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Anxious Smuggler's Arrival ...

Han awakes with a start when the Millennium Falcon makes the familiar groans that the old YT-1300 tends to make when it drops out of light speed. As if the metal and the collective components that made up his beloved ship could somehow be catching it's breath.

Rubbing the sleep out of the eyes, the pilot peers at the planet-scape before him. He can't put his finger on it, but right away, this place doesn't feel like anywhere Han had ever been before. It looks unassuming enough, but it definitely doesn't resemble Kashyyyk, which is where he was supposed to be headed.

Before he can even begin to look down at the navigation panel and confirm that he didn't make an error calculating his jump, he hears a low pitch chime. A chime that tells him that this place that he's in, wherever it is, is uncharted in the Falcon's navi-computer. Which is slightly unsettling because if there's one thing he doesn't sacrifice on this ship, it's the navigation. He updates his system frequently and honestly, prides himself on the detail and complexities of his maps.

Followed slightly after the 'uncharted space' ding comes another chime that he's not happy to hear. It's the one that indicates 'low fuel'. This time Han is the one groaning as sets his communications instruments to scan for open signals. He's gonna have to land here. And he doesn't know a thing about this place.

It should be a matter of seconds before they find a channel or the planet's own airspace comm hails him. A good thirty seconds pass and nothing. Then a full minute.

His lip reflexively starts to curl into a frown. 'Is this place uninhabited?' He wonders. Han's not sure that he has enough fuel to jump somewhere else because he has no idea where he actually is, but that would be his preference right about now.


As the Falcon starts to drift closer to the planet, he can see terrain and water. It looks like a planet that can sustain life. That's something good, at least, but his empty stomach starts to churn with worry all the same. He wishes Chewie was here. Not that the wookie could do anything to make the situation any better, but, at least he wouldn't be ... you know, alone.

As the ship lowers into the planet's gravity, the pilot looks on desperately for civilization at least. Having to land on a planet and then needing to discover and refine your own fuel, by yourself, would be a nightmare. When he starts to see buildings and something of a city, he breathes a sigh of moderate relief.

He gets the ship on terra, a mile or two away from the outskirts of this place. With no means to hide his ship, he has to trust that it will be relatively safe here for the time being.

He grabs a breathing mask, fits it to his face, and with blaster in hand, leaves the Falcon behind.

He starts into town toward the forum, the centralized area and hopefully a marketplace, where he sees other figures lurking about.

((Hi everyone. New here. Have a Star Wars muse? He's been lurking at some dressing rooms, but we're looking for a regular place to play. Anyone's welcome to tag him.))

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