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Samhain Ball Redux - Second Star to the Right

Something flits through the skies of the Nexus, bobbing and swooping only to climb again, an ecstatic aerial dance. At last, mirth of the moment giving way to some other whim, the flying figure drifts groundward, turning and drifting like a falling leaf until his feet, clad in pointed-toed green suede moccasins alight. Forest green tights hug lean legs all the way up to a bright green tunic, belted with rich brown leather and a bright brass buckle. On his left hip hang a set of pan pipes; on his right, a black-handled knife. An impish grin curls his lips, his eyes sparkle with the promise of mischief, and a pert green cap sits atop his head, crowned by a lone red feather. Could this be the black-suited GQ cover model who makes himself ubiquitous in the better-traveled spaces of the Nexus? Could it be Schön?

It is. "People of the Nexus, friends, in the world from which I hail we stand on the cusp of a special day, a harvest-fest when the walls between worlds grow thin, when masks and costumes are worn to frighten away wicked spirits--or to invite them in on more congenial terms. Today we bid Summer adieu, and raise fire and song to meet the long night! Join me, for an evening to last a lifetime, and a farewell to a season well-loved." His hand rises, pointing to where two bright beacons blaze in the churn of the Nexus' heavens. "Second star to the right, and we'll keep on 'til morning!" Crowing with laughter, he soars for that distant point like an arrow, leaving a trail of sparkling, glittering motes of light for anyone interested to follow.

Perched on the border between the parklands and the residential district, the night sky is like a pillow of iridescent black velvet, on which have been scattered an embarrassment of diamonds. Like an enormous pumpkin, a harvest moon presides over the shimmering vista, orange and plump. The air is cool and crisp, punctuated by the crackling hiss of dry leaves in motion every time a breeze picks up.

At the center of it all sits a stately house of Gothic style, ivy-clad and waiting. A square tower stands vigil over the entryway, tall windows overlooking the flagstone drive looping around a fountain full of water as blue and bright as a tropical sea. In the fountain stands an island, and if one peers closely enough, one might imagine they see figures moving about--on the deck of the tiny ship anchored in a cove, or swimming and splashing in a lagoon, or even creeping through the wooded interior. Of the house, the windows of the wings seem dark, perhaps waiting, but the line of the roof is limned with some glow from beyond, and the faint throb of distant music promises that the evening holds more than surfaces. The door stands open, a silent invitation to every brave soul who passes by.

((Happy Halloween! Enjoy the festivities, threadhopping is encouraged, tag back whenever you have time, and don't worry about missing out--we'll still be here when you get back.))
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twelve_not_fourteen: (Episode 5 - Thinky Face)

[personal profile] twelve_not_fourteen 2016-10-29 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
It might have something to do with the fact that Han never really spent a lot of his lifetime in houses of any kind, but he wouldn't classify this place as such. This place reminds him more of the mansions on the southern continent of his homeworld. The dwelling is grand, luxurious and classy - so it's no wonder that he feels as if he doesn't belong.

He spends a little time in the garden where there are enough people out mingling in the cool autumn evening that he doesn't stick out. Some of the finer aspects of what it takes to grow a walk-through garden he's now aware of in a way that he hadn't been last cycle, but he's still hardly an expert. His tall boots crunch along through the well-groomed path. Robust hedges and trees make it easy for him to slink around unnoticed by most everyone.

When Captain Solo has had his fill of nature, he heads to the rear of the home and hops over a railing that will take him to a less used part of the place. A narrow, lightly decorated servant's hallway that connects the entertaining rooms to utility rooms.

He has not come in costume. He's not even dressed all that different than usual, although, he's opted for the pieces in his wardrobe that he'd wear around cloud city over the one's he'd put on in the den of some hut. When he does run into someone working the party, he flashes a charming smile and offers a meek apology. He wanders briefly in the direction they guide him till they disappear and then he's back to roaming wherever he damn well feels like it.

He stops in a few of the more opulent rooms when he finds them. Wealth is defined differently by everyone, but there are a few constants. He finds himself trying to estimate the worth of some of the valuables.

At some point, he helps himself to a drink of something bubbly and alcoholic, when a server rushes by him with a heavy looking tray full of them. He then settles in a location on the second floor somewhere. He can look down that way, leaning on the railing as he does so.

With his drink still in hand, he'll watch most of the people celebrating without them watching him back.
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[personal profile] maydayqueen 2016-10-29 10:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Part of the whole 'goddess' gig means Frea has an excellent sense of the nearness of things. Han is one she's been cultivating. She's aware he's nearby when he's in the garden, and can feel him moving closer as he prowls through the house. It's a bit vexing for her that he's being elusive when they could be having so much fun.

(His fill of nature? Already? Pity he couldn't hold out a few more hours to give her a proper goodbye first.)

He'll see her coming, skirts gathered in her hands so she doesn't trip or trip someone else with the train as she climbs the stairs and winds her way around the gallery. However dark and brooding Han is trying to be, she's smiling enough for both of them. There are faint wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and a faint shadow of weariness, but he knows how busy the harvest has kept her. That must be it.

"You came!" As if he wouldn't? He hates to commit, so she's committed to celebrating every time he puts himself out like this. Dropping her skirts lets her extend her arms for an embrace. "I'm so glad you came."
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[personal profile] twelve_not_fourteen 2016-10-30 12:05 am (UTC)(link)
It's been a long time since he's been in a mansion. The chance to walk around and explore one was too much fun to pass up. Someone who lives out of a freighter appreciates this kind of space more the average person. Han does, anyway. He spent half the time trying to imagine lording over a place like this and the other half trying to decide - if he was inclined - how to steal from it.

(Fill of the garden. Solo had established pretty early on that her ladyship is more than just the season. More than simply the young woman she appears to be as well.)

They attract like opposites in many instances. Dark and brooding isn't usually his aim, but he's more closely aligned that side of the spectrum than he is with brightness and hopefulness. Her smile must be at least somewhat contagious. He's always happy to see her.

"I don't think I've seen you in white before." He murmurs, there's no hesitation to take her into an embrace when she gets near. "You look radiant."
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[personal profile] maydayqueen 2016-10-30 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
Han shouldn't steal from a museum! Or even what will someday be a museum. Whatever it is he's eyeing, there can be no doubt... it belongs in a museum. (And there'd be no end of trouble if he stole from the museum housing everything of cultural relevance Verity was able to save from her world. He's met her. He can imagine.)

Idle daydreams about wealth and power do seem to be the sort he'd enjoy, and she doesn't begrudge it. He can fantasize about pretty much whatever he wants without upsetting her. But he gets bonus points when she's part of the fantasy.

(She is what she is. More than the sum of her parts, but they are still a part of her.)

It's like magnets! Nobody can explain it. His smile can light up a room when he makes the effort. It always lifts her spirits. Her arms circle around him, tucking themselves inside his jacket. She's a bit cool to the touch. It's far too late in the year to be traipsing about with so little on. "It's a costume party, so I thought I'd try something different for tonight," she explains while her head tilts back to let her receive the kiss she's sure is coming. And she can't resist a little teasing to sweeten the kissing. "Thank you. You always look so handsome, it's not fair you don't have to make an effort."
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[personal profile] twelve_not_fourteen 2016-10-30 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
The fact that an item was culturally significant wouldn't necessarily prevent Han from stealing something. He's not that honorable. The fact that they're important to Verity might sway him. Risk versus reward is always considered. That all the things in this house are owned by a magic guy that Han doesn't want to mess with is going to go a long way towards keeping him in line.

"I had heard something about costumes." And he came like this anyways. "I kinda figured I'd get influenced into something at some point, but I'd like to be comfortable to start with."

Isn't that really the point of a party? To get together? He's anti-social. This is trying for him.

More importantly, though, he's taking in the little things he hasn't seen in her before. The chill on her skin. The tiredness in her eyes. It's concerning to him. Very concerning. So the kiss that he leans in to place upon her lips might not be the smolderingly passionate type that she's used to. Almost like he feels the need to treat her gingerly.

"Are you alright, sweetheart?"
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[personal profile] maydayqueen 2016-10-30 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
If fear of Schön is what it takes to keep him from doing something both foolish and cruel, so be it. And if that's not enough, consider all the other people who'd be looking for him. His far-away galaxy isn't big enough to hide in forever. Him getting into trouble is inevitable, but he doesn't have to cut off all the people who'd help him otherwise when he does.

"They're suggested, not required, I'm sure," she offers soothingly. "I think you look wonderful no matter what, and maybe later we can find you a silly hat or something if you start feeling festive, hm?"

She knows that he's trying and she appreciates the effort. He knows she'll be happy to see him regardless... she hopes he knows that.

A soft, sweet kiss from him is not what she was expecting, but that doesn't make it unwelcome. She enjoys it just as much, and it leaves her with that goofy little smile she usually has after he kisses her. Any brief confusion or frustration with him is tempered with the idea that now isn't the time for such things. Patience, she's told, is a virtue.

Heaven help them have patience with each other tonight.

"Mm-hmm. A little tired. It's the end of the season, and, well..." Frea pauses, takes a breath, and tries to start the admission gently. "I'm not feeling entirely myself tonight. But all shall be well, I promise."
twelve_not_fourteen: (Episode 5 - Wut?)

[personal profile] twelve_not_fourteen 2016-10-30 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
It happens to be a principal reason. Not the only reason. Things have been going well enough for him lately that he doesn't have to be desperate and prickish. Inspiration to be better than his thoughts sometimes drift to is also in his arms.

To pray that they have a good night might be warranted. Han might understand that their time is drawing to a close, but he's not aware just how eminent their separation is. Those sorts of things are generally not the kind of things she talks with him about; he's never been entirely sure if it's because they make her uncomfortable or because she doesn't want to burden him.

"Do you want to rest somewhere?" He gets the feeling that no, that's not what she's going to want, but he thinks he ought to ask. His hand brushes over her cheek gently. "Is there something I can do?"
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[personal profile] maydayqueen 2016-10-31 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
And that's not at all going to make her worry, given the long separation they're facing. Longer for him than for her, and there is so much to pull him away... so for now, just for a moment, she'll cling.

He's right on both points on why she doesn't talk about it. It's uncomfortable to face her own mortality, yes, but also she didn't want to burden anyone else with her worries. She knows it might be the wrong choice. It was the best she could make at the time, and she'll live with the consequences. Eventually.

"Mm, no." Asking was the right thing to do, judging by the soft tone in her voice and the way she relaxes against him. "I'd like to dance. We don't have to go down there, we can dance right here?"

She says 'we can' but she means 'can we?' He's seen that hopeful look in her eyes before. Is tonight the night he learns to resist?
twelve_not_fourteen: (Episode 5 - Deep Stare)

[personal profile] twelve_not_fourteen 2016-10-31 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
"We can do whatever you want to."

He did his roaming. Saw what there was to see. Even had a glass of champagne already, though, bubbly drinks aren't really his thing. The truth of the matter is he came because he wanted to be with her and he has this funny thought that his presence might add something for her.

If it does, he wants to see her happy. Perhaps he gets something out of it through proximity.

"I'll sweep you off your feet up here or we can go down to where everyone else is too."
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maydayqueen: (embarrassed smile)

[personal profile] maydayqueen 2016-11-01 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
No, tonight is not the night he's learning to resist. Good. That would have been horrible timing. Much better to be sweet, because it makes her smile like that. His being here makes everything so much better for her.

"Right here is fine. There's music and nobody to bump into." She reaches up to give him a soft little kiss before adding, "Thank you."

It would probably be easier to dance if she weren't quite so close, but she's in no mood for that.
twelve_not_fourteen: (Episode 5 - My Hands Are Dirty Too)

[personal profile] twelve_not_fourteen 2016-11-01 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Resisting her charms, for whatever the reason or the circumstance, seems regrettable. Falling in love always seemed like the apt description for the way that Han does come to care about people - because he's all in when he is. No matter how much he promises himself he's not going let feelings get in the way of good sense.

One day he wakes up and it's taken him by surprise. The pilot, for whom balance should be so very important, realizes his equilibrium is off. He overcorrects sometimes.

At any rate, it's been a number of years since he'd danced with someone. The last time was with Sana Starros at a fake wedding, which, was actually among the most unpleasant he's ever had. A little further back, though, was barefooted dancing lessons on the southern continent of Corellia. He and his partner kept time by the sounds of the ocean.

Where do his hands go again? He finds himself thinking as Frea kisses him. With her leaning in so close, it takes him a second to remember. Midback with the right hand and her hand in his left, wasn't it?

He doesn't even know if that's right, but it feels good. That makes it right in it's own way. He begins by moving them slowly. It's been a while since he's done this.

"I read something that made me think of you." That's not surprising. A lot of things do. What is surprising is that he took the time to memorize it.

"When you appear, all the rivers sound. My body melts. Shake the sky, and a song fills the world."
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hafuri_shinki: (ニコ)

Shinki are very good at hiding.

[personal profile] hafuri_shinki 2016-10-30 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
Being very used to lurking, it's only natural Kazuma is lurking about in one of those dark corners.

He's in the gardens, wandering calmly amidst the plants there. He pauses before a bush of fragrant roses and leans in to sniff gently, nodding his approval at the scent before continuing on. This is really a wonderful place; he's glad he had the time to stop by.

Now if only he could have brought his lady with him...but no, not this time.

((hopefully this is now in the right spot))
damn_yourself_early: To look back from a beginning is to stare into the abyss. (Default)

Re: Shinki are very good at hiding.

[personal profile] damn_yourself_early 2016-10-30 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
((Definitely one of the right spots!))

There's a boy of eleven or twelve poking around the gardens, exploring nooks and crannies with the boundless curiosity of youth (and the boundless energy bestowed by that sweet-sweet punch he's carrying). He's dressed in worn jeans, scuffed sneakers, and a green hooded sweatshirt. It may look like the casual wear of a twenty-first century street urchin, but it's a costume, promise! Would he lie?

Catching a glimpse of the man, he flashes a grin and waves a greeting. "Happy Halloween!" he calls, digging a Starkphone out of one of his hoodie's pockets and pointing its camera at the man. "What's your costume?"
hafuri_shinki: (ニコ)

Re: Shinki are very good at hiding.

[personal profile] hafuri_shinki 2016-10-30 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
Kazuma turns at the voice from nearby, blinking and pushing his glasses up on his nose. Ah, a child. He has to smile, thinking of the boundless capability of youth to enjoy holidays. Especially prank-y ones.

"Me? Oh, nothing spectacular really. Have you heard of Bishamonten, the God of War?" He pauses for a moment, then amends himself a bit - "Well, Goddess, in this case, but--"

Yes, he's dressed in his lady's clothes. They're...quite revealing. On a woman, they'd likely show a goodly amount of cleavage, but on either gender they show an equally goodly amount of leg. At least they do fall short of obscenity.
damn_yourself_early: To look back from a beginning is to stare into the abyss. (Default)

[personal profile] damn_yourself_early 2016-10-30 04:14 am (UTC)(link)
"I've known many gods and goddesses," the boy admits, punctuating with the click of his cameraphone, "and heard of many more, but not a Bishamonten. Is she part of a pantheon? Her name sounds Japanese, but that looks a little more like what the Internet thinks Japan is like." Tactful, isn't he?
hafuri_shinki: (ニコ)

[personal profile] hafuri_shinki 2016-10-30 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
"A pantheon of sorts, yes. The Seven Lucky Gods - who are exactly what they sound like. There's War, Fortune, Prosperity, Time, Wisdom, Longevity and Wealth." Kazuma doesn't mind having his picture taken; he even poses a little. "And yes, I'll admit it's a bit of an unorthodox outfit, but it serves my lady well."
brave_heart_verity: (laughing)

[personal profile] brave_heart_verity 2016-10-30 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, look who's just in time to be too late to stop Loki. (Isn't that always the way with gods and their mortal admirers?) Verity had been skimming over the tops of the hedges, looking for someone. When she spots him, she descends on the godling with a laugh, hands covering his eyes, because it's going to be so hard to guess who it is when she starts talking. "Surprise!"

Then she spares a glance for his companion, and after a moment remembers the young man. He gets a smile as she shifts her hold on Loki to a hug. "Hello again... Kazuma?"
hafuri_shinki: (ニコ)

[personal profile] hafuri_shinki 2016-10-30 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
"You remembered." Kazuma beams, bowing deeply to Verity. "Verity, wasn't it? It's very good to see you again. You look well."

He's not at all fussed by Verity's flying or sudden appearance out of seemingly nowhere. That sort of thing is par for the course back home.
damn_yourself_early: To look back from a beginning is to stare into the abyss. (Default)

[personal profile] damn_yourself_early 2016-10-31 01:09 am (UTC)(link)
"Verity!" Loki greets her cheerfully. "Great costume! Kazuma was just telling me about a pantheon I've never heard of before. Isn't that exciting?"
brave_heart_verity: (such a showoff)

[personal profile] brave_heart_verity 2016-10-31 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
The problem wasn't remembering so much as reconciling the impression he'd given her of being, well, prim and proper with that outfit he's wearing.


"Yes, Verity. It's good to see you again, too. I'd been wondering where you were." Wait no don't stare. She ducks her head to press her cheek against Loki's hair for a moment, listening to them both with her usual care. "That's very exciting, dear. But don't either of you get too tired up with work, hmm? And no, you can't have a servant too, so don't even."
hafuri_shinki: (ニコ)

[personal profile] hafuri_shinki 2016-10-31 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
Kazuma has to laugh at that last bit, shaking his head. "Was that directed at me or at him? Although I'll bet it likely applies to both of us."

Ahem. "I've just been busy entertaining my lady, is all. She's become rather fond of board games lately...although perhaps that's likely because she just thinks they're another way to come up with strategies." Someone may or may not have decided to play Risk with some of the younger shinki, who may or may not have shown it to Lady Bishamon, and well, you know how these things snowball.
damn_yourself_early: To look back from a beginning is to stare into the abyss. (Default)

[personal profile] damn_yourself_early 2016-10-31 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
"Probably me," Loki answers. "Aesir aren't really the having-servants sort, but better safe I suppose."

"Board games? I like board games," Loki puts in. "What kinds of board games? Have you tried Clue?"
brave_heart_verity: (cautiously optimistic)

[personal profile] brave_heart_verity 2016-10-31 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
"Loki," she confirms. "Only because he pretends to listen to me sometimes." And because she worries about him, but they don't need to talk about that in public.

She is aware of how gods can be obsessive over new things. It came up once or twice. The reasons behind her elude her, but she learned a couple of coping mechanisms. With her Loki, bacon was usually a success lure. "Board games can be very strategic. Loki, do you think you could teach him hnefatafl?"
hafuri_shinki: (え?)

[personal profile] hafuri_shinki 2016-10-31 08:08 pm (UTC)(link)
"Hnefa...what now?" Kazuma's interest is very much piqued.

"Clue is a favorite with the younger shinki. I think it's the mystery angle. Personally, I prefer Monopoly."
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No worries!

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Thank you.

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You be welcome!

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Re: You be welcome!

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Re: You be welcome!

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Re: You be welcome!

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