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Anxious Smuggler's Arrival ...

Han awakes with a start when the Millennium Falcon makes the familiar groans that the old YT-1300 tends to make when it drops out of light speed. As if the metal and the collective components that made up his beloved ship could somehow be catching it's breath.

Rubbing the sleep out of the eyes, the pilot peers at the planet-scape before him. He can't put his finger on it, but right away, this place doesn't feel like anywhere Han had ever been before. It looks unassuming enough, but it definitely doesn't resemble Kashyyyk, which is where he was supposed to be headed.

Before he can even begin to look down at the navigation panel and confirm that he didn't make an error calculating his jump, he hears a low pitch chime. A chime that tells him that this place that he's in, wherever it is, is uncharted in the Falcon's navi-computer. Which is slightly unsettling because if there's one thing he doesn't sacrifice on this ship, it's the navigation. He updates his system frequently and honestly, prides himself on the detail and complexities of his maps.

Followed slightly after the 'uncharted space' ding comes another chime that he's not happy to hear. It's the one that indicates 'low fuel'. This time Han is the one groaning as sets his communications instruments to scan for open signals. He's gonna have to land here. And he doesn't know a thing about this place.

It should be a matter of seconds before they find a channel or the planet's own airspace comm hails him. A good thirty seconds pass and nothing. Then a full minute.

His lip reflexively starts to curl into a frown. 'Is this place uninhabited?' He wonders. Han's not sure that he has enough fuel to jump somewhere else because he has no idea where he actually is, but that would be his preference right about now.


As the Falcon starts to drift closer to the planet, he can see terrain and water. It looks like a planet that can sustain life. That's something good, at least, but his empty stomach starts to churn with worry all the same. He wishes Chewie was here. Not that the wookie could do anything to make the situation any better, but, at least he wouldn't be ... you know, alone.

As the ship lowers into the planet's gravity, the pilot looks on desperately for civilization at least. Having to land on a planet and then needing to discover and refine your own fuel, by yourself, would be a nightmare. When he starts to see buildings and something of a city, he breathes a sigh of moderate relief.

He gets the ship on terra, a mile or two away from the outskirts of this place. With no means to hide his ship, he has to trust that it will be relatively safe here for the time being.

He grabs a breathing mask, fits it to his face, and with blaster in hand, leaves the Falcon behind.

He starts into town toward the forum, the centralized area and hopefully a marketplace, where he sees other figures lurking about.

((Hi everyone. New here. Have a Star Wars muse? He's been lurking at some dressing rooms, but we're looking for a regular place to play. Anyone's welcome to tag him.))
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The robot in powered plate armor surely won’t be the most unusual sight around here, but she is particularly quick to lift a hand and hail him. She’s left her own helm behind, but she’s got at least two sizable rifles locked to her back, so she’s not about to disagree with his precautions. Just offer a friendly reassurance.

“Hey there! Is there trouble about, or are you a new arrival?” She can’t help sounding a little eager under the curiosity. Trouble is what she lives for.
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Lowering the weapon earns him another point in his favor. Blaze might be pretty relaxed about physical threats, but her Ghost isn't. The tiny bot peeks carefully over her shoulder, its silver shell spinning for a moment.

"So that was your ship?" Blaze points in the direction he landed, her optics brightening. "Nice! Most people are lucky to land on their feet. If you want the quick rundown: welcome to the Nexus; the atmosphere's safe for standard human biology and the population's effectively non-hostile. Safe to say you can get fuel here, but no promises about the price." She shrugs. "After that, it gets complicated. Including the part about leaving."
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Oh man :O we just did a star wars movie night here too. WELCOME!

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Well, this is definitely a first.

Jim has to admit, he's a bit jealous that someone gets to land a ship here without it exploding. Not that his own introduction to the nexus is something he'd wish on anyone else or anything.

Still, Jim sees a ship and being the explorer he is, sets out to find it. It would be so much easier to run out to this thing if the nexus weren't overrun with snow and blustery winter conditions, but when needs must...

Who knows who or what he'll come across on his way? The ship was kind of familiar, though he can't peg why.
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He's supposed to be you next halloween even. *Squees!*

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He'd remember that from movie night if someone said the name, but Jim was kind of busy eyeing space princess for most of the movie and the hilariously old timey special effects (someone hasn't seen their own show) to really have committed much of what is a cultural icon to heart.

"Wow this thing is a piece of junk." Is what comes out of Jim's tactless mouth. He can't even pinpoint what sector of the galaxy its from. Certainly not Romulan. Not Klingon nor Andorian either. "....Where have I seen this flying wreck before?" It's a lot different seeing it in person. A lot more and less impressive at the same time. Someone's got some Nautalis class brass ones to pilot a ship like this around.

"....Well, this is a trap." No one leaves their ship open and unguarded like that unless they're looking for trouble. Or are in trouble, actually. Shit. He makes sure his phaser is set to stun and heads slowly up the ramp. "Hello? Anyone hurt?" He'll repeat the question in his basic Andorian, just in case. He wishes Uhura were here to try a dozen other dialects too.

Worst/best friends inc.

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((Before I tag in: Ver's cursed and it kinda sucks sometimes so if you don't want to deal with it I will understand. Just let me know either way.))
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I'm sure there will be no problems there. :) We're a pretty friendly bunch.

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((Exactly. She can sometimes infer or guess, but she doesn't know for certain. He's certainly free to tell lies around her, but it'll be pretty obvious she knows.))

Even in the snow, the Falcon is big and obvious. And vaguely familiar looking. There was a movie she's trying to forget...

And then there's someone coming out. Another newcomer, she suspects. When he's within a reasonable distance she raises a hand in greeting. Yes, hello, you've been noticed, strange man in a mask. "Hey. You okay?"

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Aye aye Cap'n! ;)

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Trying this again.

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Damn dirty muses.

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Shuffles happen.

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Re: Shuffles happen.

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:O Well hello there

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Well, that was definitely new. A ship? Sure, she's seen some wrecks in certain areas of the Nexus, entire buildings, and the like, but a ship flying in? That's a new one. It raises all sorts of questions.

Is there some sort of space here? What is it? What's it like? It only makes her wonder even more, and strengthens her resolve on the idea of bringing her own vessel here at some point.

It also may not look like any class she quite recognizes, but Dia'ndria Starfall has enough knowledge of ships to know what looks like one from one of the versions of the Galaxy.

As a result, she watches, and starts chasing the trajectory to find where it's going to land. Frankly, and perhaps obviously, it's not going to be hard. Particularly when she pulls some Force Parkour bullshit to start running across rooftops, longcoat trailing dramatically as she runs.
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Hey, hi, and hello there! Welcome :D

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Once she's got a better view of it, she certainly recognizes it as Correlian and a type of freighter, but because timelines in their universe is fairly frelling weird (Dia herself hails from the Old Republic and Sith Empire era which may or may not still be canon, the world may never know), she doesn't strictly recognize the class.

Because seriously, who else other than the Correlians would put the cockpit on the side, instead of the forward section?

To keep from scaring Han half to death, once the ship's landed, she slows down, and eventually stops jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and instead walks up like some normal person.

Insomuch that she could barely be considered normal. Exiled, very gray Sith, with the emphasis on both the gray and exiled portions of that. She wasn't exactly tall, pale skinned and wearing a longcoat, heavy boots, and pants, with a long hilt on her belt that Han may or may not recognize as some breed of Lightsaber. But there were also those yellow eyes of hers, too.

"Are you alright? It looked like you were having a rough landing there." She speaks with an accent, if either of them were from Earth, it might be some form of generically British-English, "And it didn't exactly look or sound like your engines were too happy about it."

Admittedly, starship maintenance wasn't originally her purview, but when you're flying a stolen ship, and cut off from most of the reputable spaceports, you learn things. Such as the wonders of Space Duct Tape.
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Dude, Yes

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This isn't real.

That's the first thing Joshua thinks when motherhumping Han Solo comes walking into the forum. He's got to be dreaming, passed out in the snow somewhere. He and his friend had just been talking about how cool it would be to see Han in the Nexus like, yesterday.


Hence, this can't be real.

The young man pinches the bridge of his nose and counts, slowly, to ten. Opens his eyes. Dude is still approaching. Might as well enjoy this hallucination then.

"Safe to breathe, bro." He raises a hand in way of gesture.

((Please excuse Josh's instability. He tends to see things and have episodes, if it's triggering pls let me know and I can take him elsewhere))
Edited 2016-02-15 22:19 (UTC)
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Heck yes

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Oh, Han.

You'll learn. When in Rome--wait that metaphor doesn't work. When on...uhm. Well, shit. Josh never was as much of a nerd as his friend.

"If it makes ya feel any better, you didn't wind up here half dead or with a broken leg." Shrug. "Good on you, man. You lost, or what?" Trying to get back to the three little piggies or wherever CrazyTown is taking Josh today.

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The facts of being Disney

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That is a good book

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Miller unfortunately missed the dramatic landing, stumbling instead upon the parked Falcon. He immediately recognizes the spacecraft from the film they were screening a few weeks back. It's an elaborate prop piece, right? But the smell. It definitely has the smell and radiant heat of fully-functional machinery.

If Han wanders back to his ship, he's gonna catch another shameless snoop half-way up the ramp, peering inside. Curiosity is definitely going to kill this cat one day.
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The utilitarian interior of the ship jives perfectly with Miller's 1970's concept of space travel, although he would have expected more cumbersome airlocks and tighter quarters. Han will indeed find the trespasser in the lounge area, where he's peering at panels of flashing buttons and desperately quashing the temptation to press them all. If he hears the approaching footsteps, he doesn't seem terribly concerned about hiding or looking contrite.

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Haaaaaaaan <3

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Snake spots the man walking towards him looking rather lost and confused. Yep, another one. Another new comer. He smiled to himself, as he exhaled out on his phantom cigar. The man looked like some sort of merchant or smuggler. He was going for smuggler. What was with the mask though?

"Lost, huh? You don't need the gas mask."
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Re: sorry might be slow tagging for a while

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"Seems we're both in the same situation." Snake eyed up the smuggler's face and saw that he was at least twenty years younger than himself. A young adventurer perhaps?

"Do you even know where here is?"