to ask a question too? That's the most effective way of gathering info anyway. Let's see...

[She mulls, tapping the skewer against her cheek for a bit, before nodding.]

Right, I got one. So say you have a cushy job. Laid back, not too much abuse. And your job's supposed to be helping set up for a major invasion of a place. I know, I know, but it's the bosses' decision, not mine. Except say you decide that, after gathering info for a long time, you kinda LIKE the place you're supposed to invade, warts and all. You're not disloyal to your commanders, you just kinda don't see the point anymore. In that situation, say you got, uhhh... three, maybe four people going to stop the invasion before it's too late. Now, obviously I'm supposed to fight and stop that sort of thing. But nobody said I had to WIN, right? I'm still doing my job and all; not my fault the attackers are really strong.

[Munch munch.]

So can anybody fault me for that sort of thing? I mean, really. Alternately, anybody know any good snack recipes?


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